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  1. Hi. I did make this withdrawal from Stake. Hash; https://etherscan.io/tx/0x28ae14c705f366be40b9ea209e2aa149953457aa3656bea170a21a0ce910f9a4?fbclid=IwAR0sTfb3vY4DV9UXyj_4CdpymOXeoDdJ0TJSZRVop_b7QlUX15M-MwgYcTk Transaction failed, since it was sent to a tether address instead, but support will not refund my balance. - but as you can see on etherscan it was failed / reverted, and they keep asking me to contact my own wallet operator. Can this really be true? The funds was not even sent.. so why should i involve them? I got this answer from my wallet operator: In the event of a transaction marked as "Reverted," the transaction did not execute and all state has been reverted to the the state before the transaction. Error messages may be included as defined in the contract. but Stake dont want to cancel this withdrawal and insists that it has been completed
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