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  1. Geoffrey082 Magenta good luck to everyone
  2. It depends we will say that at 10 cent the luck will be more important and will last longer with 10 € of balance than 2 € of stake but the final gain will not be as important.
  3. I find that breaks the interest of a game a little except of course for the pops which are specially made for that. But the stake must be large to be profitable. But yes if the balance allows it why not.
  4. Never played Book Of Shadows, I would try someday
  5. happy birthday hard when everyone starts taking their vacation: D
  6. I like the original games (dice and limbo) but book of dead is my favorite machine
  7. I think exactly the same as you maverick528, I had 38 dollars after wagging 500 dollars I had already lost 8 dollars so it's good for wagged but not for making money
  8. the game may not be a source of income unfortunately because it may reach 100 dollars no more bets will work and you will lose your 3 dollars last won the day before, but it could also be you win triple nobody can know Good luck
  9. When I work I eat in the morning a yogurt, dried fruit, a banana-like fruit and also starchy foods (bread, etc.) and otherwise at noon it's often pasta with an accompaniment (meat, fish ..) sometimes I accompany tomatoes) or otherwise rice fish and lots of other I eat everything: D that would take too long I like please me
  10. Bitcoin shipping costs are very important, ltc is already better, dogecoin is really not bad in terms of speed but my favorite is TRX in 2 minutes it is validated I like it a lot now
  11. it's still a matter of chance, you have to be lucky at the right time
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