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  1. Eddie mentioned on his stream earlier that the u.k version of the site will not feature stake originals. To me this questions their legitimacy on the Curacao based site, especially given my extensive experience with them and their terrible RTP. As we all know with Curacao anything goes... What are peoples thoughts on this? Will you continue to play them given a regulated gaming licence has refused their presence. Thoughts below...
  2. jacking off whilst playing keno
  3. I believe it's all still pending, stake have yet to gain a u.k gaming licence. stake.co.uk will also not feature stake "originals" which makes us question the legitimacy of them on the Curacao version of the site. I guess this is why the recent demand for verified accounts has been present as of late, in an effort to help them obtain it. Personally i think its a poor move by stakes marketing team to advertise a low end team such as Watford. Also with it being a fresh site that uk residents will of never heard of, It will hardly bring in the customers in when they already have well established sportsbooks such as williamhill and betfred already in function over there
  4. pre recorded chrome tab loaded into obs would not be out of question, easy to re render the video with a different source code with desired winners, but i guess thats me speaking with my tinfoil hat on. though easily done just to add, todays draw was either eddies "mate" or an account created today which was extremely sus'
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