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    these are god tier gg
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    radesanoob reacted to v1rtu0s in Rant: Bonus Amounts & How to Win the $50k Weekly Raffle   
    Yeah I think stake need to do more for people who had LESS luck the past week/month and not give people who already won big even MORE.
    Rewarding big wins and big multiplier with 800-200$ is just stupid and misses completely the point.
    If I won 30k this week, I dont care and I dont need the 800 you give me for my big multiplier.
    Stake should actually reward the players with the most LOSS, or the UNLUCKIEST spin, most spins without feature etc. 
    How fun would that be? New challenge: Spin the most without winning! Prize for the biggest loss! Managed to burn through your stack in no time whatsoever and without gaining a single cent? Get a prize! This would make actual sense and give players who are frustrated new incentive to play more. 
    Current bonus system sucks hard, it encourages wager farming with certain kinds of bets and leaves everyone else in the rain. If this is not adressed in the near future, stake won't get any more of my money.
    Well, maybe I'm just salty because I'm unlucky, but you get my point.
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