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  1. Main card: Marvin Vettori by KO/TKO Grant Dawson by KO/TKO Jessica-Rose Clark by KO/TKO Seung Woo Choi by KO/TKO Francisco Trinaldo by KO/TKO Nicolae Negumereanu by KO/TKO Prelims: Jun Yong Park by KO/TKO David Onama by KO/TKO Tabatha Ricci by KO/TKO Laureano Staropoli by KO/TKO Khama Worthy by KO/TKO Daniel Lacerda by KO/TKO Randa Markos by KO/TKO Aaron Phillips vs Jonathan Martinez - Jonathan Martinez by KO/TKO Tiebreaker: R3- 3:59 Stake username:BAB05
  2. Guys can I ask,,if you change..your seed..?? How you save your seed??or automatic..it will save..after you click the calculate??
  3. Congrats guys,keep it upπŸ€‘
  4. sportLink:{"name":"FPX - DWG","url":"/sports/league-of-legends/riot-lol/league-of-legends-world-championship/42218505-funplus-phoenix-damwon-gaming"} Tips ; Damwon Gaming wins in 1st match on any category..like 1st Kill ,1st Tower ,1st Baron.. -so far Damwon Gaming is underdog in this match.. - has more wins than Funplus Username BAB05
  5. Main carD Norma Dumont - KO/TKO Andrei Arlovski - KO/TKO Erick Gonzalez - KO/TKO Mayra Bueno Silva - KO/TKO Julian Marquez - UNAnimous Dicision Prelims: Bruno Silva - KO/TKO Danny Roberts - submission Launa Carolina - KO/TKO L'udovit Klein - KO/TKO Brandon Davis - KO/TKO Ariane Carnelossi - KO/TKO TieBreaker: Andrei Arlovski vs Carlos Felipe R3- 2:00 UserName:BAB05
  6. Hello everyone,,and to you ms Ubbey My wish this Christmas is simple.. Make a world happy ,free of Covid19 And to have a great bonding ,happy life,with my family and relatives on December,25.
  7. 500,000-1M wageredπŸ€”
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