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  1. No tolerance to insults See ya
  2. I am flesh, bones I am skin, soul I am human Nothing more than human I am sweat, flaws I am veins, scars I am human Nothing more than human
  3. 37th deposit will bring you good luck
  4. Faris


    Hello! Did you contact live support? If you haven't already, please contact them so they can solve your problem.
  5. Faris

    2fa deleted

    Hello If you have deleted your 2fa, you must have access to the email that you linked to your Stake account. After entering your username and password, you will receive a code via email. With this code, you can log into your account again. After that, please enable 2fa again for your safety.
  6. Eddie will post his topic in another section Do not worry.
  7. https://forum.stake.com/profile/4-edward/
  8. HILO: 40,886,840,348 placed by Faris on 09/04/2021 Wagered 0.00001778 Multiplier 15.872817x Profit 0.00026444
  9. Hello! We no longer have "Streams" section on our forum. By the decision of staff, official streamers are no longer allowed to advertise their streams on our forum. From now on, they should use other forums such as Bitcointalk. As official streamers of Stake, their goal should be to reach new people.
  10. Hi, please turn off AdBlocker, clear cache and cookies, and then try again. If that doesn't work, please contact them at support@stake.com. and let them know about your problem
  11. Hey, Paweramine There is no private messaging feature in our community. This feature was removed a long time ago for a few important reasons. Thanks for your suggestion, but we have no plans to re-enable this feature anytime soon. Have a good one
  12. Hello! You must have at least 10 posts to be able to reply in the promotion section. About PM: Unfortunately, there is no private messaging feature in our community. For unpleasant reasons, we had to disable this feature.
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