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  1. Then open the Live Support window and scroll down, you will see the link for the monthly bonus.
  2. If you are a Gold Vip then you should check the Vip tab, there is Reload for you.
  3. Hello, to be able to comment on giveaway/challenge topics, you must have at least 10 posts (Except VIP promotions)
  4. Hello Private messaging is no longer available on our forum. This feature was removed a long time ago for a few important reasons. If you need to ask any questions or get help, you can contact Live Support or create a thread in the Support section.
  5. Faris

    Dont have 2FA anymore

    Sweet Good luck and have a great day ahead 🍀
  6. Faris

    Dont have 2FA anymore

    In this situation, you need to contact Live Support, they will help you solve this problem.
  7. Faris

    Dont have 2FA anymore

    Hello Yes, you can transfer it to your new phone, but if that doesn't help you, please contact our support team at Stake.com, they will help you.
  8. No, we're still giving a $50 bonus to the top 50 racer. Bonus links are posted on our Stake Race telegram channel every week. https://t.me/StakeRaces
  9. Hello! Unfortunately, in such cases there is no way to get your money back. If the cashout function was available, you would not be able to cashout the full amount.
  10. Yes, the link will redirect him to the registration page. Tbh, I don't understand what error you are talking about. This screenshot shows that you have no referrals.
  11. Faris

    Missing bets

    It is not possible for bets not to be registered due to lag or any other reason. If you do not see your bets in the My Bets tab, check the section where all bets are saved. If this does not help you solve your problem, please contact live support at Stake.com. https://stake.com/transactions/bets https://stake.com/transactions/archive
  12. Hello! You can check this by going to > Account > Affiliate > Campaigns. https://stake.com/affiliate/referred-users https://stake.com/affiliate/campaigns
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