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  1. Hello! To get clear and quick information about this, you should contact Live Support. Or you can contact them at support@stake.com.
  2. Ofc, I did not talk about those who posted their usernames after 200. πŸ˜‚
  3. Have you thought about those people who use an alternate account? I am sure that 10+ people will get banned for this reason. So there’s still a chance to get a prize. For those people who have posted their usernames after 100 people. (Maybe 101-120)
  4. Hello! Have you seen this option? You can completely close the chat window.
  5. Hello, @jamesbond No, Stake ref link and Discord invite link for Stake are only allowed. But in some normal font size, not huge.
  6. Are you sure that you read what Dan wrote on the first page?
  7. Rules of the Challenge room: It is forbidden to punish someone for posting incorrect bet ids. (except those who try to cheat) Because of this, Eddie created this room and he does not want anyone to be punished for posting incorrect bets. πŸ˜‰
  8. Hello! You can use the !profit command to check overall profit statistics. Type: /pm Modbot !profit If you want to check your sports statistics then contact live support.
  9. Hello, @kajtek666 Welcome to the Stake Community Forum! Best of luck πŸ€
  10. Well, now I get it. But but but but but These questions arose because of a hidden rule that was not written there. We did not know that the amount of our bet and profit would be calculated together.