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  1. Go back to the school that you paid for statistics courses. They didn't work.
  2. There seems to be a good reason you aren't allowed to have your own money.
  3. Agree with this. If it's dark mode make it all dark mode.
  4. It would be much better to describe what you are trying to do here. As I understand it, you want to get a quickly 5x your bet profit and then grind on that until it is gone then start again. The problem is if you don't get that 5x quickly you rely on a high risk strat (decrease win chance by 2.5%) to get back to that 5x profit which can drain the bankroll quite quick. Even 600x bankroll is not that much as the losses become quickly too high. Much better to set the stop loss lower (at say 10x bet) and then restart the auto rather than have unlimited loss. Good concept, not the best implementation. Oh and the first two conditions seem to have no purpose just to change things around? Also, condition 5 and condition 8 are the same, so condition 8 will never get hit as 5 gets done first. Silly.
  5. Yes i was and am refrring to the forum giveaways related to the stream. Last 2 weeks no winners have been posted and no mods in chat seem to know anything about it. I was also referring to the birthday giveaways under "Events". Both of these the timer has ended but the threads are somehow still open instead of locked and no winners codes have been given out. These are even more concerning since we bet real money to participate in them and yet it's been radio silence for both. Pretty disrespectful to customers who paid money to enter them.
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