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  1. Hi! This is fourth, i Have an idea, why not send in your current game The game you are in, currently playing, or a recent game, take a screen shot and send it on! This just popped out of my mind, lets see if it will be nice and fun
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    uhmm okay, thanks for the reminder
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    Uhmm I think its not, because the show is HD, so i thk its really an open source type
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    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone! I am fourth, well that's not my real name, but its my display name, I am a new comer and been posting for 3 days, i see this is a place where I can share the entertaining things that I know, well maybe some of your already knows about this already but i just wanna share and see if you get value from it So it is about online movie streaming, there is a good, legitimate, free and fast respond movie site, its 123movies.to see, this online movie streaming site have latest movies that are on the cinema and its all FOR FREEEE! Well not all of them but I'm sure that you'll find what you wanted to see in here My Girlfriend and I are fond of watching movies, but instead of going to the cinema we just sit and stream online, its more enjoying plus it doesn't cost us that much. We always use the site and its been really fun! The website can stream at an average internet speed, I'm from Philippines and honestly, internet here ain't that fast compared to foreign lands, but we stream movies online just fine thanks to 123movies.to sooo of you want to have some "Movie Time" Try it out --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F O U R T H -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Creative Senses I am Fourth, that is my display name in this site, I am honestly a new comer. and i am a person who likes to express what is inside my thoughts through literary pieces and works, but it is not recognized yet. and now i was able to explore this site and jump into another level of contribution. Here, my thoughts would count and would be helpful as long as I keep it meaningful and productive in a sense that people who'll jump into it would get value and learn something nice and useful. So now here I am, I want to share some things i put into mind when i write an article, essay, or a blog. This is the things I do, now, lets jump to "Becoming Creative" These things are not complex, they are simple, first, think of something you are good at, your special skills, like cooking, driving, programming, singing, dancing and other talents that is known through out the universe. Then pick a title, choose the best title. after which start your article by choosing three special words that is very much related to your topic, then after which connect yourself, your whole inner self to a specific experience from which you learned a lot, or an experience that is very unforgettable then write it down and pick up the life principles that others may use and may attract their interest. If you succeed in doing that, your bran will automatically generate ideas that is interrelated to what you are doing, and you'' be surprised after you finish your article and be like "hey, this is nice". I could say because I usually say that in my experience, well i guess the words will change but im sure this will help. so that's that, try and start BECOMING CREATIVE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Day 2 Topic Contribution Topic Fouth04------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------