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  1. Hi! I am fourth, i just want to share this new dance craze in our country the groove in here is awesome, i Hope you find it cool and entertaining !
  2. Hi! thanks! this will be a great help for me thank you so much
  3. Hi! I am fourth, that is my display name, I would like to inquire about the pay per post, and about the redeem of the earned money, how can i redeem it? is it through pay pal? or can i use paymaya? and other options that is available in my country like western union? If there are general instructions, can i have some of it please? thank you so much
  4. HI! i am fourth, and i just want to share a free online lottery website this website is the skylom.com, you can easily enter by sending a request for joining and then wait for the site to confirm you and you can start by logging in your REAL facebook account, they can identify if its a fake or dummy account, after you have logged in, you are going to need tickets for your entry number. To get a ticket, all you have to do is to watch 5 youtube videos given by the panel and then guess the category of the video, its real easy. after which, you can now enter your entry in the draw, the winners are chosen in every 2 mins or 6 mins. You can see the winning mechanic in the website itself, when you win, you earn USD. well i just hope you find this site interesting and useful! thanks
  5. sure! always welcome if there's any difficulty in using it, do not hesitate to send me a message or just comment the problem in here I'm very open for questions and inquiries.
  6. hey guys ! I just want to share a at the moment experience I am currently using a free wifi just around our community Its so cool that when you hop into one place to another you will have 1 hundred percent wifi access, for real! so i want to share this little trick, that i think most of you already knows so without further ado, here it is... its a trick in knowing a wifi password that is saved in your system and is visible just around you, to be able to do this this are the steps and notes to remember so it comes handy and really effective 1ST, OPEN CMD (COMMAND PROMPT) - You can do this by clicking start and searching the word "cmd", and one more better way is pressing the key shortcut for RUN application in windows, you can do this by pressing windows key + r, then type the word "cmd" then enter. 2ND, TYPE THE COMMAND - The command that you will use is, "netsh wlan show profiles". This will show all the saved wifi in your system. 3RD, COMPARE AND ENTER - When you already see the listed wifi that appears in the cmd, you can now compare it to visible wifi in the wifi options. There is a better way in doing this; to see the available and visible wifi list, type the command "netsh wlan show networks", that is more convineint 4TH, KNOW AND CONNECT - After seeing the list, you can now choose what wifi to use then know their password if its present, the command you should enter is "netsh wlan show profile (name of chosen wifi) key = clear. That will show you the current password Well that's it! I hope this would be some how be handy for you in some times And just to clear it, this is not hacking, because the wifi you can only use are those that are saved in your system, so its probably you friend's wifi, neighbor's or any wifi that is in your community that has given you the access once in the past its handy when they changed password or they forgot about it Use it properly.
  7. Thank you guys! Its the fourth welcome from people in here and it feels so good ?
  8. fourth04


    Hi there fella! enjoy this forum :)
  9. Hi! My name is fourth, I am a new comer and have just been posting for a few times, I want to discuss about the legitimacy of this site. On my factual based opinion, the website is LEGIT. I can say een if i am not yer receiving payments or have not yet done any transactions, As to How? And Why? Here, its easy to explain, So, The website is obviously Legit, You can see its underlying codes under its feet, look at the script and look for any unusual code or something that looks like hacking, well you wont see any of that coz' its hard to understand the code under it but the point is, based o my research and investigation, It is a clean an legit web, and by the way, the key shortcut to see the code under is feet is ctrl + shift + i. Press then all together, or right click the and choose inspect element. Another key point on how can i say that the site is legit is because of the website's flow and content. In easier manner of speaking, the website is easy to manipulate and use, its just like you are dealing with facebook or any other social networks. The flow is systematic and can direct a new user to where they should start and what they should do, Another Keypoint is the graphical interface, which is obviously developed by a professional developer so that's it, the insight and testimonial of the web ----------------------------------------------------------------Talking Sense------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. hi, im a new comer, and I haven't been investing in this site, my purpose is to contribute my literary skills in the forum, and i am hoping for their rewards. I haven't received any rewards ye, but as i learned about their pay-per-post, I learned that i need to work a little more to start earning. see, the site is legit, even if i'm not yet earning, why? how ca i say? easy, its because of the script of the webpage and the proper professional flow of the website, also the site is inter active with real and live users from different places and areas across the world, it means that people are interacting with real people, and a scam or illegitimate site can not function like that, though some can but hackers wont do such because it will cost them so much. Another is the obvious graphical design, basing on its user interface, the site is created by professional developers so that's that, even if im a new comer, or any one, if the judgement would come from a critical review, then you'll find out if its legit or not
  11. Hi! This is fourth, i Have an idea, why not send in your current game The game you are in, currently playing, or a recent game, take a screen shot and send it on! This just popped out of my mind, lets see if it will be nice and fun
  12. --------------------------------------------The Sense in the World of Gaming------------------------------------------ Hello fellow gamer! Hi I am fourth, that is my display name in this forum. I just want to put up something like a reaction collecting post. I want to know who among you plays Defense of the Ancients 1 (DOTA1), I know that this is a very popular game, a strategy game that is very thrilling and fun! Now, things are getting cold about it in my environment, the star players of this game don't play it anymore, well its because they play the upgraded one which is DOTA 2, It has been months since i saw a person inside a gaming computer shop played it, except for some street kids that would just mess around and do anything they like and accidentally jump into the game without knowing what it is and not doing any sense, but one time just this afternoon I saw a geek playing it, I was surprised and thought that maybe there are still lots of people who play it. It could be LAN, or solo game or online through Garena servers s, I wanna ask, who else still plays this game? and if you mind, if you are currently playing, kindly sent a screen shot of you latest game Let's try Reviving The Classical ! E
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    uhmm okay, thanks for the reminder