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  1. Hi, My Stake username is peanutsqc. I spend at least 10h every day on french chat. First off all, a moderator is a kindly person who's able to show some common sense. A part of his job to answering questions, greeting newcomers and guide them to te right place in case of any problem. A moderator have to be neutral, have to enforce the chat rules and have to make everyone respect each other. In case of misbehaviour the moderator will have to warn or ban transgressors depending on the seriousness or the recurrence of the fault. I've been muted once for wrong bet id on the challenges chat. I am moderator for a small poker/casino channel on twitch. Despite the good vibe, and despite people are mostly repectful, this chat needs a person more even if only the night, Remy can't moderate the chat 24/7. I am good at french, I have good social skills, I am very kind with people, I really care people. I am only really since July of this year but I have affinities with some chatters and I think I am quite well-known and appreciate by people, not all but most of them. Because of the jet-lag(living in Quebec, 6h less than in France), I can be available the most part of the night. So, for these reasons, I want to become moderator of this chat. In any case, I love this funny community! Thank you!
  2. On aime Stake mais Stake nous aime encore plus hein
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