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  1. NorisaCorme

    Your favorite website?

    i love this one https://wplay.co/apuestas is from my country and you can't bet with cryptos, but is really cool and very loved in Colombia. Is so cool because you can put your bets and pay it with real money in bars after a party if you dont have internet conection.
  2. NorisaCorme

    24 hours streaming pro university!!!

    Hey guys im at 0.001 right now, thanks for your support, 21 hours left!! thanks to all guys, i streamed 12 hours!! thanks for all the support from @Neverever @Etude@maverick528@stimubate @GodLoft@Kargai i reach 13% of the goal that is a lot, i will continue tomorrow with another 12 hours !
  3. Hi guys, im doing a 24 hours stream or until i reach at my bank accoun my goal of 0.1 Im already 0.03 so i think that i will be for 24 hours, if you want to come, here is the link. https://www.twitch.tv/norisagambling
  4. NorisaCorme

    Best site to earn satoshi?

    Hi, well last week i meet this forum, if you are looking for trusted casinos, you can see a lot of info about them here: https://forum.cryptogambling.org/forum/54-verified-operators-feedback-complaints-discussion/ Hope it helps you.
  5. NorisaCorme

    Bitcoin Platinum Faces Scam Allegations

    Im really agree with you, in this point and because of btc price, maybe BCH is not bad, because allow you to move your money in an easier and cheaper way than btc. But that bitcoin platinum is just a joke. I dont know why that kid did that, but what i can say is that a lot of ppl will scam with icos in this time, so is better play safe with BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC ... because be part of an ICO today is very dangerous.
  6. HI Edward, this really a good activity to being updated about probavly fair sites, to talk about the experiences we had and to win money. Thanks a lot for this giveaway I did my review of all the sites i know. https://forum.cryptogambling.org/topic/21-stake/?do=findComment&comment=247 https://forum.cryptogambling.org/topic/20-primedice/?do=findComment&comment=252 https://forum.cryptogambling.org/topic/23-betking/?do=findComment&comment=256 https://forum.cryptogambling.org/topic/19-butstabit/?do=findComment&comment=262 https://forum.cryptogambling.org/topic/32-yolodice/?do=findComment&comment=272 https://forum.cryptogambling.org/topic/30-duckdice/?do=findComment&comment=276 https://forum.cryptogambling.org/topic/31-fortunejack/?do=findComment&comment=280 https://forum.cryptogambling.org/topic/25-bitstarz/?do=findComment&comment=284 My stake Name is: NorisaCorme My btc Adress is: 1PP1p1MsMAVVL81MSoeKnKqNiZiUvM562v
  7. NorisaCorme

    An unexpected error occurred

    Im very worried, i do my depos here and in my bank account, also i never fight in chat, im a normal user. I dont know what is happening T.T I already logged in, supports help me, you just need to erase cookies :3 thanks a lot guys!!
  8. NorisaCorme

    An unexpected error occurred

    Omg i have a biggest problem it said to me that acces is not authorized!! what can i do in this case? T.T i wanna play
  9. NorisaCorme

    Reducing chat spam

    Maverick, you are really into make the chat a better place, thanks fr the tip, i didn't know it so i will start to aplying it!
  10. NorisaCorme

    Gary Animation Fun

    Amazing, you are learning a lot, hope to see a soon a super cool video with you new knowledge of programing
  11. NorisaCorme

    Lie to me !

    LOL hahaahahaha
  12. NorisaCorme

    Jackpot Idea

    Well maybe is because the site is starting... but a jackpot sounds llike a great idea, also with that more ppl will be interested to play in stake
  13. NorisaCorme

    New Crypto Alphabet

    Jokercoin the one that will look like real money but you can't use
  14. Totally agree with you, i think the problem is not about that situation, is about how ppl comunicates their opinions, mods needs to be cordial. Thug is a good boy, sometimes he use the wrong words to express his ideas as others mods. hope this situation solve, thug is a good mod anyways, so maybe you can start a good relationship after clear this situation magisterek.
  15. NorisaCorme

    Share your fav porn site

    this one https://www.luciemakesporn.com/ soft and glamorous porn for soft girls looking for love and sex at time :3 omg wrong site , already edit it :3