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  1. XavierChen515

    Word game / Stars bonus 50 K

    Sylvester Stallone
  2. XavierChen515

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] Catch me if you can!

    Hilo:208,254,935 placed by xavierchen515 Wagered: 0.00000437 Payout: 1.07x Profit: 0.00000032 Here's the first one Roulette bet coming up in a sec
  3. XavierChen515

    Selling mining accounts for any cryptos!

    hey nhoyasim101. I want to sell my mining accounts because it turns out that mining isn't my type of thing. I do not enjoy slow steady income, but a more volatile one that has the potential for you to earn 10x than what you invested.
  4. XavierChen515

    Selling mining accounts for any cryptos!

    Hey y'all. I got a Minergate account with cloud mining and an active 2 year contract Genesis mining which has no withdrawals yet. My Minergate account has a lifetime cloud mining contract for about 200 GH/s. My genesis mining account has already been going for about a month but I haven't made any withdrawals yet. It is currently mining Ethereum at about 3 MH/s. I am selling these contracts for 0.01 Bitcoins, which is about $80 right now. According to cryptocompare, 2 years of my genesis mining contract can give you $170 in Ethereum and 2 years of my minergate cloud mining can give you about 0.007 bitcoins. Message me if you are interested. My stake username is xavierchen515. Edit: Sorry, I forgot to mention, but yes, price IS negotiable. Bitcoin trading at $7700-ish now so the price is about $77.
  5. XavierChen515

    Looking to buy some cryptocurrencies

    Hey guys. Recently my Coinbase account gave me a notification saying "account restricted" and I do not know why it happened to me. I tried to buy on various other sites but those sites require tons of verification and the verification often takes a month to complete. Now, due to my coinbase account being restricted, I have absolutely no way of buying cryptocurrencies so I would like to buy them from somebody. My payment method is Paypal. My stake account is xavierchen515. If you are interested, please message me on Stake or leave a comment on this thread. P.S. Any coins besides bitcoin preferred because I will not be buying a lot and the fee for bitcoin is really high. Thank you.
  6. XavierChen515

    What type of player are you?

    I would consider myself as the player who deposits and gets all excited and nervous at the same time. After receiving the deposit, I would play slowly and if I bust some, I'll get all pissed and risk my entire balance and end up regretting
  7. I thought you said there's an airdrop? Where's the airdrop? All you posted is the information of ICO
  8. If bitcoin drops to $1000, which is very unlikely, I'll probably buy a couple bitcoins lol
  9. XavierChen515

    Debit/Credit card to BTC

    Love the idea! The only issue would be if stake gets hacked and my card's info gets stolen.
  10. XavierChen515

    Last letter game!!

    yttrium (LOL)
  11. XavierChen515

    Made 0.016 from 0.0006 and busted all..

    That's unlucky man . You shouldn't have bet all of your bitcoins in a single bet. That's the worst mistake you could ever make.
  12. code: NEO invested: $50,000 code: ETC invested: $20,000 code: IOTA invested: $30,000
  13. XavierChen515

    My list of Airdrops (update 11/01/2018)

    Thanks for sharing this man