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  1. XavierChen515

    Word game / Stars bonus 50 K

    Sylvester Stallone
  2. XavierChen515

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] Catch me if you can!

    Hilo:208,254,935 placed by xavierchen515 Wagered: 0.00000437 Payout: 1.07x Profit: 0.00000032 Here's the first one Roulette bet coming up in a sec
  3. XavierChen515

    Selling mining accounts for any cryptos!

    hey nhoyasim101. I want to sell my mining accounts because it turns out that mining isn't my type of thing. I do not enjoy slow steady income, but a more volatile one that has the potential for you to earn 10x than what you invested.
  4. XavierChen515

    Selling mining accounts for any cryptos!

    Hey y'all. I got a Minergate account with cloud mining and an active 2 year contract Genesis mining which has no withdrawals yet. My Minergate account has a lifetime cloud mining contract for about 200 GH/s. My genesis mining account has already been going for about a month but I haven't made any withdrawals yet. It is currently mining Ethereum at about 3 MH/s. I am selling these contracts for 0.01 Bitcoins, which is about $80 right now. According to cryptocompare, 2 years of my genesis mining contract can give you $170 in Ethereum and 2 years of my minergate cloud mining can give you about 0.007 bitcoins. Message me if you are interested. My stake username is xavierchen515. Edit: Sorry, I forgot to mention, but yes, price IS negotiable. Bitcoin trading at $7700-ish now so the price is about $77.
  5. XavierChen515

    Looking to buy some cryptocurrencies

    Hey guys. Recently my Coinbase account gave me a notification saying "account restricted" and I do not know why it happened to me. I tried to buy on various other sites but those sites require tons of verification and the verification often takes a month to complete. Now, due to my coinbase account being restricted, I have absolutely no way of buying cryptocurrencies so I would like to buy them from somebody. My payment method is Paypal. My stake account is xavierchen515. If you are interested, please message me on Stake or leave a comment on this thread. P.S. Any coins besides bitcoin preferred because I will not be buying a lot and the fee for bitcoin is really high. Thank you.
  6. XavierChen515

    What type of player are you?

    I would consider myself as the player who deposits and gets all excited and nervous at the same time. After receiving the deposit, I would play slowly and if I bust some, I'll get all pissed and risk my entire balance and end up regretting
  7. I thought you said there's an airdrop? Where's the airdrop? All you posted is the information of ICO
  8. If bitcoin drops to $1000, which is very unlikely, I'll probably buy a couple bitcoins lol
  9. XavierChen515

    Last letter game!!

    yttrium (LOL)
  10. XavierChen515

    Made 0.016 from 0.0006 and busted all..

    That's unlucky man . You shouldn't have bet all of your bitcoins in a single bet. That's the worst mistake you could ever make.
  11. code: NEO invested: $50,000 code: ETC invested: $20,000 code: IOTA invested: $30,000
  12. XavierChen515

    My list of Airdrops (update 11/01/2018)

    Thanks for sharing this man