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  1. MemeBOK Yellow Happy 4TH birthday to stake, disapointed I found the site like just a year and a half ago, keep going strong!
  2. depending do you wanna earn $ or have fun, for fun they're worth it but you need 100x+ to profit on most so its risky. Did like 6 buys on book of shadows and none paid off
  3. 467$/x Swords of khan 12 spins top symbol
  4. For thematic i love the ''western'' aka cowboy type of slots but do they rip my pocket, i like doing mines and dice/plinko
  5. Dice and limbo are the way to go for me personally, you bet on low loss chance
  6. As a normie i'd have to say GTR, like how can you not like that car it's absolute demon on wheels 🥵
  7. Mostly luck imo it's RNG that decides u win or lose
  8. No amount of tickets is enough, its just rng you can have 50% and the rng to screw you again its all luck :p
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