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  1. It is hard to say which one is my favorite. Today we have a wide choice of coins. I used to invest only in Bitcoin. No regrets, actually, as I made enough money to start a business in Lithuania. I've recently received a cryptocurrency license there, so I'm thinking about buying some coins. I guess I'll choose Ethereum, its price has been increasing.
  2. Bitcoin achieved a remarkable rise in 2020-2021. One of the reasons for the massive price rise is that there has been a big influx of investors from large-scale institutions such as pension schemes, university endowment funds, and investment trusts. But still, there are countries that ban crypto, though I think they will change that decision in the future. I personally see a big potential in cryptocurrency. I even decided to open my own business in Lithuania where I can legally work using cryptocurrency. It is very convenient as the company and license setup are possible fully remotely, with no travel required.
  3. The best anime for me is Great Teacher Onizuka. I watched it several times. Also, I've recently found Erased in the library of the Kaito Kodi addon https://www.firesticktricks.com/kaito-kodi-addon.html. It turned out to be great! I really like it, so I can recommend it with confidence. And of course, Code Geass, Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo are really good.
  4. I watch the Olympics, it is always so exciting and interesting. I even installed the DAZN app for this purpose https://www.firesticktricks.com/dazn-on-firestick.html. By the way, this year I understood that there are sports that aren't in the Olympics but should be. For example, I love archery at the Olympics but would like to see the events expanded more. Other bow styles (compound, barebow, longbow/traditional) as well as like you said horseback archery. What do you think? Would you add other sports?
  5. The USA is unlikely to ban cryptocurrencies, IMO. Although some experts think that cryptocurrencies present a clear danger to the authority of central banks over the money supply in their respective jurisdiction, a regulatory ban will not actually take away people's ability to send crypto to each other. But the restrictions can really be implemented. Even China, the erstwhile capital of crypto, banned mining last June after banning crypto exchanges five years ago. And still, there are countries where cryptocurrencies are legal. I personally decided to move my business to Estonia. I've already found a service that can help me with every step of my company formation, from registration to tax optimization (if someone is interestsed, here is more info https://www.estonia-company.ee). I think Estonia is a perfect place to run a business, especially a crypto one.
  6. I also vote for Manchester City. They are the title holders but will face stiff competition for their crown from European overlords Chelsea, as well as Liverpool, Manchester United, and FA Cup-winners Leicester City. Liverpool are leading the chasing pack from the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea whilst it’s also set to be an intriguing battle at the bottom. Honestly speaking, I'm very excited. I have already installed Sling TV on firestick (here is a list of other options https://www.firesticktricks.com/watch-english-premier-league-epl-on-firestick.html if someone is in search) and I'm looking forward to watching the games.
  7. You Can Never Be Ready by Sunrise Avenue
  8. The Big Bang Theory for sure. The best TV show for me.
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