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  1. I completely agree. The solution is simple, just don't do anything to get muted. Follow the rules and don't complain about things that you have absolute control over. If you obey the rules then there is no problem, therefore the problem is solved...
  2. I definitely get lag from time to time, but the only "freezing" I have experienced is in slots. Sometimes if I am playing on auto with slots, the auto bet will just stop spinning and I have to refresh to get it spin again. The numerous errors that have been regularly occurring are quite annoying as well.
  3. I have had fairly good results with this strat as well over the long haul. Using the starting bet and balance here, you're covered for 100 straight reds, which is very rare but can happen. Nothing is impossible I would feel pretty "safe" playing this as far as most strats go.
  4. I use it mostly for good discussion among fellow players on certain topics. The rewards are an added bonus, but I come here mostly for information.
  5. It doesn't usually matter to me whether the chat room is open or not in most cases. I do close it on occasion during times when there is a lot of rain/spam because it does reduce lag for me.
  6. I would assume that it is mainly because many people do not take the time to read, kind of like the Telegram challenges. Reading always seems to be quite a challenge here...
  7. There is no way to know, just like anything else it is based on luck. I have gotten 5 scatters 3 times since slots became available, and if I recall correctly I've only gotten 4 scatters 4 or 5 times. Slots doesn't show the probability of getting a certain result as other games do, and since each roll is random, it is very hard to calculate.
  8. I just recently noticed this as well, and have had luck with contacting support for help. A lot of our history and other things are no longer accessible to us as they were, so support is the only way I know of now.
  9. The fact that there are no faucets available should not be your sole reason to have a negative outlook. There are a whole lot of great things here at Stake and should you choose to stick around, I believe you will see that there is no better place to play.
  10. My target for January was to reach Platinum III VIP status, which I have managed to complete already. I also have a goal of trying to get my negative stats on a few coins heading back towards even, which I have been somewhat successful so far, but still a long way to go.
  11. Stake already has many contests, challenges, and rewards. While it is not a bad idea, I think it may contribute to even more spam if there is a competition based solely on posting on the forum.
  12. As far as I know, the coupons and rewards are based on wager amounts because that is what allows you to rank up in the VIP system. So while deposits don't directly effect your rewards, they will obviously allow you to wager more and therefore rank up faster...