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  1. Hmm.. it's been quite a long time since my first payout, I'm not sure I even remember when it was or how much. I would imagine that it felt pretty good though, it always does when you get to make a withdraw.
  2. I would say my luckiest session was when I deposited 0.01btc and turned it into 0.97btc in about 6 hours. Unfortunately it was on another site, but still lucky as hell!
  3. Welcome to the best forum and community there is! Good luck and stay Green!
  4. Replied with my tweet, thanks for the giveaways @Steve!
  5. Wow! This photo looks almost exactly like my grandfather... 😂 In 20 years Stake will still be the #1 place to play. Do we dare dream that there even may be a Stake land based casino chain? Either way I will still be a proud member of this awesome community!
  6. I have learned that there really is no point in getting angry while gambling, as all it ends up doing in most cases is making us play poorly and rage betting. It is after all just a game, and losses are as much a part of it as winning. Sometimes it's nice to just take a break or switch tactics to try to calm yourself and come back with a clear head.
  7. I love the new Challenges, I think the riddles and puzzles make them more fun. @Steve does a great job with these and is always trying to find ways to change it up a bit.
  8. That's crazy... people should know better by now. I'm sure there people out there trying to buy it though...
  9. Damn man... those are some great wins. I haven't played a whole lot of HiLo but you're making me want to start....
  10. I try to start with a clear head and not think about my previous losses. To me, thinking about previous losses may get me into a negative mind set which I try to avoid while gambling.
  11. The first time I make a decent cash out here, I actually paid my rent with it.... 😎
  12. I continue to play here because of a few reasons. Yes I also lose quite a bit, but I know it is a fair place to play and when you win, you never have to worry about whether or not you are going to get paid. The community is awesome and Stake really goes out of their way to take care of us as well.
  13. Welcome to the greatest community there is! Best of luck while you're here and stay GREEN!
  14. I agree with this, it would be a nice addition to most of the games. Crash has just been introduced to everyone, so I'm not sure how quickly they will make changes to it, but I would imagine something like this will be added eventually.
  15. Well hopefully I do not have to make any deposits... 😂 But I would honestly say I typically make 3-5 deposits per week. Sometimes I make more, sometimes less... just depends.