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  1. It is helpful for optimum BJ strategy and helps to minimize losses. Of course it is still gambling, so using this should help play correctly but still does not guarantee we will win.
  2. I personally prefer to play dice on PD as opposed to here. I play the other choice games here. For some reason I find the smoothness and simplicity of the dice on PD more appealing.
  3. I wish you the best of luck with making it a business for you. It is definitely not easy to do...
  4. I have played this way as well with some success. I switch back and forth between the 2 often and just let it run.
  5. Overall I am still down a bit, but am working hard at trying to get back to even day by day. It tends to be a slow process, but I will get there eventually...
  6. I actually enjoy hunting pretty much all of the challenges, regardless of the game. It is a nice change of pace for a while and can lead to some nice prizes for a quick profit.
  7. I guess it depends on the friends. There should be no issue talking and debating strats to hopefully help you all be winners in gambling.
  8. I have never seen anything like that. It is definitely not good to fall asleep while gambling. Take breaks if you start to feel tired...
  9. Welcome to the community. Best of luck and have fun!
  10. It wouldn't be a bad idea to try it that way and see how it goes. I'm not sure it would be good as far as Stake is concerned since they make more based on wagered amounts, but it could be fun for us.
  11. I would not consider it as a part time business. For me it is a form of entertainment with the possibility to earn a bit of extra crypto. I suppose it could be that for some, but it is not for me...
  12. I am a Gold VIP and I can claim it every hour for 7 days. I just have to let Eddie know when it expires and he will renew it. The amount is based on your total wagers for those 7 days. I am truly not sure what the restrictions are as far as who is able to get it.
  13. Sometimes it just happens that way. I have found that on HiLo the bad streaks seem to last a while for me, so I haven't played it much lately. It always seems that even when I get on good streaks, that one card that should almost never come always seems to at the worst moment...
  14. I pretty much play with all different coins, but mainly BTC and LTC. I have started playing more with XRP lately, still trying to feel it out.