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    Works perfect for me. Maybe the problem is on your end.
  2. That's insane, congratulations.
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    Contact support at support@stake.com
  4. It all depends on you. What I find fun you might not and vice versa. I personally find Keno really fun.
  5. If I really had to choose, it would be gambling because I just can't function properly without a morning cigarette, after meal cigarette and 5 cigarettes in a row when I'm stressed.
  6. The best advice I ever saw. Yeah brother, just keep chasing your losses. That's super smart!
  7. I'm sure it wasn't a one time bet lol. How can one auto bet on Mines though?
  8. I saw this in the chat today so I just had to share it over here. This is fucking unbelievable. Huge congratulations to the guy who hit it, it's mind blowing. 🤯
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