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  1. The system has been changed exactly because people are posting these type of posts in the paying section as you just did. Quite a few days ago someone posted "what's your personality type" in stake discussion section. With the horrible grammar in the posts, I recommend every such user here to install a software called "grammarly" to atleast convey the meaning of what you want to say.
  2. I feel like new stake is pretty cool because of the luck I get here with contrast to old stake where it was hard lol
  3. This is my second time in stake bday, I hope this will be as awesome or even more than the first one
  4. I have this addiction. Whenever I win much , I rain a huge part of it, as after all the win didn't come from hard work rather pure luck. But right after say I giveaway 20% of my winnings, I go on a losing streak and then bust my entire balance. Then I realize if only I kept that huge balance that I gaveaway in rain. Then I become jealous of those same people who bet with my tips and make huge and then don't even bother to help me when I'm helpless and busted. What's your opinion? Should abolish rains altogether?
  5. Shit happens man, and although the regret will be always there, you can always blame your luck rather than yourself as its not your fault. Sometimes these silly mistakes cost us a lot, take care in the next time!
  6. Ayy Maja, you have been doing an awesome job, I love yall support people very polite and responsive always!