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  1. Apart from stake I use sportsbets.io and onehash. For fiat I use bet365 which is kinda good because it shows the game live as well! But all of these sites are my fav!
  2. I don't get weekly because I am not gold but I think weekly is better than monthly because you're getting it four times which is actually good.
  3. I have not played this game for a long time but I can say it is similar to dice in terms of uniqueness and luck so it is not fair to say it has a higher chance to win more.
  4. I think VIP challenges are best because the minimum bet is not that much high and one can easily get high prizes as compared to the non VIP challenges.
  5. It does not matter which coin you are using because all that matter is your luck and the seeds you are using and hence the coin does not matter at all.
  6. I expect it to come on 25th December! Or maybe on new year. But am sure it will be very soon. And that's why am wagering these days to make the bonus a big. What do you think about the timing of the bonus?
  7. I have been trying hunting for the past couple of days and I'm yet to hit one under 20000 rolls. So, is there any thing am missing except for the fact that I maybe extremely unlucky?
  8. To do it is a positive thing because then you can put the blame on someone else so you will feel less guilty and hence you will have a light and free mind while gambling next time. So yeah, feel free to try it.
  9. Using alts on stake casino website is allowed. It's not a big deal. But using alt on the forum is a big no. And obviously there are checks to make sure each people owns only one account here.
  10. I don't think anyone has ever hit 10/10 on keno ever on stake history. With chance of 100x, it's kinda odd! That people hit so large on other games but not much on keno yet!
  11. I agree on every part except for the most popular part. I think the most popular game is still poker. But yeah, not diamond poker diamond poker is pretty shitty.
  12. I think we should have the option to lock tips as in not tip unless we enable tipping and we should be able to control the daily or hourly limits of tips and also to control max tip amount per tip to prevent mistake large tips.
  13. I don't think any player who is been long here on stake would actually play this game because they know how luck is so bad on this game. But many people still love it for their own reasons.
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