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  1. I don't think any player who is been long here on stake would actually play this game because they know how luck is so bad on this game. But many people still love it for their own reasons.
  2. As an introvert I would say that it kind of create more problems than solution. Because on the internet we are not what we are on the real life specially socially awkward people like me. I can be frank and angry and charismatic online but if you see me offline you will probably think I have some mental disease or like I am super shy. And if I date a girl online who falls for me by seeing my attitude online then I won't be able to to meet her expectations if I meet her in real life.
  3. Same here. I think stake sports advertisment is also needed because many consider this only as casino and not sports bookie and not many players are aware that stake as opened sports section as well.
  4. To become invisible and non opaque. Ill literally be immortal side by side because angel of death won't be able to find me.
  5. Not at all a good idea lmao. It's not safe for stake. Players can always run away and even if withdrawals are stopped, they can always make new accounts on new devices and new IPs. It's really risky.
  6. What if you indeed become a successful with gambling and become insanely rich, would you teach your kids how to play poker and other gambling games? Or would you refrain? And why?
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