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  1. iamsheikhadil

    Share your fav porn site

    I have absolutely no fucking idea what you meant by that.
  2. iamsheikhadil

    Stupid moderation / rule

    Passive beggers should not just be muted, they should be banned completely. No mercy. Passive beggers are usually those who can't handle their own money properly and bust and then hopes others will give them money, but when they themselves win big, they forget about the mercy shown by others. I know the world is cruel and selfish and passive beggers are legendary level of self-centered assholes. They forget when people help them even when they lie, but wouldn't dare to help other people and blame them for their misery.
  3. iamsheikhadil

    Why is Sex so Delicious? :D

    Jerking off and sex are physically same. One is with hand while the other is with something else...basically both are same morphologically. "It's so delicious" doesn't make sense. Its subjective and depends on person to person. It's necessary for procreation. For me personally, I would love unlimited of my favorite food than unlimited sex (although I never had it) as I love food most in the world.
  4. iamsheikhadil

    The myth about squirting

    It's hard to read this thread without getting a *you know what* so I'll just head to some other thread.
  5. Its like stake chartbet , will try
  6. iamsheikhadil

    DiceBet - new dice site

    I lost 0.001 btc there The bet verification option isn't there.... But it seems the site gonna beat good ass soon
  7. iamsheikhadil

    Selling my pornhub vr account

    Porn is boring my friend.
  8. iamsheikhadil

    What is your favorite crypto for your rolls?

    Which is hard? Turning 0.2 eth to 2 eth or turning 0.003 btc to 0.03 btc ? 😛 obviously Eth
  9. iamsheikhadil

    [Closed] Forum Contributors Giveaway #1

    Iamsheikhadil - both stake and twitter
  10. iamsheikhadil

    Review Needed About Sam9597

    Are you stupid ? And why are you even asking it here ? No one knows if that guy is a scam or real so no one can really advise you to put your money in. And no one would risk by advising you because if he runs away with your money, you will put the blame on the advisor and not who actually scammed. So it's all upto you if u want to trust someone or not.... Asking in forum will not help. And if he has 1000 btc in his wallet (which I really think is just a f lie) he wouldn't even need your btc. Be wise and not dumb. Rich people don't need others money to play. We had recently a case when a highroller who claimed herself (himself) as rich and asked people for money. And he scammed many players. And now what? People who lost money can't do anything except for whining about it.
  11. iamsheikhadil

    Your favourite game at stake ?

    Always dice Dice is what am in love with... We took a vow never to be apart until death make us apart. Second game that I love is recently poker. Because either 2x (or sometimes 1.5x) or nothing. It's fun. I don't like chartbet and plinko because most times they give red and mines always give me bombs.
  12. iamsheikhadil

    Nail fetish? Mustache fetish? Weird Fetishes...

    It would be good to be a xylophile because you won't need a partner in bed, the wooden bed itself would be your partner lmao
  13. iamsheikhadil

    Share your fav porn site

    I love how 100% of the comments on this thread are from guys (males) as expected lmao
  14. iamsheikhadil

    SovietDoggo spent my $500.

    lol... He was a different kind of scammer
  15. iamsheikhadil

    MinerFarm - BTC Virtual Mining Game - Pays in real BTC!

    I too have an account there I deposited like 300k... I guess its became inactive, but I have seen the threads in bitcointalk where many users were claiming that minerfarm turned to be a scam so I hesitated to deposit big on their site. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1173617.msg16838352#msg16838352