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  1. I don't think there is a specific time because I do it whenever my mood is on and I have enough money to not whine after losing. There are some people who do it on specific times as they believe it brings them luck and some superstitious beliefs.
  2. I really like your story but it kind of seems fake the reason is if you are talking to a muted player then that's like talking with a dumb person because muted players can't chat. Then how did you even talk with them when they were muted.
  3. we can't really know the future because if you did then it's not gambling anymore it's just cheating. Gambling is all random and no one knows what will happen and that is the thrill.
  4. Definitely if that gives me money. I don't really care about my country wins or not because it's just a game it's not a war. And in every sport losing and winning is a part of the game and after the game everyone forgets about it but if I can get money then it will really last long.
  5. Well truly stake has got me hooked up with it and I have been to over 20 websites and none of them appeled to me as much as stake did. So I think I will stay here for as long as it I will survive.
  6. A lots of casinos actually implement their own coins so I think it would be good if this site also does it.
  7. How does gambling teach you to be disciplined in your life?! I would really like to know about it. But yeah, it has taught me how to control myself but not through its positive side but when I want to leave the gambling addiction then these good habits formed in me so technically I can say gambling itself has taught me the good lessons.
  8. The best strategy is to play with small bets initially because in the beginning the rich players wont actually bet high and if you to lose initially your entire bankroll then after the players will actually catch up and beat you in no time so save your bank roll for the last 10 minutes.
  9. Well you can do nothing but to just ignore them and put your settings in a good manner like block messages from non friends and don't accept new friend request so that will pretty much block every one of them.
  10. Definitely. I have been on over 20 websites and I have never been hooked to any other website except this one for more than 2 years now because of the amazing support team and all time improvements!
  11. Hi there welcome and I hope you have a good time here!
  12. To be honest since the outcome of the games are all random so it does not really make sense to go for smaller multipliers because you can lose on the very first game and so targeting higher multipliers in a game of luck make sense.
  13. I don't think it really matters because whatever you changed the outcome is completely random and frankly I never even change my seeds because when changing them won't do any good for me as it is really random.
  14. Absolutely love it because in regular casinos my luck is not that good because it only involve luck and no skills but in sports we have luck + skills which is really good.
  15. I am really excited for cricket because I am really a fan of it I know no that I can pretty much predict the outcomes of the games so I'm really excited that I can actually improve my chances on stake rather than betting on traditional games in which my luck is not good.