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  1. By Google search stake - iamsheikhadil
  2. Okay I'm really sorry, my friend took my phone and posted this and used such a rude language. I'm a gambler myself and it's fun yeah. Sorry again. I'll edit it later. Enjoy playing guys.
  3. Most people on stake excluding me and few others are pathological gambling addicts even if they don't like the term or deny it. We all do gamble but there is a difference between responsible and irresponsible gambling. I have seen they gamble their families money away when they are the sole earner to feed their wife and kids. My question is will these gambling addicts or you will gamble when you turn very old and gamble your son's hard earn money? Will you be able to control the urges by then? If not, what steps will you take before you reach such a level? Or will you be shameless enough?
  4. I do think it depends on the amount of money you wager here and also that is proportional to the amount of money you will get from a particular coupon. I would advice you to check your email regularly for updates and coupons
  5. Dice for life haha, all those mine busters are the reason why stake is so rich lmao
  6. Obviously, Gambling is like a glowing fire. You can enjoy its warmth and heat. You can enjoy its fun but if you can't control yourself, if you get carried away, you are gonna get burned, destroyed and devastated and turn into ash.
  7. I started on gambling Bitcoin when I was 14 I think. Nothing makes any difference. However, if the kid earns his own money then I see no problem. Because from my experience when I was a kid, I would never gamble much because hard earnt money is too precious. I don't think a 16/17 year old can't gamble properly, but the laws are laws. Why gamble when u can legit earn SMH. We are talking about late teenagers here, not toddlers tho.
  8. I think the rewards should be fixed irrespective of btc price change. I'm not saying to giveaway unimaginable amount. Because that's not the purpose. If you believe in the stability of btc and its future, obviously you need to not compare it with fiat when it shows volatility
  9. I think it's a very good psychology. When we see red, we run away which is bad for the casino site. Making it neutral will make us psychologically comforting so that we can bet again and making casino site profit
  10. I tip others if I win big or small. Because I think everyone should have a fair chance. Not everyone are rich af, thus it makes sense that if you are winning big which is free money after all, tip to people and if possible, do some charities as well
  11. Generosity obviously makes a person a good human being. Being generous, kind and empathic is loved by all. In this evil world we need more kindness and love rather than hate , I hope the world will be better again
  12. Lol , no gut no glory maybe true. But if guts are more then you lose and bust too. So no guts no pain also makes sense. It depends on how much bad player you are and how much can you keep in control. It all depends on your risk appetite and hunger for it. Good luck.
  13. Trivias should be about general knowledge from random things. But often trivias are done on stake related questions and many aren't familiar with it. It sucks then. Because everyone should have a fair chance. People who are on stake since beginning shouldn't have a free chance on it. That's what it should be I think.
  14. A good player is who can control himself and bad player is who can't control himself the reasons are quite similar a good player knows that gambling is risky and he knows when to stop but a bad player think that they can win always and thus they will lead to bust all their balances because thats how gambling business works. Gambling business profits on bad players.
  15. I think everyone deserves a second chance because situations often tells us to do something that we regret later because life is uncertain and no one is the perfect judge and no one has the capability to say that someone will do mischief retroactively. does I think everyone should be like given a chance because that's what even God does. But yeah sometimes it's annoying for spammers but like if they promise to change themselves then its ok.