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  1. iamsheikhadil

    How addicted are you really?

    I was very much addicted, it was such addiction that once I gambled with money that was to pay for fees of exam, hopefully, I will never be as addicted like that because I have learnt good lessons lmao. Currently I gamble after spending on all what I require and buying stuffs etc. Because, once busted, there's nothing but regret lmao
  2. iamsheikhadil

    What Game Gives you more profit here?

    Dice I love most, simple game, not much fuss !! Mines come second as I love diamonds I don't like blackjack because I don't know how to play it, diamond poker isn't my cup of tea and plinko shows me middle finger always , so I love dice and all my bust and profit are from dice
  3. iamsheikhadil

    What do you consider gambling?

    Life itself is gambling lmao, when taking birth we became lucky to be the one to fertilize egg, then we overcame so many diseases and survived as a baby (many babies don't have diseases or disorders, they are fortunate ) then we grow up and survive everyday. It is a challenge to survive because every step is to be taken carefully, a wrong move and we may meet accidents on road. It's fun and thrilling tho no risk = no gain
  4. iamsheikhadil

    Oops ... Accidentally sent too much

    Lol, I have sent someone 0.01 btc instead of 0.001 btc once I think, pretty kind of them to send me back the amount lol, if someone sends me by mistake a good amount, I will double it on dice and send them back lol
  5. iamsheikhadil

    Discord Giveaways

  6. iamsheikhadil

    Share your fav porn site

    I have absolutely no fucking idea what you meant by that.
  7. iamsheikhadil

    Stupid moderation / rule

    Passive beggers should not just be muted, they should be banned completely. No mercy. Passive beggers are usually those who can't handle their own money properly and bust and then hopes others will give them money, but when they themselves win big, they forget about the mercy shown by others. I know the world is cruel and selfish and passive beggers are legendary level of self-centered assholes. They forget when people help them even when they lie, but wouldn't dare to help other people and blame them for their misery.
  8. iamsheikhadil

    Why is Sex so Delicious? :D

    Jerking off and sex are physically same. One is with hand while the other is with something else...basically both are same morphologically. "It's so delicious" doesn't make sense. Its subjective and depends on person to person. It's necessary for procreation. For me personally, I would love unlimited of my favorite food than unlimited sex (although I never had it) as I love food most in the world.
  9. iamsheikhadil

    The myth about squirting

    It's hard to read this thread without getting a *you know what* so I'll just head to some other thread.
  10. Its like stake chartbet , will try
  11. iamsheikhadil

    DiceBet - new dice site

    I lost 0.001 btc there The bet verification option isn't there.... But it seems the site gonna beat good ass soon
  12. iamsheikhadil

    Selling my pornhub vr account

    Porn is boring my friend.
  13. iamsheikhadil

    What is your favorite crypto for your rolls?

    Which is hard? Turning 0.2 eth to 2 eth or turning 0.003 btc to 0.03 btc ? 😛 obviously Eth
  14. iamsheikhadil

    [Closed] Forum Contributors Giveaway #1

    Iamsheikhadil - both stake and twitter