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  1. Never buy anything based on gambling. If that stuff worked, they would themselves be rich and wouldn't need to sell to you. Gambling is 100% random. No prediction possible at all
  2. I do long run on dice. Bet high like 0.005 btc... On 1.01x win... Change seed after 50 bets and change direction after 25 bets. .. Quite an incredible strategy, I know am smart thanks
  3. Oh that sucks... Timezones are gey... But I hope you will participate in next... Life happens, shit happens, and majority of us busted what we won in the race no worries, you can watch Eddie's stream and re enjoy the experience... Next time is awaiting for you, not far away
  4. Yesterday I turned the coupon into 10x. Guess what happened then? I busted Very cool, I know. I wonder what purpose would it serve to save coins. Saving will make you profit? Sure. But will it give the thrill that you get while you bust? No! Busting is enjoyment and busting is life. Bust and no save = heaven
  5. I've earnt close to 500k Satoshi rn.... It's good and greatly paying
  6. Lol yeah.... We assume much stuffs because it looks cool but in the inside , it's all different game lol... Even with this haha.... Bitcoin is surely decentralized but not "private"
  7. Welcome, I hope you enjoy! And win
  8. That sucks... I hope the case gets solved and everyone who lost money gets it back.... Sucks to use this beautiful technologies for scamming purposes.... Those type of scum scams must be executed in public as they make this world a living hell for hard-working people.
  9. I think the best investments in today's time is to invest in alt coins! Alt coins with their project are the future of technology. See steller, and how it solves the integration of all currencies. When mainstream will adopt these, the prices are going to moon. So start investing in alt coins as much as you can and hodl.
  10. This will be my motivation to save coins as much as possible now irrespective of what is predicted, I feel that bitcoin will get a positive from it and rise in price too... At the end, btc prices are bound to rise since of the increasing demand and mainstream adoption... So, a year if I save btc, will be too much if prices increases to double haha... Let's see
  11. Welcome, I hope you continue to enjoy here
  12. When I lose a lot: I used to do two things : if I needed the funds not urgently, I recovered it with freelancing earnings. if I needed the funds urgently, I would beg to some telegram friends lmao... now, if I lose big, I wake up from the dream. Because in reality, I don't bet big amounts no more and try to control my gambling
  13. I kinda agree, I have been on stake for two years and the past wagers don't count so kinda sad but it's ok ! the challenges and giveaways we get are too good too sometimes we gotta sacrifice but stake is great and we have fun so it doesn't matter if we don't get that particular perk. Because we know, stake has something to offer for all of us
  14. Haha.... It's a casino strategy.... Almost every casino implements some sort of freebies. Let's be realistic, majority of us here have been addicted and chained no matter if we say "I don't gamble any more". The addiction is irresistible. Some have escaped it but as long as you are close to the casino, you can't ever say you have escaped. I have this way, to really have positive fun, don't deposit from your pocket. Try to win giveaways, challenges and then play with that amount. Or do some crypto trading and play with a part of the profit which you can afford to lose. Save up, hold. At the end, doesn't matter how much you played or not, matters is if you are content with yourself.
  15. I hope you are enjoying it here