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    iamsheikhadil reacted to jonesnat044 in I'm going to Paris   
    I am going to Paris next week. Problem is I will be alone😐 I have some plans, for example, to visit the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower etc. But the problem is that I will be alone and this is  really sad😤  I`m surfed internet and there are many information about dating sites - https://www.hookupgeek.com/datingology/. Who did use it? Could I meet  there really an interesting person?
  2. Haha
    iamsheikhadil reacted to Ayesha0770 in If you turn to be successful in gambling, would you teach your kids ?   
    No lol unless they learn from somewhere but in any case I won't teach them we didn't even know if they can control their selves when it comes to gambling it's better to teach them a proper one than gambling
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    iamsheikhadil got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in Patience is also important in gambling?   
    How is patience even important in gambling as many would say? 
    I would say patience is literally the waste of time when it comes to gambling because all bets are random. One can just lose on a bet randomly like they would win.
    It's just impossible for them to even win it just by keeping some patience. Or they can be impatient and hit big on first bet. 
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    iamsheikhadil reacted to lupandina in Is investing in casinos the best way to profit from gambling industry?   
    Only if you are ok to wait for really long time. As much as I tried it ever, was loosing patience after first month, withdrawing that few sats profit and going away 😂
    And, I don't think, that Stake is in lack of bankroll, so no point for them to add investments feature. 
  5. Payday
    iamsheikhadil got a reaction from bexy1980 in Is investing in casinos the best way to profit from gambling industry?   
    No matter what strategy or game play one uses, in the long run, the gambler is destined to bust the whole amount. Hence, it is required to make profit out from the gambling industry and that is only possible when one sides with the casino rather than being dependent on own luck. And the best way is to invest in the bank roll of the casino. Ofcourse there is a risk of being looted by a lucky player but in the long run, since there is the house edge, one is bound to win! Should stake offer a small investment opportunity to us players ?  
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    iamsheikhadil reacted to Seoulmate in Plinko during sex   
    A recent Research study links gambling addiction with sex addiction, experts in the area have observed that the two addictions often overlap (ref below).

    I did once play plinko in the doggy position, but it's not a regular occurrence, anyone else like to gamble during sex?

     Reference for journal paper is here https://www.academia.edu/18653018/Sex_addiction_and_gambling_disorder_similarities_and_differences
  7. Ethereum
    iamsheikhadil got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in Study and gambling together   
    Well.... They must learn to earn money as well..which I think will be counter productive although. They will be wasting time to earn money online only to bust it. 
    It's better to stay away from gambling for them. Because the unnecessary stress and time waste is something that can't be afford when it's time to build a desirable career.
  8. Love
    iamsheikhadil reacted to Bojana in FreeRice for Everyone   
    Hello, Stakers

    As you already know, we have a Charity Poll each week that you get to vote in and our platform sends donation to the corresponding winner This is one of the most noble causes that Stake management has dedicated themselves to, and as long as at least single life is improved by it, we know we are on the right path. 

    There are multiple ways to help, and unfortunately, too many organizations seeking assistance. We cannot list them all in this topic, nor do we see Stake as a solely charity platform. It is an online casino primarily, and people should come here to spend some quality time having fun, and maybe earn along the way. Charity aspect is something that should come directly from person's heart and only if one wishes to help, so do not see this post as an obligation or necessity. It is a way to help and at the same time get something in return, something no one can take away from you, however selfish that might sound at first  

    Let me explain what this is about - https://beta.freerice.com is a charity platform that you can easily participate in just by playing a quiz. 

    Namely, according to them...
    The initial levels that us from the Support just fulfilled are connected to English Vocabulary, so while you are helping someone at any part of the globe, you are also working on your own self-improvement, in this case - your vocabulary and communication skills  

    Let me know if you need any additional explanation on how it all works, and give it a try, that's the best way to see how it works! Why not being a contributor today? Why not help when it requires so little effort? And yes, I would like to see some screenshots of your results posted below if you wish to share.  

    I got to 1000 grains in just half an hour, and I was't even fully focused. 

    Good luck, peeps! 🍀
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    iamsheikhadil reacted to Bojana in A never ending thread (last post wins)   
    Maybe we should lock it for a day at least Opinions? 

    @Shaniqua, what is your favorite comment here, pls, remind us? 😘 
  10. Bitcoin
    iamsheikhadil got a reaction from Bojana in What are you currently reading?   
    Harry Potter books
  11. Haha
    iamsheikhadil got a reaction from rckbrrnts in What do you think while you're playing?   
    What I think when am gambling?
    Tbh, if you wanna know the average brain of a gambler during gambling, you will be amazed that how the brain forgets everything, literally everything, when the player is playing, specially in that moment when you place a bet and wait for the results
    Hence, gambling works as a anti-depressants for many and addictive as it helps us to go away from the dark sides of the world lol
  12. Love
    iamsheikhadil got a reaction from Qvvaser109 in What makes lottery different to gambling?   
    I agree completely. It's the same. Yet it's the same society that calls us gamblers as sinners and fools lol.
    They will donate their money to charity and stuff believing in Gods they never seen, but gambling is like the most waste thing in their eyes. 
    Same when it comes to lottery. 
  13. Bitcoin
    iamsheikhadil reacted to Qvvaser109 in What makes lottery different to gambling?   
    It's semantics mostly. Lotteries are still gambling. People gamble away life savings playing lotteries. The only differences I can think of from traditional or online gambling is that the games are mostly funded by a pool from lottery ticket purchases rather than the house and the flow of the process is a little different too. With traditional gambling, you place a bet, select your setup depending on the game, then the result or results are delivered by the house. With lotto there is usually a middleman that is not the house that acts as the vendor and a waiting period between receiving the ticket and finding out the results. Also the amount of people involved in one lotto round can be in the millions. But, mostly it's semantics. In lotto the wager is called a purchase. bottom line. They are the same and society is inherently stupid.
  14. Thanks
    iamsheikhadil got a reaction from Qvvaser109 in What makes lottery different to gambling?   
    We all know that lottery is very similar to gambling, yet, lottery is much more acceptable in society than gambling.
    Gambling is like a sin and complete taboo, while lottery is even run by the government!
    And compared to gambling, in lottery, chances to win are very very low!
    So, why do people invest their luck in lottery but hate gambling?
    Is it a psychological thing or like is it different in some parts which am missing?
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    iamsheikhadil reacted to GodLoft in Never Pee Before Sex   
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    iamsheikhadil reacted to blueprints in Advice for Writing Good Quality Forum Posts   
    So today was reading this one topic about people who post on the forums just to get bitcoin. First thing that came to mind was well Stake has done a pretty good job at having stuff in place to discourage poorly written posts and quickly stopping spam. 

    Then I thought on how despite stakes efforts there are still people posting just for bitcoin. They are not breaking any rules or contributing unwanted trash to the forums, but still it makes a differnce when  a persos only motive to post is to get money rather then  because they are interested in the topic. They contribute with the appreciation of the incentive to share their thoughts and feelings rather then with the expectation to get Paid.  

    I think for anyone to contribute to keeping a topic moving smoothly, organized, on topic, and pleaseant to read, they must read whats already posted so that they can stay relevant and avoid repeating what alreadys been said.  Readers should be able to read without feeling confused or feeling mentally tired. 

    For example
     Before you start wrting, look through whats already been posted to see if there is anything that you agree or disagree with. Quote them, and if its more then one person then just mention seeing it written by a couple people and then what you want to add on to it.  "As others have mentioned" "I agree with___"  Then state why you agree or disagree and any personal experience or insight that supports your point so that people can understand your perspective better. I love reading new perspectives! 
    You can help make each topic golden by making sure whats already been posted so that you avoid posting reduntant content and make it more enjoyable for readers to read. 
    Quote people and summarize whats already been shared. Especially when you dont have a clue of what to post, just go through and see what others have written! I can guarantee you will stumble upon things you did not know or point of views you never would of thought of. I know after you click on a recent post it takes you to the very end of the topic, but encourage you to read the starting post and a few posts after that one. ask all your questions at one time, and be specific!
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    iamsheikhadil reacted to Asscorn in Is your reputation here important?   
    I've been a part if Stake community for a couple or few months now.  I really do like it and only wish I had more time to be more involved with it.
    I try my very best when posting or creating a topic to do a good job, be creative be friendly and only post quality posts that I think others may be interested in. 
    I never thought that building a reputation on a gambling forum would become such an important thing.  But it has and Ill continue to be a part of stake as long as I can. 
    The one thing I would like to see change in some way shape or form is something to remind or give users incentive to react to posts. 
    I think users would react more to posts with a reminder to do so or incentive of some kind.  Its just too easy to get caught up in reading and posting and forget to react to something that deserves a reaction.  
    I try my best to go through my previous post and read responses and react to most if not all, in hopes others will do the same. 
    If you enjoy a post please react.  The more users who routinly react to posts will in turn boost the community and also make it more likely that you'll receive reactions. 
    Hope any users that enjoy this post share there reactions and continue sharing on every users posts
    Is your reputation important? Do you try and strive to make better posts and climb the ranks?  
  18. Haha
    iamsheikhadil reacted to Carollzinha in Should I go all in or slowly betting?   
    I bet the guy already bought (or gave up) these shoes a long ago and you guys just came to revive his 4 months old topic lol
  19. Love
    iamsheikhadil reacted to Edward in Set Realistic Goals   
    I get a lot of people messaging me lately talking about how they can never seem to win. Upset about the outcomes of their deposits. In some cases, I can sympathize, in others, not so much. I'll pull up a players account & I will see they deposited say $50. They have turned it into $150 and then lost. How is that bad luck I will think to myself? That's not bad luck. That's great luck combined with simply not knowing when to stop. 
    Players who are in profit are the ones who know when to cash out. They set a goal. They stick to it. They take their winnings. They are content. Losing players are the opposite. They will go on and on until they lose. This is not smart. Unless you have unlimited money, if you play for an unlimited amount of time, you will lose. That is how gambling works.
    Set goals. Stick to them. Cashout. Play smart.
  20. Haha
    iamsheikhadil reacted to luizoruivo in Share your fav porn site   
    I have tried to speak only with those who also know this phrase of a website, I believe to be the only one so far.
  21. Haha
    iamsheikhadil reacted to kurian in Share your fav porn site   
    spankbang it's better than the best lol
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