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  1. KinAniK

    Playing Bitcoin or Ethereum?

    eth is good but btc is best for me to bring profit
  2. KinAniK

    Coinbase is considering to add another 5 tokens

    Wow !! I am a regular user of Coinbase, it's a very good news for me I want all those 5 tokens on Coinbase!
  3. KinAniK

    Your most and least profitable game

    My most profitable game Hilo: 6.5 mil most loss in Keno: 3.28 mil
  4. KinAniK

    Finally won 5148300.00x

    Congrats man
  5. KinAniK

    [Seeking] 200k

    Sent 300k Repaid loan. thanks Sent 350k again.
  6. Ya, I made again huge winnings from that 10% 2/3 times at past but after that, I lost the 10% I kept for playing. 😛
  7. I withdraw 80%-90% of the amount if I win big, otherwise, I withdraw all if the winning is small.
  8. I play hilo most of the time but suddenly that time I got my self-lucky on dice. Also, best of luck to you on hilo game
  9. ya being greedy I lost it all, I played hilo and dice but dice was gave me 5 mil profit
  10. It was one month back and recovered all my losses with 0.075 mil profit but after some days loose it all and now i am again in negative profit 😛
  11. It was like a roller coaster ride! I was losing, winning and recovering my past losses
  12. KinAniK

    Go big or go home

    I did this on plinko several times!
  13. KinAniK

    What type of player are you?

    I am the chill player
  14. KinAniK

    Interest on Balance

    Interesting thought, but I don't think anyone can put a larger balance for interest, they will gable it!
  15. KinAniK

    [Seeking] 200k

    I can send, if you still need it.