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  1. dmbadillo10

    Tumataya Ka ba Sa Lotto? 🤔

    Totoo. Natanong ko lang naman. 😅
  2. dmbadillo10

    Stake 2?

    You have a point.. But then again, its the developer's job to have a dry run of the site, for it to be tagged as "stable" and "working" before releasing it live. What the people or the users should only see is minor flaws. Like a few.. Not almost all functions are bugged. 😂😂😂
  3. dmbadillo10

    My Current Strategy on Dice

    Nice. Thats how I usually do it. Mainly, way before, I was using excel spreadsheets to calculate too. But as I go along, learning and formulating my own strategies, Im not using it anymore. Anyways, I dont prefer bets lower than 2.00x. You'll just be pressured to recover bets with higher amount. Then end up busting after a long streak.
  4. dmbadillo10

    Increase in Players = Lower Chance of Winning ?

    I think its being reported. 😑😑
  5. dmbadillo10


    Go read on the link. That way you can learn. This is the best way to start off before you go on betting. 👍👍👍
  6. dmbadillo10

    Increase in Players = Lower Chance of Winning ?

    Is the discord channel still alive? Can you share me the link please. Thank you.
  7. dmbadillo10

    Stake 2?

    Much better if they test every update first, then like what you said, debug first. Whats happening is, they update, have the users test it, then wait for complaints. Hahahaha. 😂😂😂
  8. dmbadillo10

    Increase in Players = Lower Chance of Winning ?

    Discord giveaway is infested people who just suddenly appear out of nowhere for the giveaway. 😑 I was lucky, to atleast win 2 exclusive and 1 public prizes. But technically, the chances are slim due to the unknown people. Maybe some alts were created too.
  9. dmbadillo10

    Increase in Players = Lower Chance of Winning ?

    Solution is to increase Giveaway Prize Pot since the participants are also increasing. ✌🏽 Imagine, 0.08BTC divided to almost 200 participants. 😂 Don't get me wrong, I am happy with the giveaways.. Its just that sometimes, its not worth the try. 🤘🏽
  10. dmbadillo10

    My Current Strategy on Dice

    I see. I know a lot of other strategies and had tested them with higher bank rolls. I was just curious about the bank roll for 300 sats base.
  11. dmbadillo10

    Ibang Website na Sugalan

    Hello PH! Naisip ko lang.. May iba pa ba kayog wrbsite na pinaglalaruan bukod sa Stake at Primedice? 🤔 Minsan kasi nakaka-tamad pag paulit ulit. Saka minsan masarap din mag explore. 😉 Pero syempre dapat trusted din ung website. 🤘🏽
  12. Parehong risky eh. Ako, sa Mining nalang. Marahil madaming nagsasabe na scam lang lahat ng cloud mining sites na meron ngayon. Pero so far, nagsimula ako this year sa MinerFarm, ok naman sya. Technically, wala pa akong nailalabas na tubo, kasi pinapaikot ko lahat ng profit pambili ng hash power para mas malaki kitain ko in the long run. Long term investment kung baga. 3 years running and strong yung website. So hindi ako kinakabahan. 😉 Pero kung dalawa lang pagpipilian, maglalaro nalang ako. 👍
  13. dmbadillo10

    Simula na ng Ber-months, maglaro at magipon na!

    Pwedeee. Yun eh kung interesado ulit lahat. Okaya naman, kung di sila sasali, maging aktibo nalang tayo dito sa PH forums. Di naten mamamalayan malaki narin naiipon naten dito hanggang December. 😉😉😉
  14. No prob! You're welcome! 😉 That site is where I chill out whenever I bust BTC, LTC or ETH here. What I do is I play other altcoins and most of the time, I recover there what I lost here. 😉😉😉 You're welcome babe. 😗
  15. Why not trust it? The site pays up. 😅👍