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  1. dmbadillo10

    Stake Lottery! #1

    0.0001sats sent. Goodluck everyone! 😊
  2. Researching? Hmm. Not quite sure what to research on that. 🤔 All I know, and in my honest opinion, there's no such thing as lucky seeds. Lucky bets maybe, it comes whenever it comes on any game.
  3. There's no such thing as a "Lucky Seed". Or perhaps, that's just my personal opinion. For me, and as we all know, its just a set of randomized numbers. Its like its already set, what you will roll on your next bet, depending on multipliers you set too. If it happens that your seed has the right sequence in terms of the numbers on it, then you can say you're lucky. But if not, then, not lucky. Changing seeds or refreshing does not do anything. Reloading page doesn't rerandomize your current seed. Changing seeds just jumbles it over.
  4. dmbadillo10

    So, strategic or lucky?

    Well, personally.. I would be balanced on this. Strategy and luck works hand in hand on Gambling. Or on any games I should say. I usually play dice, so I need to choose a strategy that I would feel comfortable with, depending on how much bank roll I got during my session. When the session starts, I observe the rolls. BTW, I always do auto bet. So if I feel that the rolls are kinda rigging it off, meaning the reds are getting unreasonable,it means luck is not siding with me, thus, I stop. But if the rolls are good, getting a good ratio of greens to reds, then I finish a session til I get some profit. So technically, both strategy and luck plays a big role.
  5. dmbadillo10

    Would You Rather...

    Hmm. Let's see.. I would go 50%, all in on dice. I would go 10k sats at 1 mine. I would go 10 sats on Plinko for 5 tries. And would rain 10k eth on 10 people. 👍
  6. dmbadillo10

    Letting Stakers vote for the winners?

    This is a good way to hear the voice of the players in terms of what giveaway or who's the winners. Well, sadly, like what Dan mentioned, this is abused, or I should say very prone to abuse by alts. It will not be fair enough.
  7. dmbadillo10

    The trick to being able to hit PO 100x in Dice

    That's the worst I've ever heard. No greens on 100x for 800 rolls. Dayuuuum. 😭
  8. dmbadillo10

    Play with btc or eth?

    You can have a little edge using ETH. Why? Because without thinking of the value, you can assume that you've expanded your bankroll by converting your BTC to ETH. With that, you can play comfortably with a strategy that you feel like playing. 😉👍
  9. dmbadillo10

    Taking a new look on Martingale

    Odds are soooo good if that's the case. But it wouldn't be worth the time and effort using DOGE. 😉
  10. dmbadillo10

    What do you hate and love at stake?

    2 things I love: 1. Stake's uniqueness in terms of design and gameplays. 2. Support. 👍 1 thing I hate: 1. Senseless chats and begging all over the place. ✌🏽
  11. dmbadillo10

    The trick to being able to hit PO 100x in Dice

    The probability of hitting 100x is still 0.99 - 1%. You're correct, it should hit within 100 rolls. But then again, the games work on seeds, a set of randomized numbers. It may not give you a green, even on 500 rolls. 😉 Pre-rolls would help. But if I'll play 100x, I'll just go with the flow, let auto bet do its thing. If it hits, then good. If not, try again. 👍😉
  12. dmbadillo10

    Least Popular Game

    Agreed. If you notice on the All Bets section, you will rarely see someone betting on that game. 😂
  13. dmbadillo10

    New game idea: Towers at Stake!

    This somehow looks like that one game on a site called "Bitkong".. Or something like that. But yea, idea's cool. New game, new fun. 😁
  14. dmbadillo10

    From 0.001 - 0.012 BTC ( 14 mines payout )

    Good game. Its was pure luck. 👍 That win was really for you. And correct, very risky. But got out of it. Good job. 👍👍
  15. dmbadillo10

    Random Tips Received

    Hahaha. No one would ever know dude. Unless this user shows up and speaks up on chat or here. 😂🤣 It feels kinda weird to talk about him/her tho. Lol. 🤣