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  1. Normally, I just spend it on HILO. 😂 Or there are times that I use it on trying strats on Dice.
  2. Hmm. There are times that I feel I gamble too much. Online and in real life. It comes to a point where I gamble money that I can't afford to lose. 😊
  3. Definitely, having an option to turn off chat will be helpful. Sometimes, you just need to focus on your game, and not see chats all over. It kinda helps you think better. Just sayin. 😉✌🏽
  4. I came from a family from my father side, who are influenced and live on the gambling world. But gambling is not the way to live life. There are times that I go all in when I gamble.. Sometimes win, and it feels good. Sometimes lose, and it feels bad. As of now, I treat gambling as a leisure, but not the bread and butter. 😊
  5. It always gets boring especially if there's nothing new. And also if you always lose to the casino. ✌🏽😅
  6. Stake 2 works just perfectly fine! 💯 A lot faster than the previous version.
  7. It will never be a good idea to invest on ANY gambling sites or ANY gambling activity. Your money is automatically at risk if you do so. Suggestion that I can give? Invest that $1.5k on stocks and shares. Or maybe better, just use it for your needs instead of putting it at risk.
  8. Sabagay. Pero try mo ung nasa signature ko. 1 year na akong nagcocompund sa site na to. ✌🏽
  9. Mine is only parts of my full name. 😉 Don't really wanna make it that fancy. 😂
  10. Lalo ngayon. 6/58. 777m ang premyo sheeeeeet. 😂😂😂
  11. Parehong risky eh. Ako, sa Mining nalang. Marahil madaming nagsasabe na scam lang lahat ng cloud mining sites na meron ngayon. Pero so far, nagsimula ako this year sa MinerFarm, ok naman sya. Technically, wala pa akong nailalabas na tubo, kasi pinapaikot ko lahat ng profit pambili ng hash power para mas malaki kitain ko in the long run. Long term investment kung baga. 3 years running and strong yung website. So hindi ako kinakabahan. 😉 Pero kung dalawa lang pagpipilian, maglalaro nalang ako. 👍
  12. Napaka-direcho at mabilis na tanong para sa mga tropang naglalaro ngayon dito. Worth it ba tumaya sa lotto? Tumataya ka ba? 🤔🤔🤔
  13. I dont play Baccarat and Keno that much. 😑 My fav game is the traditional Dice of cource. 😊😊😊😊😊😊 #Dicer4Life 😂😂😂😂😂
  14. Hahahahahah. Funny memes #ForeverAlone
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