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  1. Agreed. Hope for BTC to reach or break the 7k$ level too for this month. ✔
  2. Heya guys! Here comes another month! 🤘🏽 Well, BTC has gone through a lot of rough roads last June. Even having a 5.7k$ low. 😔 Currently, BTC is sitting around 6.3k$. ✔ How do you think Bitcoin will go for the month of July? BTW, July is the start of this years Q3. I predict that it will rally to the 7k$ mark. 😉 How about you guys? Drop your predictions below! 🔥
  3. Code: BTC (Bitcoin) Invested: $15,000 Code: ETH (Ethereum) Invested: $10,000 Code: OMG (OmiseGO) Invested: $25,000 Code: STRAT (Stratis) Invested: $25,000 Code: BAT (Basic Attention Token) Invested: $25,000
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  5. dmbadillo10

    🏆 [0.01 BTC] BTC Angel | Community Challenge!

    Username: dmbadillo10
  6. dmbadillo10

    Electroneum (ETN) - After the Fork

    Yea. Correct. It hasn't moved a lot since the fork. There's no update from the ETN team as well.
  7. Heya guys, So, I've sent updates before May 30th, that was before the ETN soft fork/network update. Since then, I haven't heard any news about ETN or seen any progress in terms of price. Some say that ETN is climbing back up to the Top 100 coins/tokens, which is true. But there was no significant progress with it as of today. Any comments about this for our ETN hodlers here?
  8. dmbadillo10

    Oras ng Paglalaro - Pros and Cons

    Sa strat na ginagawa ko ngayon, nagpapalit ako ng seed.
  9. dmbadillo10

    Hula ni Pedro at Maria

    Yea. Tago tago lang ng BTC. Tataas yan.
  10. dmbadillo10

    Keno 100x or 1000x ni Plinko

    Tingin ko Keno nalang ako. Malas ako sa Plinko eh.
  11. dmbadillo10

    Ano ang Pinaka paborito mong Alt coins?

    Tama. Kaso pag di mo naman minonitor, baka malagpasan mo yung pagtaas.
  12. dmbadillo10

    Oras ng Paglalaro - Pros and Cons

    Okaya naman set goals on a given timeframe. Halimbawa, 100k sa loob ng 30 minutes.
  13. dmbadillo10

    Bch maidadagdag na sa coinsph!

    Ah.. ShapeShift rin pala yung sa Stake. Now ko lang nalaman. Kelan ngayong June nila iapply yung BCH?
  14. dmbadillo10

    Trading Platform ng PH.

    Tama. Di mo makikita lahat ng coins/tokens sa CMC, lalo na yung mga di naman gumagalaw. Saka yung mga super bago.
  15. dmbadillo10

    Paano kung di mo kilala ang Bitcoin?

    Sangayon ako dito. Napakalaki talaga ng naitulong ng BTC sa buhay ko. :D