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  1. Yeah. Had the same issue as well. 😑 Well, we can just play auto without that feature. You just got to watch the play still. That's the disadvantage. 😂🤣✌🏽
  2. Woah. Didn't really know about this. Thanks for the info! 😊😊 Well, anyways, new Stake is a lot smoother than the old version. Imma keep playing on the new interface. 😂🤣✌🏽
  3. Well, Its always gets busted. 😂🤣 I usually just use it to practice some strategies. Not really playing it seriously. ✌🏽
  4. Change my mind. 🤣😂✌🏽 HILO kills me all the time. I'm still going for Dice. I have more chances of getting more profit out of it.
  5. Hahahaha. Same thing going on here. 🤣😂 When Im winning, im just thinking of withdrawing and playing it somewhere else. Most likely those who has wagering contest and stuff. Lol. ✌🏽
  6. Definitely. Stake grown and improved on all sorts of ways. From the interface, to the games it offers, the currencies available.. You guys know the changes and improvements. Name it. 😊 Nevertheless, the site has improved tremendously. At least from the time I registered, that's my own observation.
  7. Agreed. Seems like there's a lot of nonsense going on chat, just to be sprinkled by a little rain. The old ways of having fun on chat has been long gone, due to nonsense talk. It was very fun back those days, when Mods are around, trivias going on. Sometimes from players as well. But its not really just because of that, but mainly because people can have fun talking sensible and humorous matters on the chat room. Disabling rainbot should lessen the senseless acts. ✌🏽
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  9. It will never be a good idea to invest on ANY gambling sites or ANY gambling activity. Your money is automatically at risk if you do so. Suggestion that I can give? Invest that $1.5k on stocks and shares. Or maybe better, just use it for your needs instead of putting it at risk.
  10. Yes, definitely. I won on the regular giveaway for $5 and $10 worth of BTC. And also won the exclusive, worth $50 in BTC. Kinda lucky. Considering the number of participants. Thanks Stake!
  11. I would prefer betting small amounts, for chances of getting a high multiplier payout. It kinda feels more fulfilling when you hit a high payout with a small amount. Playing with high amount bets but small returns is not worth the risk, really.
  12. The only thing that would make Stake remove the rain bot is due to this abusive users. Those who spam the chat just to get a chance of rain. These people messes the chat room up. And us, won't really control not to mention them, and all the chaos starts from there. So as early as now, let's make sure we do not abuse anything that the website offers to its players.
  13. I agree with "Be Transparent without Shame". You know, being honest and open on chat is essential to gain respect from other users. And like wise, they gain your respect too. However, being "Transparent" has its ground. If it gets too much transparent, like talking about personal stuff, sharing all about things that you do, or maybe all the things about you.. Those can take place through PMs and the likes. I always consider one's privacy too.
  14. Hi-Lo would definitely be my best pick here. Though, I am used on playing Dice (since I am originally from PD), I find Hi-Lo to give me the most potential of gaining profit, on a low bank roll.