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  1. Nothing. Lol. Just kidding. You know Stake is always up to something for the users. 😉 Those you mentioned above would be cool. 🤟
  2. Usually, the system somehow plays us like that. When you bet like hell, it does not give you the hit. But when you're just goofing around with bets, that's the time it lets you hit the big multipliers. 😑 I experienced having some fun with 9900x on dice. 0 sats bet.. And guess what. It hit 9900x in less than 100 rolls. How fun was that experience. Lol. 😅😅😅
  3. I think a lot of players bust on a daily basis. Sadly. But hey, you just got to find a suitable game and a comfortable strategy for you. Try to find those for you to get to your rhythm. 😅👌 Good luck mate! 👌
  4. Its going to depend on how the player's strategy is. There is a purpose for that feature of the autobet. Some prefer the reverse martingale concept, and that's what tjat option is for. 🤙
  5. Nah. It shouldnt be added here. Gold aint cryptocurrency. Its not going to fit what this site is all about. So for me, its a NO. ❌❌❌
  6. No one will be able to quit this gambling world. You might be able to quit on a site, but probably end up on a different one. Once a gambler, always a gambler. Sad but true. 😅😅😅
  7. Yea. Your example is a good one. Lets say I started at 100k sats bankroll, and I somehow reached the 500k mark, it makes me think twice whether I'm going to play still, or withdraw. Unless I really had a higher goal at the first place. And when that feeling or "thinking twice" scenario happens, I withdraw. Coz having that feeling and then going on playing always makes me bust at the end, or withdraw lower than to where I was. ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽
  8. The possibility of that happening is not zero. Of course, if Libra makes a name for itself, just like BTC, ETH and others, then why not? The more coins we can choose to play with, the better.. I think. 😂😂😂😂😂
  9. I guess some of the people just stack their forum balance until they need it. I've done that on PD forum before. I withdrew like when I was at 400k forum sats. Well, its like putting coins on a piggy bank. That is if you will not itch to gamble. 😂😂😂
  10. 10x? 12 times in a row? Do you mean, 10 consecutive times, hitting green at 10x? 🤔 If yes, then that is insane. Well, my longest streak would be at 82.15% winning chance. I can hit like more than 10 greens on it. Lol. 😂😂😂✌🏽
  11. Most, not saying all.. Would be categorized at No. 4. Myself, not a really a poor guy, but just have enough to live day on day would be on No. 4. As I try to get some luck and win big from whatever that I have as my bank roll. Just one piece of advice for players that consider themselves at No. 4: Play, but do not gamble what you cannot afford to lose. Or you'll end up in the dumpster. Those No. 1's can surely bet as they please, as they have the money to burn. 👌💯
  12. If I had 0.1BTC or ETH, i would play it on Dice. I can go for a 100k base bet at 75% chance, and triple my bet on every loss. This is a tested and low risk strategy. Just make sure you step back a bit whenever you experience a very long green streak. You can reload, or just change sides whenever a long green streak comes in. 👌 Hope this helps you double. 💯💰
  13. This challenge would be a difficult one. Being said that the chances are kinda slim. But nevertheless, players would hit what they need to hit to win on this challenge. Like what the others said, the difficulty is what makes is a "challenge". 💯💯💯👌👌👌
  14. Nicely documented. 💯 Bank roll management is important if you want to lessen the chances of getting busted on an online or real life casino. I have experience this first hand and managing my money gives me success. 👌 In lined with this type of management, it will also need patience, as you are trying to keep your money in tact while you are gambling. There will be times that you will get greedy and get bored of small bets.
  15. I would still say BTC. Though DOGE is fun to play with, I still prefer playing BTC. It kinda makes me more serious of my gameplay, knowing the value of the coin that I am playing in. Playing DOGE or let's say XRP makes me complacent and reckless at time.