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  1. dmbadillo10

    Would it be a good idea to invest 1,500 in stake?

    It will never be a good idea to invest on ANY gambling sites or ANY gambling activity. Your money is automatically at risk if you do so. Suggestion that I can give? Invest that $1.5k on stocks and shares. Or maybe better, just use it for your needs instead of putting it at risk.
  2. dmbadillo10

    Have you won a giveaway on Stake's discord?

    Yes, definitely. I won on the regular giveaway for $5 and $10 worth of BTC. And also won the exclusive, worth $50 in BTC. Kinda lucky. Considering the number of participants. Thanks Stake!
  3. dmbadillo10

    Choose One when you bet on stake

    I would prefer betting small amounts, for chances of getting a high multiplier payout. It kinda feels more fulfilling when you hit a high payout with a small amount. Playing with high amount bets but small returns is not worth the risk, really.
  4. The only thing that would make Stake remove the rain bot is due to this abusive users. Those who spam the chat just to get a chance of rain. These people messes the chat room up. And us, won't really control not to mention them, and all the chaos starts from there. So as early as now, let's make sure we do not abuse anything that the website offers to its players.
  5. dmbadillo10

    Being open and transparent in chat

    I agree with "Be Transparent without Shame". You know, being honest and open on chat is essential to gain respect from other users. And like wise, they gain your respect too. However, being "Transparent" has its ground. If it gets too much transparent, like talking about personal stuff, sharing all about things that you do, or maybe all the things about you.. Those can take place through PMs and the likes. I always consider one's privacy too.
  6. dmbadillo10

    What Game Gives you more profit here?

    Hi-Lo would definitely be my best pick here. Though, I am used on playing Dice (since I am originally from PD), I find Hi-Lo to give me the most potential of gaining profit, on a low bank roll.
  7. Sometimes its luck plus hardwork. But the sad reality is, most, use bots to easily complete these challenges. Automated apps such as Dicebot, (for the dice game) and some other stuff others use is obviously making things easier. Sadly, this is uncontrollable.
  8. dmbadillo10

    Display bet and balance in USD

    USD value of cryptos changes constantly. I think its a great view just like what you mentioned, but on a developer's perspective, I think it is not really necessary, as we have bots that accepts conversion to USD command and vice versa.
  9. dmbadillo10

    Thoughts on the new forum colors?

    With Stake's theme, being always colorful and fancy, I say that the change was good. Not really necessary, but for the sake of looking good and living to the website's theme, this is a good implementation.
  10. This feature is fast and easy. Aside from the fact that the transactions are way faster versus doing it outside, the fees are not that high.
  11. Very wise of you to notice and do this on the games. 😉 However, your money is still at risk, since you've already placed them as bets. Better vault them up. 😊😅
  12. dmbadillo10

    [Closed] Stake Lottery! #1

    0.0001sats sent. Goodluck everyone! 😊
  13. Researching? Hmm. Not quite sure what to research on that. 🤔 All I know, and in my honest opinion, there's no such thing as lucky seeds. Lucky bets maybe, it comes whenever it comes on any game.
  14. There's no such thing as a "Lucky Seed". Or perhaps, that's just my personal opinion. For me, and as we all know, its just a set of randomized numbers. Its like its already set, what you will roll on your next bet, depending on multipliers you set too. If it happens that your seed has the right sequence in terms of the numbers on it, then you can say you're lucky. But if not, then, not lucky. Changing seeds or refreshing does not do anything. Reloading page doesn't rerandomize your current seed. Changing seeds just jumbles it over.
  15. dmbadillo10

    So, strategic or lucky?

    Well, personally.. I would be balanced on this. Strategy and luck works hand in hand on Gambling. Or on any games I should say. I usually play dice, so I need to choose a strategy that I would feel comfortable with, depending on how much bank roll I got during my session. When the session starts, I observe the rolls. BTW, I always do auto bet. So if I feel that the rolls are kinda rigging it off, meaning the reds are getting unreasonable,it means luck is not siding with me, thus, I stop. But if the rolls are good, getting a good ratio of greens to reds, then I finish a session til I get some profit. So technically, both strategy and luck plays a big role.