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  1. Ya man it hurts really bad lol
  2. Ya if you can find it that would be awesome!
  3. Ya man. Its def is difficult to discipline yourself. Something i just cant get around doing idk why
  4. Never won it. Im plat 3. Would really help. Im down 20k rn and it hurts lol. Need something asap
  5. Ya i had 740 something tickets last week. Nothing.
  6. Hey everyone. So i ran up 1k to 20k. Took my like 2 weeks but i did it. I like to think i played smart. Took out $200-500 profit out here and there and ofc had some big wins. The other day i lost it all in 1 hour. My question is what do you guys do or control yourselfs to stop playing after a certain amount. I always tell my self last deposit while im depositing but either i come out in profit or i have to lose it all. Suggestions would be great Im plat 3 btw if that matters so ive gambled a good amount.
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