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  1. i got 2 times crash at 0.99 and 1,x . never play chartbet again Imfao
  2. Probability of Chartbet

    thats amazing. if we forget to cashout and do something then back with 49000 x :))
  3. Some forum glitch

    give them time. stake will be perfect
  4. 25 card streak :-) and huge payout

    i saw someone hit more 4k x payout only 4 card A
  5. [ICO] FREE 20 Bitcoin Growth (NCL)

    i love free done ref
  6. OlegBarca's Stream #156!!!!!!! STAKE!!! Giveaways!!

    it was 0:00 Am . cant catch ur stream
  7. Some forum glitch

    Sometimes I get the same but it will reappear. So I do not bother too much
  8. 100k Forum Balance Jackpot

    good luck to us waiting for jackpot
  9. Eobot : legit cloud mining

    look great. first time hear. will try it
  10. Stake Stream number 8! Ez Money? Giveaways!

    dontbelate good luck
  11. Daily Motivation

    i love his voice. damn
  12. Warning Points

    haha we are baned from any giveaway on forum spammers i got 2 two
  13. Online Casino Vs Physical(real) Casino

    same. someday we cant sleep. just open pc and play haha its easier
  14. SashaKarpik Stream #2 STAKE Giveaways!!!

    dontbelate good luck