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  1. I accept, i can be username: joaopedro80064
  2. joaopedro80064 I like orange
  3. what time is eddie stream?
  4. joao3

    Reload bonus

    nice , congrats
  5. each question right is more $ and we can take the money or choose another one . we take or we take risk
  6. joaopedro80064 Red color xd
  7. joaopedro80064 Blue: Lucky Color eheh
  8. joaopedro80064 Lucky color: smaragdine
  9. joao3

    Satisfied with Hilo?

    hilo its so 50/50% or you lose all your money or you win all your money
  10. ok thanks for the info g apreciatte
  11. Is it back or he is just gonna create a new one?
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