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  1. Just colored my hair! IDK if no one cares HAHAHA ❤️
  2. I think u'll reach silver first than me.. But lezgooo! ❤️
  3. AkaliG ❤️ ❗️RED ❗️
  4. 1day, basically trying to win entire day I'm awake
  5. What song makes u feel this? Mine is Steve Aoki - Lie To Me feat. Ina Wroldsen (Blue Brains Steve Aoki Remix) [Ultra Music] https://youtu.be/dw4maYHYEK0
  6. Heyaa @StromShadowwe never meet at the same time idk why but, thank u for that! Wait for me to hit 1000x on plinko and u'll be on my list! See u in chat! Good luck
  7. So cooool, i'm gonna go back to my artist and let him color the one on my leg so mine can be cooler than yours 🤣
  8. Put another sticker on, take a pic and send it here 😂😂 Mineeee
  9. Show off your tattoos! Gonna show mine soon, u first! 😊
  10. Go do all the rituals to get lucky and play. 😆🤣😂
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