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  1. We have a node-cryptonote-pool mining Electroneum, and sometimes it even finds a block Smiley. However, due to many factors, most of which are obscure for me, it fails to submit it, fails with error like this: Code: Error submitting block at height 141295 from here-goes-wallet-address@, share type: "trusted" - {"code":-7,"message":"Block not accepted"} Sometimes it just does not have this block: Code: {"code":-7,"message":"Block not accepted"} The electroneumd (fork of monerod) shows error Code: Transaction not found in pool at the same time. We lose ~50% of mined blocks with such errors. The question is, what is the normal rate for such errors? Is 50% indeed normal and what we can do is just to give up and live with it, or there is a room for improvement?