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  1. Sefan

    We need faster dice speed

    ye it would be nice if you could bet super fast, would make it ideal to go for high multiplers, in less time, hope it can be added
  2. Sefan

    Blackjack tips which will help you to win!

    Do you prefere to play digital blackjack or real black jack?, it feels like the odds are better with a real deck of cards
  3. Sefan

    All or nothing?

    If you have the money you can go all in, but i prefer the safer method to max bet 10% of my balance, exertions are if my balance is below 10 usd
  4. Sefan

    My first 1000x on Stake! & My first Big Win!

    wow that's good luck, hope you hit more bets like that
  5. Sefan

    Don’t make this risky mistake!

    I always change game if i lose more than 5 times in a row, works realtive good
  6. i think i only tied or pushed like 20 times but i only have 700 blackjack bets and a win rate of 60 %
  7. Sefan

    Variable speed option for wheel: Suggestion

    sound like a cool idea, like if you could make it really slow pinning, it would make it more exciting
  8. Sefan

    The End.

    Aww tare you going to leave stake?, or you will still be around?, if not you will be missed, i mean who will help me kill all the evil pineapples now :(, but i'm happy for you either way, i sit in front of my computer almost 14 hours each day, but three times each week i go out for a run, usually 5 kilometers, then i walk home so my pulse will stabilize, so i move around 30 km each week and 15 of them are running, it really helps, you should give it a try
  9. Sefan

    Favourite exercises?

    I like to run 5 km 3 times each week, its good for my health, and cause i run outside, i get some fresh air that's well needed xD, i would never gym or train inside, its boring, and its more healthy to do it outside even if its .-10 Celsius i still run, its when it goes below that that it starts getting hard cause u sweat your self to death cause u have to much closets to keep warm, but if u have to little you freeze your ass off
  10. Sefan


    wow that's sweet, to bad Etherium is is so low it should be 400 ish i think, atm its almost dead
  11. Sefan

    Free b0ins! :D

    best of luck to everyone
  12. Sefan

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #13

    twitter @AlexanderAberg2
  13. It was no fun playing the refresh method though, as u could not cashout whenever u wanted but only at what u set it at
  14. Sefan

    [Prize Every Hour]

    name = Sefan