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  1. ever sience the hi&lo version 2 i havent hit anything above 60 x on hilo dont know why ;(
  2. Sefan

    2x betting formula

    If you have the balance you can martingale it, though i have seen losses of upwards of 30 bets on 2x in a row
  3. XD i only hunt for 2x on limbo as you hit it so often, and well i dont see the good with risking to go for a higer multiper
  4. are you sure its not possibel to get a higer multipler? also why on earth didnt you bet more xDD
  5. its easier to play manualy that way u dont have to risk getting a virus
  6. wow thats alot of losses, but its not uncomon, you can encouter loss streaks that are hundreds of bet long
  7. my best hit ever was a 1000x on plinko and my bet amount was 0.000124 btc so i won roughtly 0.12 but the profit on that bet was only 0.05 ish btc cause i lost alot before i finaly hit it
  8. i think that it will change quick. the blockchain of bch is so fucking slow some times, legit a few days ago it took 1 hour between each block for 2-3 hours then it went back to like 30 mins, while the u get 12 confirms in less than 10min
  9. if it its just an api change cant the api calls just be updated in the bot? and then it would work xD?
  10. ye i wouldnt either but thats cause i wouldnt trust them, and it might just as well become like the bitconeeeeeeeeeccct equvilant
  11. Sefan

    I finally hit it!

    wow i thought nobody had hit 1million multipler on limbo yet gratz, now i really want to try and hunt it lol
  12. where to get the hilo bot?, i never found where to download it
  13. Why dont you get telegram on you computer, and then you can see the message instantly,
  14. i would choose stake over my wife who wouldn't lol, but she dosnt know that
  15. Crypto has nothing to do with banks, and well if you hold it at the bank it would most likely be a pain in the ass to sell when ever you wanteed and cause crypto is volitile it is better to have full controll of your own crypto not let some bank handle it, as they would most likley use it to gain personal gains, and the customer would gain nothing