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  1. Sefan

    Road to 2 BTC

    Aint the easiest way to get to 2 bitcoin to buy 1 bitcoin then bet it on 2x dice?
  2. The only reason bat was so high was cause of the hype of it coming to coinbase xD, then it crashed like all coins that gets added to coin base a big spike then crash, that was what happens with bitcoin cash when it was added
  3. Sefan

    What Is Your Longest Loss Streak For a Specific Chance?

    my longest streak was roughly 8000 bets hunting for a 9800x
  4. mmm hello mistake, what about you and me go to my hotel room O_o,
  5. Sefan

    Do you trust the random tile picker?

    Why would you not trust it, as you can change it after picking random, and the name says it its random it can in no way choose bad numbers lol
  6. Sefan

    Giveaway [Everyone Is A Winner #4]

    username Sefan
  7. Sefan

    Faucet will be phased out ?

    guess so, though it would be impossibel to stop facuet farmers they always find a way
  8. almost all tokens are scams.... execpt bitconnect its totally legit go buy bitconnect while its cheep
  9. Sefan

    Very good rise ?

    i don't think btc will go above 7500 this year
  10. Sefan

    Faucet will be phased out ?

    i think that the faucet should goten removed when rain bot got added, or way before, as you nowdays can be 0 btc to test the games no need for a faucet
  11. Sefan

    Option to speed up plinko balls

    your a wizzard omg im scared
  12. Sefan

    Option to speed up plinko balls

    its probly someind of dark magic he uses
  13. Sefan

    Plinko 1000x

    na its not to rare if it was more common it would cause the house to lose money in the long term if it was more common