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  1. 10 mines and 8 gems i seem to hit often, but not enough for it to be worth the risk but maybe its worth to give it a try
  2. ye i feel the same, in the past i just had to go thrugh big losses before winning its really sad when it happens
  3. same happend today, i made 2k sats to 0.0034 ish then lost it cause i increased my base bet
  4. Sefan

    1000000.00x in 5 rolls

    wow i done over 80k bets on limbo i never seen anything above 100,000 ;(
  5. xDDDD ye may old stake rest in peace it will always be remembered in our hearts lol
  6. hell no i got some crazy wins on plinko but as i kept playing i ended up busting everything xD, but to be honest i don't believe that luck is a real thing, its just that we think that its lucky when its really in reality just random
  7. I usually play on primedice and stake at the same time but i have one of them in the background on auto usually prime-dice lol, i do it cause i can get more bets in in a smaller time span
  8. plinko is always fun, you can usually play a really long time before you end up going busted lol, and for the challanges, just leave it on auto it will hit whatever you need to hit at some point lol
  9. nice got me a small nice laugh thanks
  10. I done so many games on keno, i never hit 1000x on it i don't know why but it is like it is impossible, i have hit 710 and 800x several times but never anything above that, has anyone of you guys and girls hit anything above 800x on keno? if so please share the bet id mabey its that i pick bad numbers lol and thats why i dont hit it
  11. ye you should defently not led him money if hes using it to gamble, its like feeding his addiction, making it stronger
  12. Sefan

    Skills or Luck?

    Its really not luck or skill, but guess there is some skill involved, like knowing how the game works and such, but otherwise its really random, i dont quite get how to play it yet, hence why i most of the time play using the auto bet
  13. To be honest, the video poker and the Diamond poker is kinda getting boring, would be fun if there was like texas hold em or like multiplayer games where you could challange other players on stake,