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  1. Na litecoin is bad, like bitcoin, its started to become to slow when doing transactions :(, xrp is the way to go
  2. No i never bet all in, i at most bet 10-20% of my bank roll, its not worth it to risk everything that you have
  3. i would say that you should never all in, but instead if you wanna do large bets do like 5-10% of your balance
  4. when you play alot o plinko they come more often that you migt think lol
  5. high risk and 6 or 7 numbers
  6. i really try to set realistic goals, but even if i reach my goal i always end up never withdrawing, i don't know why, but when i got a lot of money to play with i just cant stop, i get to addicted, i mean i withdrawn 4 times from the site, and the first one was this year, over one year after i registered on stake ;(
  7. ye i feel the same, in the past i just had to go thrugh big losses before winning its really sad when it happens
  8. wow i done over 80k bets on limbo i never seen anything above 100,000 ;(
  9. nice got me a small nice laugh thanks
  10. Its really not luck or skill, but guess there is some skill involved, like knowing how the game works and such, but otherwise its really random, i dont quite get how to play it yet, hence why i most of the time play using the auto bet
  11. wow i never seen more than 5 kinds in one game of hilo, thought it was not possible
  12. Ther is no telling how many games i mean i tried to go for 4 kings or 4 aces for over 10,000 bets i didnt get it once, and i did all that manualy XD it was a pain in the ass, and if i had bet somthing it would all been wasted lol
  13. i always want to try to get high multiples, but i think that its not worth to go for them with low bet amounts, and well when i have average bet amount i never hit anything above 200x on hilo
  14. Is that your highest multiplier?, either way i never see more than 3 aces in row when playing my selfe xD, but did not a guy like hit 3million x on hilo?
  15. North corea, or china, both of them have an amazing culture and are beautiful in general
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