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  1. I highly doubt it as they are already plenty of other good stable coins there is no need for more of them
  2. i feel the same, but the odds never change as its random lol
  3. i personal hate keno now days, as they are so may other games with way better odds
  4. Sefan

    Strategy Limbo

    Ye on limbo anything below 2x is a waste of money and is to risky
  5. Just ignore the players that are triggering you thats what i did, chat is super clean, i have atm 450-500 players ignore atm
  6. I think that btc will top out at 10,000 dollar range, it wont go back to the over priced inflated 20k it once was lol
  7. Roger federer Serena williams England france
  8. It happens often for me, i deposit 100-300 usd and bust it before the race begins its really annoying lol, but i cant not play i have a balance
  9. I only use 2-4 of em, stake and prime dice are 2 of them, and when i play slots i play on another site
  10. its not smart to play keno, as you are very likely to lose xD, i hit 710x once, and after that i have done over 40k bets havent hit it, its a money sucker
  11. I would say none of them really, i only play cause i think that its fun, so i guess that i fall in the category committed, but some times it feels like im addicted when i cant stop playing after having won somthing
  12. I doubt they would add such a feature, and if you want to play auto hilo why don't you use a bot for it xD, there is already a good one, but if you know how to code why not code one your self
  13. there is no way that its rigged lol, i mean i have gotten 30 cards opens, some times i bust after just 2 cards its really random and how you play if you go high and risky or you play smart xD, and with the hilo bot i have been able to get huge multiples, my max i think is 32000x or something like that