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  1. Yea, they disable your withdrawals but will allow you to continue gambling, frustrating you as you wait for them to clear your account, in turn tilting you and you giving all your winnings back. Old Online Casino trick. You should self excluded your account until they clear up the problem, cause trust me, they are 100% monitoring your activity as you wait to withdraw.
  2. Unbelievable Support at Stake. They'll ignore your message/emails, blatently refuse to address your problem, or blame your device/wifi/VPN for everything. Thanks Stake. Absolutely 💯 the best
  3. Every bubble has to burst eventually. This must be a sign.
  4. The first day I ever gambled was my worst day. As it is for everyone who gambles.
  5. I don't save bet ID's for wins or losses, but next time I play, I'll be sure to post the screen shot of when I lose. You say you'd be surprised? Imagine how I feel after it happens over and over and over. You never see wins of long streaks like that, only losses. Red 🚩 there. I also once lost 30+ times in a row at 33% win chance. I'm not saying impossible, I'm saying it's quite strange how fast it occurs, as I recall only having autobet running 2 hours. So it took roughly 20k rolls for that to happen. But I digress.
  6. Here you go again. You talk a lot but you never make any statements that show YOUR understanding of the material that you assume everyone else does not. Your opinions aren't based on mathematics, they're based on your belief in the integrity of a business aimed at making profit at all costs. Watch this video and tell me how it's possible to lose 20+ consecutive times, literally every session of Dice at 50% win chance. The odds for losing 14 times in a row are once in every 32000 rolls...So do the math for 20 times...then test the theory yourself. Run autobet, 50k rolls. After you lose, come back and tell me how many rolls it took EDIT: What's interesting is the fact that the reverse NEVER occurs. I've never seen a massive win streak like 15+. If provably-fair was legit, then at 50% win chance, both occurrences of massive wins and loss streaks would happen equally over time.
  7. You don't need a mathematician to tell you it's rigged. Dice is worse. Ever lose 15+ times in a row on 50% win chance settings while switching from over to under after each loss? LOL That's like having two coins and both miraculously and simultaneously going on a 15+ losing streak at same time. The odds are incomprehensible, yet with this fake provably-fair system, it happens quite often. Like within 15-5000 rolls. Yet I still play it. Which Stake counts on. Go figure
  8. @dupeddonk every time someone calls foul, you are readily available to retort the contrary. Do you even read the OP's full post before starting your argument? If you work for Stake, just say so.
  9. You self exclude your account and don't look back.
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