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  1. This was the response I received from my affiliate in regards to my reload: “I am sorry but the Stake team has informed us that they have rejected the reload bonus on your account. Due to GDPR, they are not to disclose any further information to us but we only see the reload bonuses getting denied if terms was not followed or suspected bonus abuse. I am sorry for the inconvenience.” after I reached out to live support on Stake they told me that they couldn’t help and that this was handled by Stakes “Other Team”. I am getting no help whatsoever and the affiliate can’t help because this was stakes response. I know that this is only a measly $30 but that can easily be a big win. This is my first time on stake and I can definitely say that the customer support here is not very good and I’m very disappointed ☹️ How do I get this fixed???
  2. Someone said my MY NAME WAS MENTIONED!! Does anyone have the recording of what did make it on the stream today?
  3. Thanks everyone! Totally forgot about this post and was low key scared when I saw all of the notifications lol thought I was about to walk into a bunch of “Tips” lol it was a good birthday peeps!
  4. @LogHey I just signed up! Do you have a affiliate code I can use or do you know anyone who does?
  5. Thanks @lordsgcbut what about any affiliated promo codes?
  6. Hey Stakers! Thought I’d give this a try today! I’m new here…is there any bonus codes I can use for my birthday today? Just curious…I do have crypto so this is not an attempt at begging lol just figured I’d ask the forum for any bonus codes before I make my first deposit! cheers,
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