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  1. I love your idea , what i know, what all we know Stake take care about there costumer's, have best Vip program always online to help, see how fast is growing this community i think we can get nice surprise ende of this year from Stake โค๏ธ
  2. Damn i am try to hit one 5 days on row i have more than 16k drops max i get is 4 times 126x Do u change the seeds or is better to keep it until hit 1000x?
  3. Yeah they refund me and is against the policy of company's CEX transfer on gambling sites
  4. I use CEX (dot) IO to buy and transfer crypto on Stake, yesterday i bought XPR for first time and try to deposit on Stake, has been 24 hours my money are pending on site for no reason, i have write to support of site i didnt get yet any answer. Did this happend to any buddy here? Is say in : Ledger Payment verification Your payment is under compliance review. We will email you if any details are required.
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