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  2. Hello! In a statement on Sunday morning, the club said: "The Board feels recent performances strongly indicate a negative trend at a time when team cohesion should be visibly improving." "The Hornets will always be grateful to Xisco for the part he played in securing last season's promotion and wish him well for his future career in football. Looks like Claudio Ranieri odds on favourite to replace! But the market's are notoriously all over the place...(but would they sack someone mid-season without a replacement?) @Mods: Can we get next manager odds on Sportsbook? @All: Who will replace and what do you think of this? My opinion - They are ruthless with managers historically - anyone inbound should understand what to expect. Flintie
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    They have very bad AML & KYC. That is why they are being regulated against in the UK. Certain banks are blocking all transactions due to this.
  5. Fast input & output. Plus Watford FC parternship is awesome.
  6. In another post you said that you went to Support, and they said wait. Standard FAQ has this: Make sure that your email is verified. If you still haven't done that, you may do it now, under Account>Settings>General. Go to Account>Wallet>Withdraw Choose the coin you want to withdraw Enter the destination address (the address to which you want to receive your funds) Input the desired amount you want to cash out *(if 2fa is active) Input currently valid 2fa code *In case you signed up via Gmail, Facebook, or Twitch: you will need to re-enter your login data by clicking on the "Re-verify with Google/Facebook/Twitch", depending on which platform you used. Summary: Wait for Support to get back to you
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    Withdrawal problem

    What is the error message?
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    Withdrawal problem

    Use LIVE support
  9. getting better. this works good on mobile
  10. There are a lot of 0.19 bets when the rules say .20+
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    Hello welcome
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