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  1. I have been spinning that one for like 20h now, still max 127x. Will post if i hit 150 before deadline.
  2. Support on stake is so fast, can't even compare with most sites i have been on.
  3. blackarma

    XRP investing

    While i find XRP and their protocol really promising and having real life usages, but right now i think there's way more coins where you could invest that have short-term growth potential. It all depends if it's long game or short for you.
  4. Ouch, but generally I have observed it's 20%/80% of winning bets vs loosing bets on my end.
  5. 99% of the time i get really good experience (PlayNGo lags most for me for some reason), but on days with Bonus weekly/monthly it gets quite bad for couple hours in the evening. But I do believe that Stake is scaling up and this is not a big problem overall.
  6. Good job! Hopefully more than you put in (usually not the case)
  7. At least type something that can be looked at or reasoned for...
  8. I mean it's Dusan most of the time Since hes loyal and we loyal back!
  9. Since not doing any bets anymore on e-sports i rarely watch something, but if i do it's usually majors/internationals (CSGO/Dota).
  10. I got like 4 of them during first 25,000 drops, but then decided to change seed and it's completely dry now for 50k
  11. Personally i just love all series of Call Of Duty, FarCry, Just Cause and Need For Speed. All in single person campaign only, it's so relaxing to do it alone and immerse into story lines (NFS not so much, but music and driving is cool)
  12. There are quite few can't really single one out. But if I had to pick one it would be A Night at the Roxbury
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