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  1. Now, this is really nc... bad for me I always end up in Zero. . I'm not really good bettor.
  2. I really don't like Plinko ever since it was open here in Stake. Even my friend tried it for how many times, but only experienced 2 times to get 1000x.
  3. Yep.. .better to be tied up than losing your bet.
  4. diamond poker, blackjack but somehow Baccarat can a bit more fun.. my friend keeps on wining with minimum stake only. I don't know when I play it, keep on losing. Lol I wish I did screenshot, but I didn't know that it will reach up to 700x. Did you report this already in the support? I will try blackjack now. but needs to search on how to win and tactics too. Most of the member don't know baccarat but this one is very easy. If you will learn it, for sure you will be having some fun in this game. Most of Asians do know this and it is popular to us.
  5. Me too about the Mines. Sometimes I almost wanna punch my monitor if I already have 7 gems then instantly a bomb suddenly show up. .. . that feeling., darnit. Lol
  6. Dice (sphere) somehow I am fine with, but I really don't like diamond poker as of now. Then which one do you prefer to play only? Keno seems more easier, what you need to do is to guess what number will be pick or it was almost looks like a bingo game. Baccarat is a game that what we called Lucky9. It is a card game and it is easy to learn this game too. But this game, I prefer to play it together with other player not virtual game. Thanks,. I'm totally agree with you. We almost had the same taste regarding with the games here in Stake. So the most popular really does Dice games and Mines.
  7. It is what we call to gamble anyway.. so if you win that bet too, for sure you will be happy too. btw, does this mean that you will not going to bet huge amount anymore?
  8. I am new to Stake.com and I was really amazed if the simplicity of this website. We've been the office and most of the time with my 8 hours on duty. I always open Stake.com here in the our office. @chabzter and @lloydrocks07 too.. We've been enjoying to spend most of our time playing here.. And so far @chabzter is the best among us. Lol
  9. That was great and we also do looking forward to try the Wheels game. But this is Baccarat category.
  10. Almost.. but since it is base on a card game they still going to include them. Maybe because the count of the total cards and how many deals they will do on each shuffle I assumed.
  11. Its not that the K Q J has no value.. They are count as 10 as I know. So, lets say your opponent has 4 + 5 = 9 and your card was 10 + 9 = 19 is counted as 9 only. meaning both of you were draw.
  12. What is the game that you don't play very often? We already know that Dice and Mines games will the most popular once. But what would be the less played game here in Stake? For me, that would be Diamond Poker, Plinko and Keno. Reason is that, I don't feel playing these two. Other games would be fine. Following Games that currently available: Diamond Poker Mines Roulette Blackjack Plinko Hilo Dice (sphere) Dice (original) Keno Baccarat Wheel