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  1. username : ralle14 found the channel from bitcointalk
  2. DICE: 4,035,811,968 placed by ralle14 on 28/03/2019 Wagered 0.00006000 Multiplier 5.199580192565918x Profit 0.00025197
  3. DT members from bitcointalk I know at least one of them plays at stake.
  4. I like the change but tbh any color for losing bets won't mislead me as long as there's the (-) beside the number.
  5. buy gift cards, altcoins and hold it for a year then sell
  6. blackjack and dice because i have the most losses on those two
  7. I've played on at least 10 gambling sites
  8. Currently watching the NBA (Pacers vs Clippers).
  9. No one is winning here including me.