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  1. It would be nice, but is a provably fair system possible with poker? Each player would provide its seed?
  2. Feels like the wrong forum section for this
  3. Pragmatic already has some promotions that Stake participates in so maybe that's why there isn't any of them hosted by stake. I for one would enjoy it though, as most of my betting is done on live games
  4. Personally, I only bet on sports I follow and really know about. Are you knowledgeable in any of them? Or are you trying to follow some analysis and just follow it?
  5. High amounts on really high odds sport bet as they give x3 towards VIP progression. Feels to me like the upset is less likely than the 2% on dice like LeBulius mentioned
  6. Mines and live BJ Never been a slot fan
  7. Congrats! Make sure to withdraw
  8. Twitch is better, unfortunate that Eddie can't use it.
  9. Gamerz12345


    You can click on the different boxes at the bottom of plinko and it will tell you the probability.
  10. I've been doing 3 mines and cash out at 4 gems. It's not bad but when you get a streak of bombs it really drags you back. It happens more often than you'd think
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