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  1. 1-KaLo42 2-Due to my job, I spend all day in front of the computer and spend 8-9 hours,this time will increase with the arrival of Turkish chat. 3-To ensure that the users maintain their balance in the chat environment properly and to be fair to the users in the chat environment. 4-I met with STAKE thanks to a friend of mine , I have been using it actively on gambling sites and forum sites for 5 years. 5-I am a person who follows the rules and I have never been punished. 6-If I wanted to be a moderator on other sites, I was not given a chance,frankly, I wish I could have been given a chance. Due to my job, all of my days are spent in front of the computer and phone, and other sites did not give me this chance, they can be sure that I will do my job in a completely fair manner.Best regards…
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