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  1. I would suggest that when you rack up a nice amount send that to your wallet, pay off the credit card, but leave a nice amount in there to play for fun!
  2. I like to play, medium risk, with 16 rows, make sure that what you are betting and your balance is 400 to 1.
  3. Plinko is nice! You can play for hours!
  4. What are your thoughts on BTC returning to its all time high? Should I use BTC on this plantform?
  5. I have seen people talking about the "rain" what is it, how does it work and how do I get it?
  6. My favorite Thai dish is the padthai. What are your personal faves?
  7. I was wondering what is the best crypto to use, I am now using XRP because it is very cheap to move from my wallet to the stake.com. However when you are being paid is it better to use other crypto? What is your experience? Tips are welcome! Happy betting folks!
  8. Here in Mexico it is kind of strange. We celebrate Halloween but mixed with dia de los muertos kind of things.
  9. I want to play long hours of fun, but with minimal loses. What game do you suggest?
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