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  1. Waldo


    What is it that you lose as being a mod? The only thing I can think about is the community's opinion about you, as a whole, and also individually. There is no affect from the result of an indiscretion by a mod. So if a situation comes up where it is unclear whether a violation actually took place, what really is the right move? In a business sense and ethically it should be to show this community member; who's been here since day 1, who regularly deposits, who is not known for violating any rules that this place actually values her as a community member and customer. It's not about 24 hour mute at this point. She even said, "life's not fair." Well if Stake is satisfied with that and they can sweep it under the rug .....Then maybe they should change their motto from "Play Smarter" to ........Stake! Life's Not Fair!
  2. Waldo


    bmg does deserve every word that I am saying. She is my friend, and wrongfully muted. That's the argument anyway. However, I am not defending her because she is my friend. I am voicing my opinion because that is what forum is all about. I strongly believe this to be true so here I am. This may be minor to some people but I see it differently. This is the last message I will post about this, so don't worry. I will suggest, if not deeply analyzed between Support, Admin, Owner or whoever.....at the very least, it should be addressed. I mean no disrespect to you hui. I like you, you are good for Stake and I mean that. I am sorry if I have come across as rude.
  3. Waldo


    Keep in mind, that she made 50 messages over a 3 hour and 15 minute period. That's around 15 messages only per hour. In my opinion, that is not rambling on. There isn't even one message in there that can be said to be begging. I see a person venting their frustrations on chat, like many of us do. Me included....Cause if we can't vent our frustrations about the place we got those frustrations, who will we vent our frustrations to that will understand and sympathize? Basically, I don't see anything in these messages that warrants the 24 mute. Which is the reason why I am voicing my opinion about it. Hoff got muted for 200 hours? For less you say? Hoff get's muted pretty much weekly from all of the chatrooms that I have seen him in. It is habitual with him. It is not habitual with bmg. And I think it's that sort of discretion that needs to be taken into consideration.
  4. Waldo


    Here goes.....I think bmg's 24 mute was excessive. I don't believe it called for any mute. I think the one who muted her misunderstood the situation and the ultimately went in defensive mode. I made a comment or two to this mod but that's not going to help this situation. This place is more than just a gambling website for a lot of us. It really is a community. And when you're banned from the community it can be a shitty feeling. If you were banned for the wrong reason, you need to address it. If no one will listen to you bmg....You go to the man in charge. (No not God, what the fuck is he gonna do?) You go to Eddie. Only if you feel that wrongfully muted. If you did what the mod muted you for than take your 24 hours and see you tomorrow. But as a member of this community and your friend, bmg, I've never known you to be a beggar. You are generous and kind and warm hearted. And when you go to argue your side, make sure you're well prepared with all of the facts.
  5. Wait.....what kind of challenge is this? How much do I get? Just kidding, I submitted my opinion. Waldo
  6. Waldo

    I tried...

    LOOPOO, he wasn't lying. Plus I have a feeling you will recover.
  7. Hi Shinjo where should I leave my Stake username? Right here? It's Waldo
  8. I would Parlay 6 games on Sunday for NFL. Although college football is better for betting. I'm going big or going home.
  9. I think I have only hit 1000x on Plinko once. And it was a long time ago. Thanks Dan! I blame you!
  10. The most I've ever won is from 1k sats to 1mil sats. But sadly and quickly lost it all back....but 250k doge is significant.
  11. Not only giveaways, but rains too....I think they should be less frequent so the giveaway is more significant. I think that is a good way to maximize participation.... Make the giveaway large enough that the people of the community set a reminder to be there.