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  1. I'm excited about this. I know it as a parlay. I used to place sports bets all the time with huge payouts as a parlay bet. Also known as multi.
  2. I don't know how to post bets in forum. Fuck it....
  3. Thank you Kate. You're so polite and considerate. There is no way I could ever be offended by you. Even if your opinion is contradictory to mine.
  4. I know Stim in real life. We live in the same town. Stim is actually a good hearted person. I think most people misunderstand him. But that is irrelevant. Your opinion is just that. It's not right, it's not wrong. To not even consider giving him a second chance, even after Stim apologized to Dan, is unfair.
  5. Well....before the unfavorable line is drawn in the sand let me just say the post I made should not be focused around the closing of my post nor my encounters with Dan. Think of those things as a way for me to subtly set the tone and reply to my own forum topic with my experiences. Yes I was bummed the topic got closed, but that's not my focus. I want my posts to be different and relevant. I thought it was a clever way to present my topic. Topics don't always need to be light-hearted. This one will argue something that I want to know for myself. I truly want the communities opinion on this. Faris. I am not factoring in Stim's personal character when arguing. In my opinion, I believe Stim is good for forum, and having forum is good for Stim. It was kind of a sneaky way for me to reply to my own topic as stim without it looking like that's what I did. But I do think he deserves another chance. I understand this topic is controversial. But to me it is super relevant, and am not saying anything I believe to be insulting. It deals with a situation that I would hope doesn't happen to others.
  6. Oh yeah.....And why haven't you unbanned Stimubate yet Dan? He is good for Stake and good for forum. He had the most people join his gary group and you took that away from him. He took the time to make anybody who wanted one, their own personal Gary. I was surprised on how many he actually made, and refuse to give a 2nd chance. It's instances like this that make me question your lack of compassion.
  7. Due to the unnecessary closing of my only forum post (which became a hot topic an hour after it was posted) I have decided not to offer any more contributions to Stake Forum after this. My post in no way interfered with the 2018 Stake Awards. It was nice for me to go on forum to see so many people responding. It's been a while since I've experienced that sort of gratification. So to find Dan locked my topic without reason I felt discouraged. I believe it was locked because of the hostility between Dan and myself stemming from our first encounter. It was obvious how Dan felt about a "noobody" (noob and nobody) like myself. I wasn't just going to let it go, but what could I do? Well this is all I got. I am not insulting Dan in anyway. I believe this post is well within the rules of Stake Forum. To block this post or ban me from forum would validate my opiniond of Dan. So the purpose of my post today is not to attack Dan, but to let us and especially me know your encounters with Dan. Good or Bad. I know he is a popular guy. A lot of people here like him as a person....But is he good for business here at Stake? If his lack of care attitude or condescending tone with me is the same with all current or potential Stakers, it most likely would be a deterrent to join. Oh yeah....I doubt this post will remain for very long. But I'm being objective about it. I could just be over sensitive.
  8. Waldo


    Making good trivia questions can be difficult. It seems if you are using a computer you are at a clear advantage over someone using a phone. So in order to make it fair for everyone, I think asking a question that doesn't have a definitive answer gives everyone a chance to win. For example, Who is the most attractive Mod? It's not "Googleable" and the one asking the question will have hopefully selected the answer that only he/she knows. The problems with this is possible spamming of answers and possibility of skem trivia. (If a certain person knows your answer)
  9. I must say that any Mod that puts up with me and doesn't ban me has my vote. Every single Mod here deserves to be recognized. I think they are what sets Stake apart from the rest. I only found 1 response to this post I disagree with. blxn....you are so smart, but Dan?!? Really?!?!?
  10. I usually bet 1000 sats x 1000 multiplier. I always choose low. So if I hit 0.10 or lower I win 0.01 btc.
  11. Nominate your favorite Moderator for "Mod of the Year." Tell us (and them) why you believe the Mod you've chosen is the best. You can take this serious or have fun with it. Give your best impersonation. Or just list their name to vote for Stake.com's #1 Mod! Votes will be tallied at the end to determine the winner!
  12. I've got a birthday this year. Last time I checked it was on Nov. 4th. I have submitted my birth certificate and drivers license plus provided 3 references regarding this matter.