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  1. I think I have only hit 1000x on Plinko once. And it was a long time ago. Thanks Dan! I blame you!
  2. The most I've ever won is from 1k sats to 1mil sats. But sadly and quickly lost it all back....but 250k doge is significant.
  3. Not only giveaways, but rains too....I think they should be less frequent so the giveaway is more significant. I think that is a good way to maximize participation.... Make the giveaway large enough that the people of the community set a reminder to be there.
  4. Trolls live for thousands of years. 20 years isn't shit.... Michelle! Not appropriate picture. Plus you cheated and didn't use FaceApp.
  5. I'm excited about this. I know it as a parlay. I used to place sports bets all the time with huge payouts as a parlay bet. Also known as multi.
  6. I don't know how to post bets in forum. Fuck it....
  7. Thank you Kate. You're so polite and considerate. There is no way I could ever be offended by you. Even if your opinion is contradictory to mine.
  8. I know Stim in real life. We live in the same town. Stim is actually a good hearted person. I think most people misunderstand him. But that is irrelevant. Your opinion is just that. It's not right, it's not wrong. To not even consider giving him a second chance, even after Stim apologized to Dan, is unfair.