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  1. Its a bit too simple and there some absence of informations like where is your stop loss and what Moving Average do you use, a MA 8 or 20 ? Trading is not so simple and pretty risky for beginners even with a simple strategy like this .
  2. cryptosfr

    Esport competition / Gaming Events on Twitch .

    Overwatch World Cup 2018 | Paris Group Stage www.twitch.tv/playoverwatch
  3. cryptosfr

    Another Japan exchange got hacked

    you cant stake on exchange ...its always risky , sadly . I cant wait decentralised exchange and wish hacker leave us for ever ....
  4. cryptosfr

    Will Amazon Create Their Own Cryptocurrency?

    I dont think amazone need a decentralised money they already have a secure payment systyem with Twitch bits. But maybe they gonna create a crypto actif like ripple did ... and we could invest more in amazone ^^ they arent rich enough ^^
  5. Hey, good luck with mine and roulette ^^!
  6. HILO: 809,260,384 placed by punf on 17/09/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 18.5966x Profit 0.00001760
  7. cryptosfr

    Esport competition / Gaming Events on Twitch .

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive FACEIT London Major www.twitch.tv/faceittv
  8. Keno:736,798,255 placed by punf Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 22.50x Profit: 0.00002150
  9. cryptosfr

    Esport competition / Gaming Events on Twitch .

    streamed events on twitch or youtube. feel free to share links ^^ EPT Barcelona Main Event www.twitch.tv/pokerstars
  10. good luck rainbow sheep
  11. cryptosfr

    Esport competition / Gaming Events on Twitch .

    Fornite SumerSkirmish x Twitch Rivals www.twitch.tv/fortnite League of Legends Championship Series www.twitch.tv/riotgames
  12. cryptosfr

    These Guys are Baaaaaad.

    Thanks for sharing , i like podcast too , and podcast about crypto is nice , ty
  13. I really like Esport and i want to share it with Stake community , so i decided to create this topic where everyone can post links about Esport competition actually running . I follow a lot of different Esport competition but not all ( like CS.GO and Rainbow6 for example) so feel free to share us . We also can post about gaming events like Charity Marathon or gaming conference too . So lets start : The international Dota2 Main event (20/08 -25/08 ) www.twitch.tv/dota2ti Gamescom Cologne (GER) (21/08-25/08) www.gamescom.global Blizzard at gamescom (22/08) www.twitch.tv/blizzard
  14. Happy birthday , wish you good luck . Thanks for this giveaways, congrats all winners !
  15. cryptosfr

    Best way to record overwatch

    For streamin OBS is a good software , you can use Xsplit too but its not free contrary to OBS. For video making i use Action! software , quality is better than with OBS in my opinion . I also have a I5 processor and its not really the best for video encoding, than what cause you some fps drop maybe . Encoding use a lot of CPU , overwtach too ....