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  1. cryptosfr

    Esport competition / Gaming Events on Twitch .

    Great Esport week end !!! League of Legends Worlds Countdown: Grand Final With a great opening ceremony !!! www.twitch.tv/riotgames Starcraft WCS final !!! www.twitch.tv/starcraft Overwtach Worlds final !!! www.twitch.tv/overwatchleague Heroes of ths Storm HGC Finals !!! www.twitch.tv/blizzheroes Hearthstone Global Games Finals !!! www.twitch.tv/playhearthstone BlizzCon event !!! www.twitch.tv/team/blizzcon Have fun all!
  2. 2-3hours per week, not every week. i dont play a lot but its always a pleassur even if i loose a little ^^
  3. cryptosfr

    Online or real life casino?

    Personnaly i prefer online casino . Im really bad on real life poker for exemple cause i cant hide my tales or see others . So i prefer online poker , i win more with online casino ^^ and i can do multy table poker like playing 5 or 6 poker table in the same time, something impossible in real life casino .
  4. cryptosfr

    [Closed] Forum Contributors Giveaway #1

    stake : punf twitter : @cryptosfr
  5. cryptosfr

    1 ETH to 22 ETH in 30 seconds

    he's lucky congrats . 1 ETH to 22 in 30 seconds is awesome. i wish to do same but i think im too fearful or maybe i love too much my coins so i dont want to risk them ^^
  6. cryptosfr

    MultiPlayer Arena Bitcoin Game

    Its interesting , i gonna try it cause i like gaming and bitcoin games so i could test this site by myself. more feedback later ^^ Next step is a battle royal bitcoin game ^^ and all satoshi reward goes to Top 1 ^^
  7. my first reaction will be to wake up myself .... cause btc cant suddenly touch the moon . Its a nice dream but the moon is far away and not easy to touch, not suddenly ! Its gona take month for recovering last all time high ... Its a nice dream ^^
  8. cryptosfr

    From poor to rich to suicidal.

    no need to suicidal for this , you just have to learn more , find some solution and next time you will not burst . You made it once so you can do it again, just keep faith and play more secure next time, wish you good luck ^^
  9. cryptosfr

    Google reverses its ban on crypto ads

    google ICO ban was a good thing, lots of ICO are scams and easy trap for newcomers. Now thanks to KYC and AML exchange can proove their transparency against fraud or money laundering . So exchanges made efforts and its a good things for all, googles ads will brings more customers in fair service . all good
  10. As i use primedice until 2014 so i think i will use primedice and stake in the next 5 years , or more ^^ . Because they are both legit and fair its really important for me. Stake community and support is also really kinde and helpful too so its really a pleasure to play here ^^ good job stake !
  11. cryptosfr

    BTC Price prediction

    i dont think bitcoin gonna range between $6000 and $7000 during 3 month maybe during few more weeks but not longer in my opinion. Actual range is really interesting ($6100 support and 6500 resistance ) and we gonna see where bitcoin goes once these key level break ( with volumes of course). Personnaly i just wait and see , waitting better confirmation
  12. cryptosfr

    Sandwich mines technique.

    That is a nice pattern for mines, very tasty and x40 is a really tasty winning too, thanks for sharing it . good luck to you, wish you more sandwichs ^^
  13. cryptosfr

    SIMPLE crypto trading strategy but Powerful

    Its a bit too simple and there some absence of informations like where is your stop loss and what Moving Average do you use, a MA 8 or 20 ? Trading is not so simple and pretty risky for beginners even with a simple strategy like this .
  14. cryptosfr

    Esport competition / Gaming Events on Twitch .

    Overwatch World Cup 2018 | Paris Group Stage www.twitch.tv/playoverwatch
  15. cryptosfr

    Another Japan exchange got hacked

    you cant stake on exchange ...its always risky , sadly . I cant wait decentralised exchange and wish hacker leave us for ever ....