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  1. @bigspooncy give me monies and i'll hate you less
  2. @bigspooncy gimmie monies
  3. Roulette:291,300,742 placed by Spooncy Wagered: 0.00016000 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.00560000 Roulette:291,303,210 placed by Spooncy Wagered: 0.00032000 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.01120000
  4. Mines:283,875,261 placed by Spooncy Wagered: 0.00004000 Payout: 208.72x Profit: 0.00830900
  5. Spooncy

    Hello all

    you seem familiar in some sebstances.
  6. stimmy, did you desin these? make a rick n morty abd southpark one!
  7. xcoins, idk how legit they are because i retracted all my paypal purchases
  8. who designs all these? i wanna learn lol
  9. contemplating sleep but thats not what we do....