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  1. wow nice reserch best bro u are sotalent and nice english
  2. Mines:656,708,549 placed by anonnep Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 1077.61x Profit: 0.00107661
  3. anonnep

    🏆 [TIER] Smash the Cake | HiLo Challenge!

    Hilo:654,077,828 placed by anonnep Wagered: 0.00017354 Payout: 1.86x Profit: 0.00014907
  4. As we know that plinko is one of most popular game in stake and many people want to hit highest of payout As i saw many people are struggling i did some deep research for 3-5 days and i came to a conclusion that there is a easy way to hit x1000 in plinko As today i am going to revel some secret Thanks to @stimubate for his help @badger @77kdub @chrisconn63 @christy @Spooncy @VINSIN @veleten @Neverever @nadiya14 @zuxel @Etude @Lillyflow @KinAniK @Katarina @blueprints @Bojana
  5. anonnep

    No target - bust.

    correct best bro
  6. anonnep

    Streaming BTC Giveaways - Ideas?

    A giveaway for your loyal players who stayed for richer or for poorer or A player that bring a lot of gambler or a player that gives extra contributions to the site etc etc... ps = @xhauna i like this idea
  7. anonnep

    Happy birthday stake :)

    time run so fast like usain blot
  8. anonnep

    Edward's Stream Giveaway Thread

  9. ohh .:) what shall i do ?
  10. just sharing info to stake player ..who know stake player make win this contest