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  1. Thats nice and all, but there's no such thing as a "safe" dice strategy, period. No matter what strategy you use, the longer you play the more likely of it failing on you. In the long run, all strategies will be EV negative.
  2. This would be great, however there is no viable way to verify its actually someones birthday unless you check their ID which is a big thing that crypto casinos try to avoid having to do. Good idea, but just isn't practical here.
  3. Stars are for recent wager only - If you look at my wager, I have more than just about everyone here but I don't have any stars. Im definitely a VIP though - Back when I got VIP however, it required 25-50BTC wagered total. Not sure what it is now.
  4. blockbet Happy New Year!
  5. Thx for always supporting the Stake community DB
  6. Absolutely not. You should never buy insurance in Blackack. If you actually count the number of times it would save you in a normal session, its far less than what you would save from spending money on every single Ace up that the dealer has. Plain and simple, never buy insurance. Its a gimmick for new BJ players so that house can make a little extra money.
  7. TBH it did for a little while starting around June/July of this year, but I always end up going back to PD. I dunno, I'm more into dice than anything else and PD seems to have the best all around setup for this. I would have probably played more at Stake recently if Plinko and Keno stopped paying out despite me wagering/playing the same as I always have. Its a shame, given that I've wagered around 100BTC and 2000 ETH in the past 5 months.
  8. Have you already got the results? Im going to guess that it stops at 1.65x
  9. I actually just did this exact same thing for the mines challenge and blew through 2x the amount of wagering required to hit for most people before I realized. Unfortunately, I din't hit like you did All that happened for me was a little extra loss. Oh well, you live and you learn. Lesson here i to always check to make sure which is mines and which is gems!
  10. Wait so what? Are you affiliated with LG or something? Im kinda confused as there is nothing on the site that says anything about this. Is it something you had authorization to do here or something like that?