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  1. They removed bacarrat from race wagers bc everyone was just cheating with it. It was essentially a way to manipulate wager with minimal risk. If you're betting on both sides for baccarat, then clearly you aren't playing to play but to try and get higher on the race charts.
  2. I feel as though the maker of the challenge meant to say 10x the amount you bet, meaning 10x payout minimum. It makes a lot more sense.
  3. Cool story. Unfortunately Stake likes to pay me a few hundred sats per post here which just isnt worth it to me. I seem to make a lot more over at stake.
  4. The VIP ones are worth it as long as you get lucky. I do them every week and i usually make no less than 0.005BTC on here as well as on PD. Last week I won 2nd place on the Christmas one for 0.05BTC. So yeah, they are worth it. I wouldnt bust my whole balance trying to hit one of them, but ive never even come close to doing so from a VIP challenge.
  5. DICE: 14,090,112,526 placed by blockbet on 07/01/2020 Wagered 0.00600000 Multiplier 111.23600006103516x Profit 0.66141573
  6. I feel you - it feels like its getting more and more difficult to win larger amounts here. Luckily, Im still hitting stuff here and there but I'm not playing the way I used to. Might be there year I throw in the towel too, we shall see.
  7. Only thing with the variant keno games is that I think the edge actually goes up on a lot of them and your odds either stay the same or get worse. Im not too much of a fan of variant games unless they are very unique and not just another way to take my money blindly.
  8. I personally hate diamond poker. Not only do i find the actual game pretty boring an primitive, but I ALWAYS lose to the dealer guaranteed. Lastly, I really dont understand how the points/profit works for diamond poker, its very strange in its payouts. Bacarrat I've been playing for many years, so its very familiar to me and there is strategy that goes into playing it. I think one thing they need to add into bacarrat is a way you can "bend" the cards like you can in real life and flip it over and slow or as fast as you'd like to. Some bacarrat players are very superstitious with how they view their cards.
  9. This type of stuff happens to me all the time too - It gets very frustrating and annoying when it does, as its like someone just turns off winning completely when I get into these phases of gambling. When I hit, its usually pretty big but when I dont its usually pretty dry all around.
  10. TBH I don't see a problem with this. Obtaining the lowest level of Bronze is pretty easy, and it shows you're at least actually playing at the site. I do feel like all the good random prizes usually end up being won by people that I've never seen or heard before on the site.
  11. I feel as though I get paid a lot more over at PD forums than here for the same amount/weight of content. Seems like I get half the amount that I do there for the same amount of content. Maybe it's because my PD forum account has been well established and this one I really havent used or something like that? Ive considered collecting credits I get at the forums over a longer period of time, however I end up just exchanging them to BTC in case something happens to the forum or reward program.
  12. Yes you should be able to do this within Google Sheets - I will see if i can help with this here when I have a little free time. I def think there needs to be some better way of viewing your roll history. The JSON download is nice and all, but its just raw data which needs to be converted like you said. Even then, its got a lot of data points that are unnecessary and its missing some really important ones such as the front end bet ID. instead it shows the "real" ID of the bet, however we cant really do anything with this. Anyhow, ill see what I can do to help with getting the APi to fill data points within Google Sheets.
  13. I think it just need to be fixed so that the functionality is predictable when used. Messing with funds numbers whether for a good reason or not just makes people feel uncomfortable and reduces trust with the company imo. This and the stats on the site I feel need to just work and show accurate results.