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  1. Left a review Stake username: blockbet Trustpilot: thesourc3 (eric k)
  2. Lol, i don't think most of you understand what a bad week even is. Put it this way, I lost a few grand this week.
  3. Received 0.013BTC today, wagered around 12-15BTC this past week. Busted it within 30 min, so tbh it doesn't even matter.
  4. Dogecoin essentially is - unless you can name something else you can actually purchase with it. Low fee, plentiful and almost every crypto casino accepts it. They’re essentially cryptogambling tokens.
  5. Very large is the only way I will really commit playing to these days. People always seem to think that the lower the payout the lower the risk, when it’s actually the opposite. The risk is higher bc you have to risk losing a significant amount more in a single bet to achieve the same profit results as a higher payout win. On a 1000x win for example at 0.001 of whatever coin, Youd have to wager 1 full coin on 2x payout to achieve the same profit amount. Now which would you rather play? 1000 chances to hit 1000x or 1 chance to hit 2x? Imo, you are maximizing your win potential by playing high variance when it’s a -EV game. You don’t gain any more edge over what you’d normally have, but you can at least maximize the chance that you do get
  6. And this is unfortunately the side of gambling that you don’t really hear about as much from players when I’m sure it happens a lot more frequently than even we suspect. Many of us are aware that gambling can ruin your life, but from what I’ve seen you usually can not fathom just how much it can until it actually happens to you. I’ve had some pretty heard wrenching losses too, it’s just that most of mine was from money I had saved up for myself. Either way, losing 40ETH in a single session or 2BTC in another over at PD, and doing this at the PEAK of BTC prices still messes with me till this day. I honestly think that one big reason why it’s hard for me to be content with bigger wins these days which most other players would be content having us bc in the back of my mind I remember these monumental losses and am trying for just as monumental of a win even if very seldom. I feel as though I definitely deserve a 1BTC+ profit session, but you have to pay to win like that. Speaking of which, I think ill start up on trying to get a 1BTC win on a single plinko drop. I tried a little while back and just blew through too much BTC.
  7. I agree - It should definitely be more obtainable than every decade lol. Given the higher house edge on the game, I would think that it could be pretty easily arranged to allot a portion of it towards the progressive JP. This way, its much easier for the house to justify paying out larger amounts more often. I do like your idea on an additional "game" within slots for winning the JP rather than just by hitting a single win. I think this would make it so that the ultimate decision would be based on the player rather than putting it all on just randomly hitting a single difficult line(s). Either way, I definitely think that it would help stimulate users to play the game and given that it has almost 3x the house edge over other games at Stake, I think offering say even 0.5% of the HE for a progressive JP would be a win for both players and the house.
  8. You've definitely come a long way Seems like yesterday that you first started this up, something thats quite useful. Thank you for your continued efforts in developing the exchange bot!
  9. blockbet

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  10. blockbet

    10 numbers or less?

    I never choose 10 numbers - the odds of hitting 10/10 are astronomical compared to other methods of hitting 1000x. From my experience, some good ones to play are 4, 5, 6 and 7 numbers. 8 numbers can be ok too, but I prefer to stick around the 4-6 number range. By far 6 is my favorite, which im usually going for 5 out of 6 for 350x. Oh, and I only play on high risk. Its just not worth playing less imo as you get significantly less in most cases (ie. 180x instead of 350x for 5 out of 6 squares hit).
  11. So this is something that I think people would really get into - a progressive jackpot. For the ones who don't know what that is, it's a jackpot that continues to increase with each bet made on that particular game (in this case, slots). I'd envision it to be where the amount you wager would determine how much of the progressive JP you're eligible for. I think adding a progressive jackpot would give a "multiplayer" aspect to the game, and it could equate to a very happy player whenever it's hit. Given that there's multiple coins you can wager with on the site, I think the JP would need to be normalized for whichever coin you're playing with. Meaning that there is a single JP regardless of which coin you are playing with, and you would be paid the winnings in the coin you wagered. I did a quick mockup so you can see what I'm talking about visually. I think it could get quite interesting if it ended up getting pretty high and someone hit for the full amount Thoughts?
  12. I believe this was for before the launch of Stake 2.0 - this thread should prob be closed/locked
  13. SLOTS: 10,634,801,688 placed by blockbet on 26/10/2019 Wagered 0.00020000 Multiplier 89.33329772949219x Profit 0.01766667