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  3. increasing multiplier incrementally until hit would be my guess
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  5. I don't see why some are saying that ghostnipples graphs dont make sense, they make perfect sense and this is coming from someone who usually needs to take double takes to fully grasp such charts. I don't see how much simpler it can be displayed in a visual manner. Seems like what it boils down to is, how much do you want to lose rather than if you want to win or lose, at least for the long run. And truthfully thats what matters to people who play at such sites. None of you would be writing comments here at the Stake forums if you were a "short term" gambler (whatever that even means, i think its a myth). Also, casinos are always so fixated on telling players that "you never know, you could win really big short term", making it seem like it balances out (which it never does) - Yes, well you never know, anything can happen at any time anywhere in the universe. Thats honestly how ridiculous it sounds to me when I hear either casinos or players saying this. Sorry kinda went off on a tangent there, i'll go home now.
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