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  1. blueprints

    Psychological reasoning of staying on stake.

    I think its all bu*@#*$ lol jk its just a perspective. I personally think there has to be more to keep someone on here, for example drug use lol. I dont spend much time on stake even in the chat unless im high, thats the only times i really want to gamble otherwise its stressful or too boring.
  2. Nice i like this. #original Thanks for sharing !
  3. blueprints

    Does gambling need skills or just luck?

    I think its both. Skill in self control as well as good luck. But skill in guessing and spotting good opportunities.
  4. blueprints

    Too late for advent challenge day 1

    I didnt get those emails announcing it. Im sure it was sent to everyone but It didnt reach me. I checked spam too. Though on old accounts i did get that email. but I dont usually check those emails My main accounts email is also my main email address.
  5. blueprints

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #13

    Twitter: @lemur1230
  6. DIAMONDPOKER: 1,866,202,935 placed by blueprints on 09/12/2018 Wagered 0.00014000 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00014000 DIAMONDPOKER: 1,866,245,438 placed by blueprints on 09/12/2018 Wagered 0.00003800 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00003800
  7. Sometimes I will post or make a topic and then forget about it, but usually when I come back to forums I will remember it and check it out of curiosity for what others have to say in response. So for me, I will eventually check on them and read everything but I never have a sense of urgency with these things but im also lazy and unorganized. My Question to you guys is: How do you keep track of your topics and posts? Do you check everything you submitted upon every forum visit? Or perhaps once a day, month, never, 24/7. I cant help but have a feeling like i should be right on these things since they are my work so i take responsibility for them and should care people read my stuff correctly so that everyone's free of misunderstandings. But im lazy
  8. blueprints

    How many alternative accounts do you have?

    Oh that reminds me of a alt account i had on forums that i just abandoned long ago. I recently got an email about it being shut down and recycled. They do too good of a job with alts now a days for it to even be worth trying to abuse stuff with alts. So why do I have alts? Well i thought you'd never ask. I like to deposit on new accounts for that placebo gamblers fallacy feel. Hahaha thats funny, and a coincidence. I read your post after I had finished writing mine so i didnt even know you had asked that. I laughed when i read you asking what i pretended someone had asked me in my post.
  9. After Stake opened up, I started spending much more time over in stake then i was in primedice. Just trying out the new games and i do believe chat trivia's and roll hunts started in Stake too. That just made me stick around in Stake chat more often waiting on those. Oh and then the challenges and stuff happened, I got so focused on Stake that I eventually forgot about Primedice for a while! I mean I still see alot of familiar faces in Stake from Primedice. But as far as PD Dice goes, I never really have much interest or desire to really visit Primedice anymore. Does anyone else feel like they got anchored to Stake and away from Primedice or do you still visit both sites?
  10. blueprints

    How many alternative accounts do you have?

    i lost count after i ran out of numbers to count with.
  11. What is the strongest reaction you have had due to busting? Did you throw something expensive? Did you throw your pet, friend, or maybe punched something valuable or a wall or a friend lol. Think of the worst bust you have ever had and then share what all you did in that moment of impulse and overwhelming feelings and emotions?
  12. CHARTBET: 1,837,379,186 placed by blueprints on 07/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 100x Profit 0.00009900
  13. blueprints

    The fun Stake Support Staff

    Yeah I always enjoy their company in chat. It really was a fun period of time back when they would hang out more often Very funny and fun peeps!
  14. Im curious for all you older players who have been in the gambling setting for a while now. The question is, Is there any difference in what you feel towards people who bust? When you see someone in chat or see someone in HR Tab with a lot of reds does it barely phase you since you have seen so many people go through the same thing? Or do you have the same sympathy or feelings that you had back when you fist started gambling and seeing people go through this for the first few times. If there isnt numbing that has developed there, then perhaps its in something else. If you have seen yourself get numb to anything the longer you gamble please mention them. Could be getting number to losing, or winning, or the chat and beggers.
  15. blueprints

    Good players vs Bad players

    Yeah moreso smart player and foolish player. Just whoever has more self control will be the common winner.