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  1. I try to participate when i can. But the timing of races doesnt always fall in line to the times i have somethign to deposit and play with. and i cant wait long to play
  2. I will probably be playing on the 31st and every day before that because im a poor whyce in need of whyce monies
  3. Oh i see so you had gotten a higher payout then normal on limbo then you should of gotten. Yeah i can see how that is a valuable and useful bug for soemnne to report! are you happy with the 15000 doge payout tho
  4. Yes its the worst! I lag and it freezes in between bets at random times. my internet connection would be fine, and everthing else well connected. so i figure its the site. but then again i use vpn.
  5. i wonder why they are changing brand. perhaps it was not profitable enough. i wonder if they lost any money. dang i wonder how bad they lost to the bots.
  6. I would change a lot of the personall here in bustking. I would look for jsut the rgith people for every position. people who gonna say. .
  7. Is it just me or did they improve the rate throttle finally? I havent seen it as often as i feel i have. But then again I havent really been betting crazy at steak over the past months so it coould just be me. Do yall feel like rate throttle still too low?
  8. Yes actually i had a friend who i introduced to steak once. He had a different kind of monitor on his desktop but on his desktop plinko's balls would fall super super fast and smooth! I was astounded because thats not at all how i was use to plinko looking like.
  9. Yeah this has been there for like 5 trillion years (like long ago). Its very annoying because no i cannot add any new friends despite how many friends i uninvite. Even with less then 100. And i mean with over thousands of players in chat, i think there should def be an adjustement to the max friends list size.
  10. hmm It really depends. like if im losing or winning or winning big or how long ive been winning. usually i will have my fan on in the background making white noise and my brain will take that noise and hear what it wants out of it, usually corresponding to my feelings and emotions.
  11. I wonder if the current numbers inlude the amounts that were left out in the past. I have a feeling that its not as accurate as it could be like if we are talking about the absolute truth.
  12. Yes! I hate these kind of careless mistakes! the really small messups that make you lose hugomongous opportunities or wins! as a matter of fact, these kind of mistakes make me tilt very badly! i will 9/10 times start spamming for next 2-5 bets if i messup like this.
  13. Well usually when i have a job its not as long. now a days its like 3-5 hours. but it use to be like 12-16hours. sometimes 18 lol. It was not fun, very stressful and tiring. boring.
  14. I think the price has a big impact on gamblers because the higher the price is the more emotion and feeling and fear and excitement will be in every bet. and thrill. These things can make it funner to gamble and more stressful. Too much stress can make gambling hell. Higher price means more expensive cost to gamble.
  15. yeah i think i prefer this as well. the anticipation and suspense can be very tiring! i dont know how i forgot that point. But your right it is very useful for races and rollhunts! as well as low bets when amount isnt as exciting. yeah it is very satisfying seeing it all come together slowly! but can also be tiring.