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  1. blueprints

    Now and then

    I use to be in highrollers a lot when i started! I had a lot of people try and manipulate my naive dumb self lol. But now i know better, though the only thing i wish i still did was tip as often as i did. Now I bust with a lot of regret because i didnt share. I just get so focused on trying to recover I dont think about those who have helped me alot before.But its omething ive been working on. Being a non highroller really isnt that bad ! I like the genuine attention from people!
  2. blueprints

    Ever spammed the high roller tab?

    I remember seeing this that day! This reminds me of when i played on safedice. It was the first site i played dice on, and when i started betting big I didnt realize until later that The chat was getting flooeded with messages about my bets and their outcomes haha. I thought It was my fault though and i had been carelessly spamming the chat. So I apologized for spamming and that i was looking to see how i can disable that, and i remember one guy saying "spamming with GREENS!!!" lol Now I know its an automatic thing XD
  3. Well seeing as how the creator has not come out and verified himself, it makes me think this man did not have selfish or money profiting motives! He could have sold bicoin as a product but instead made it decentralized and gave it to the people. Whoever it must be, I think he is a very respectable and noble man.
  4. Oh man so like 3 years ago when i was 19, I gambled my school loans and made 20 btc on dice. I was on a winners high for days, It was around 8k at the time. I didnt know what to do! First thing i thought of was to invest so i tried to learn ways i could invest but i never really got into anything ( i tried stocks but didnt like it and couldnt find where to learn how to trade forex ) I had even thought about just holding it! I just had a feeling, like that was the best thing i could do. But i was foolish and impatient. I wanted to continue making money. It was the first month of me gambling so i fell into the flawed thinking of "i can keep winning" . Now though, Im very certain if i won alot of bitcoin again, I would not do the same things again. I know a lot more about crypto, and things to invest in like other coins, ico's, and a ton more things on my wish list to buy!
  5. blueprints

    Union Bank of the Ph Launching a crypto ATM

    Wow that must be good news! But I have one question. Will this bank be able to cover most of the phillipines or will it only be in like a few cities? I ask because here in the USA, there are some bitcoin ATM's but the closest one to me is like a few hours away! The region where im at doesnt really have any of these atm's sadly But USA is pretty big. I hope they keep expanding and also hope the bank is able to provide this atm for most of phillipines.
  6. blueprints

    The magnet does not exist

    Damn mav very nice! Ive never seen a green streak like that before. Shoot if only it was btc, but not i want to try low risk out on plinko with high wagers >:D now that i know these kind of streaks are possible. Thanks for sharing. Good advertisement material.
  7. blueprints

    Point Description of Stake Chat

    I think stake is a great place to chat at, sometimes atleast. But i mainly see stake as dumpster for money, Its like what i mainly do , and others, is throw money away there. But its a nice place to have fun! And a place for people to challenge themselves as gamblers. Because some payouts are really hard to win! Its got amazing withdrawal times and last but not least. It has the best support team any website could ever have! Very responsive and available, very fun and entertaining.
  8. I was on my bed and busted and so i slamed my hand on my bed and i didnt see there was a pipe there and so my thump broke the glass and got badly cut. It was deep, like i looked at it and saw the blood come out alot with my heart beat. luckily no infection and now i have a cool scar!
  9. blueprints

    What is your biggest multiplier on HiLo?

    i think it was like in the 300's. Not much because I dont play Hi Lo much at all. The times Ive gotten high multipliers its been because i was trying working on a challenge that dealth with hi lo. But i have noticed many crazy high payout bets by others!
  10. blueprints

    All or nothing?

    Oh well with mines, I think you should always keep hunting even if you bust. As long as you didnt bust out of pure greeed ( really high wager bets ) then Id say keep on going with it. There have been so many times where the green was just a few bets away, atleast give it another thousand or two bets. if it starts digging a deep hope in your wallet then just play something else. but I would use a different account because you should keep i mind that all the games on stake use the same client and server seed pair! So you could miss it if you start playing other games.
  11. blueprints

    Do you like new stake or old stake?

    Oh i definitley like the old stake better! Especially back when stake first opened up! They had a 1000 satoshi faucet! As well as really easy challenges and nice giveaways. Now its just harder to win anything. Atleast its not as laggy and buggy as it use to be.
  12. blueprints

    My high payouts on "Mines" game (not all)

    This is still pretty crazy to look at. Maybe one day i will be motivated enough to try and hunt these ! That profit is so appealing.
  13. Ok so you do know that your title is misleading right? You are asking if someone got 32 reds on DP but your title says You got 32 reds on DP but your not talking about yourself. How is this the worst, people have lost more on other games. Its funny how not many even realize how this is poorly written.
  14. Wow how lame institutional customers only? Do you happen to know how they are going to use it? I wonder if their even going to benefit that much from it. I am curious to how a centralized crypto will turn out though!
  15. blueprints

    What! The Winklevoss Exchange is out of money, uh-oh!

    Oh hey i hard about this! I only read the titles and wondered what all the detail was but never got around to looking into it myself. So thanks for summarizing for us! I also learned a new word, disconcerting XD. I would expect such businesses to be more prepared especially when dealing with so much money. I guess gamblers arent the only careless ones in the crypto world.