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  1. is this treasure hunt promotion still going? I wish i kept up with it and with many other stake events but i havent been able to keep focused and committed to them lately. I did take a look at the first few treasure hunt posts and seems very interesting! If this is already over anyone know what the prizes were? any thing huge or spectacular?
  2. i have never hit the max multiplier on video poker but i have hit the one right below it. i think it was a straight flush. That was once and it was for a challenge but sadly i was too late when i hit it and wasnt able to use it for challenge prize. nor did i bet any real crypto on it. sigh oh whale was nice. didnt think id ever hit somethign like that on video poker.
  3. i personally agree as well that we should have a surrender option. theres times its very clear that a loss is inevitable. Surrender would come so handy during those times! but i believe if they add in this surrender option they would also have to increase the house edge on blackjack. Thats probably a big reason they dont want to add it in maybe?
  4. yeah but it would become useless if you have to rotate your seed because you would be on a new seed. I think it can be useful to see the dealers hand at the end to get a better feel on what the next dealer hands will be. I really hope they add this in sometime it would make blackjack less frustrating sometimes having to make hard guesses in regards to the dealers hands.
  5. Ok so when you professional blackjack players play and profit a ton. How do you choose your wager size? Do you stay with the same wager amount? or do you double it after losses, wins, and then reset after a certain time? or do you just divide your balance by 10 and hope the next ten bets are gweenzzzz and bet 1/10 of balance per bet. How do you do with these 2x multiplier games.
  6. What happened to the autobet opion in video poker? I dont think i was that active during the time they took it off. I have been wondering ever since. Especially after that tool cost me a lot of doge. It chose to go for a higher multiplier instead of holding all the cards and going for the certain high multi win. I wonder if others had that same issue and that led to the removal of it so that stake isnt responsible for those losses. which i think stake is and i should get a refound for that...but anyways
  7. I think most people know about this site already but this would be very useful for anyone new coming in who knows nothing about there even existing such calculators and bots. they are very useful tools when thinking up the best bets to profit off of. Who were the makers of these tooks again?
  8. blueprints

    A dead game?

    I think its alright i mean i would actually prefer it over diamond pioker and a bunch of other games. i mean atleast it has a 8 times multipolier
  9. wow faris very nice. oh is this an old topic lol. i remember back when mines was super easier to hunt. because of how fast you could go! like 100 bets per 5 seconds lol. jk but it was fast. i miss that glitch. anyways u should do mines for a living.
  10. ITs simple, its over the amount that you wager in that week. So if you wager alot cuz you got lucky or busted your whole salary, then you will have a big juicey and plump coupon for the reaping. But if you wager like a dollar your not really gonna get much of anything in the weekly coupon.
  11. Hmm i couldnt help but notice your word choices...begging....support...hmmm Im not sure if begging for support is allowed but ill check with the chief of stake police and get back to you on that one. Other then that, hope you enjoy your stay!
  12. Hello Jackstraw why do you want your post count up lol. Hope you enjoy your stay here. make dat paper post money!
  13. xcoins.io Its also a great place to sell bitcoin as well. They collect all the info from buyers that would be needed to win disputes. They are a great place for selling bitcoin via paypal. All buyers are verified and if they ever chargeback their banned and can never return.
  14. yes i have learned this recently too! That plinko is good for increasing the nonce number fast! Now as far as what nonce its best to go to ? Well i look at how far apart big wins are and make an estimate on how many reds it might take for the next one. i think this is the same as prebetting in a way.