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  1. I am confused as to what the news is here. Your giving like an education class about ransomware is, but that is not news. You give a link to a page that is talking about ransomeware statistics, and you call it a sad story? what story am i missing here because i dont see a sad story anywhere. And you are worried about being targetted by a ransomware that isnt targetting individuals but firms? You even wrote that about Ryuk, so why are you worried when you know individuals arent targetted. And when you say our community you mean the stake community ? lol Are you saying adolf hitler is one of the worst users of crypto these days? Or did you mean to write "some" to refer to people who use btc in their malware attacks. Im sorry but the excess fluff you added and i underlined and bolded is what really urked me. I expect to learn something when i read these news posts. I hope you learn to write these topics more seriously and to the point. To inform, not to Entertain.
  2. Well i think if someone wanted to make their deposit last then they would and could no matter how small the deposit is. But come on, thats not the focus here. The focus is to have fun and you cannot tell me that making bigger bets is not funner then making tiny little ones!
  3. You should definitley read up on the gamblers fallacies, atleast when you realize that this doesnt work you can read up on that and understand why. As well as understand how that kind of thinking is also flawed.
  4. I enjoyed reading your post. It is very well written! As far as how to distinguish the players in chat, I think the best route is to just assume everyone is talking to you, being friendly or nice, and wants to be friends with you just for your money. I mean we are in a gambling site! I think it be irrational to think otherwise. Its not a social media site thats made to know people and connect with friends. Its a site where people go to make money and if being friendly to strangers is a way to make money then you can bet (no pun intended) that thats exactly what people will do!
  5. ya i think even with admin or staff its up to them. i mean its their money/ stakes $$
  6. Username: blueprints BTC Address: 3Bec34G3AuCngZRwJVdoAt2u9Zgh5Kq1ZM
  7. You should add some thing to make it unique! like maybe fo rhigher payouts or something. other then that i think it looks great!
  8. I am also wondering the same thing. Hope someone knowledgable on the subject can provide explanation on this.
  9. Ok Great Answers! I see it is a issue then because of the potential use as a scam tool for scammers. But what about hackers, I dont know much about that kind of stuff, but you know for sure theres no risk for hackers or anyone to gain access to these hashes and be able to crack them? And why are emails necessary?
  10. *UPDATE* Lupa has given Great answers to all of my questions so i feel reassured and comfortable again with using dinabot! If interested theres the link to the update notes, below is my questions but you can just skip to her answers below my posts. --- *Original post* Many have seen Dinabot in chat, and know its a third party exchange service for exchanging in stake chat. Its not owned by Stake. Recently theres been an update to the site that controls Dinabot, Cyptogamblers.pub that requires everyone to register along with an email in order to use Dinabot now. This has raised a concern i have for the safety of players accounts, specifically for those who use the same passwords for other accounts. Someone could carelessly use a username and password that is identical to their stake account, and/or identical to their Email and Email password. This site also now requires you to verify ownership of your stake account, which then connects (not literally) your account to the account in cryptogamblers.pub. So if a hacker ever gets a hold of the passwords and usernames in cryptogamblers.pub they will have an easy time testing which accounts are using the same password on stake, on other gambling sites, and also testing if their emails use the same password.
  11. What are you trying to say? I cant understand what you wrote.
  12. Like how many people were really struggling with scammers like this? I mean i would expect users to post about this but this is the first time i have even heard of such a thing. Why would someone believe a stranger in the first place telling them what to do with their coins? I would like to think people are smarter then this. I mean if anyone listens to anyone in chat for instruction it would have to be from someone they trust. Usually if someone wants to know how to work something they look for the site that talks about it and gives instructions. Are there already sites that look like cryptogamblers pub that are being used for that kind of scamming? I have never had problems with using dinabot on diff ip's either. First time hearing about that too. Mispelling? I mean you have a review step that encourages users to check their name. Which most of the time is saved by autofill. I mean if you said its to create more effort to users so that you and your site has to do less work i would believe it. That would seem more reasonable but you emphasize its for the users security. Do you realize that you are collecting Stake Gambling Accounts Usernames, Players emails and Passwords? Im sure you aware of the common tendency for people to use the same password for everything right? Personally i think any site asking for credentials to accounts that are in any way linking to gambling site accounts should be taken as a phsing attempt. I am sure that you wouldnt, i believe others do not see you as the kind of person who would do something like this, but unless your also the owner of the site your site is linking accounts to, then you should not be asking for registration. Its not just the owner who could misuse players info with a site like this, but also hackers who could steal players credentials and hack into anyone who uses the same password. It puts not only their stake accounts or other gambling site accounts but also their emails that use the same password.
  13. idk i guess like trillionz and billions? here let me use my calculator ill be right back
  14. I remember a post being written with very similiar titles a long time ago. I remember pointing out how the title is written poorly and i see it wasnt understood. If you start the title with "Got" it sounds like your using first person and talking about your own personal experience which is misleading. I have lost a lot of dp
  15. I wish i could give more input on this but i dont ever play on mobile lol. It doesnt sound like a hassle from just reading this topic and replies.