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  1. SLOTS: 24,748,866,952 placed by blueprints on 22/06/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 153x Profit 0.01520000
  2. DIAMONDS: 23,683,894,233 placed by blueprints on 06/06/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 5x Profit 0.00000400 DIAMONDS: 23,770,299,424 placed by blueprints on 07/06/2020 Wagered 0.00000800 Multiplier 4x Profit 0.00002400
  3. holy 4 bitcoin so we could have made a living off botting and posting on here. sweet picnic tree thats crazy! even with the decreased pay per post wtffffffWTF thats so crazy. hmm 100 accounts with max is it 50 post per day? omg .05 btc per day. what have i been doing with my life lol jk
  4. SLOTS: 21,498,725,649 placed by blueprints on 03/05/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 216x Profit 0.02150000
  5. Vpns are now allowed? Have they ever not been allowed lol i mean not saying i use a VPN but like ive never heard of anyone complaining about stake blocking them because they had a vpn on. So what difference does allowing the use of vpn really make for players now? just makes it more known that this is a allowed option?
  6. oh yes of course i do. When i have suffered enough and loss enough and just gotten sick and fed up with it thats when i have had enough with my seed and i go and change my seed pair and announce it in chat because its a big thing for a player to do. Seed pair is what hold all your wins and losses. if its rotten there will be more losses then wins and must be exposed of
  7. No i dont think there is a way for you to obtain that big letter anything if your just a normal typical everyday common person thats not special in any way shape or form *takesdeepbreathe*. BUT I think if you stick around long enough and behave you will eventually be ascended to those heights where everyone has a big phat letter by their username in chat. esp if u wager alotttta moneyy
  8. i know some say it doesnt matter but i personally believe it does. because there is always a chance. there is a chance you may avoid a month long red streak by changing seed pairs. There is also a chance of missing a green streak or a big win. BUT you never will know if you never try and if your facing a lot of losses it wouldnt hurt to try. and keep changing seeds until u find the right one. though i personally have found better luck with playing on newly made accounts instead.
  9. Is it just coincidence if you start to land on 3+ scatters when you change to instant betting on slots? or does it actually make a difference? Also does anyone know if spinning on online slots with a fast turbo speed option enabled make a difference on the outcome of the spin? This has been growing more and more uncertain in my mind latley so it would help if anyone could shed some light on it.