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  1. SLOTS: 17,953,921,861 placed by blueprints on 04/03/2020 Wagered 0.00016000 Multiplier 225.65x Profit 0.03594400
  2. it really depends. somedays its .002 the minimum but other days when i do well its more like .01 but even then sometimes i still dont stop!
  3. i mean i use to be more addicted in the past! but now i mean im addicted to gambling but not necessarily to steak. slots are love and slots are life, i have too much fun on slots and sometimes dont care to lose more then i can afford.
  4. are you asking if there are any deposit limits on stake? I dont know of any casino that has deposit limits unless you specifically ask for them lol. Or are you saying that stake should have deposit limits ?
  5. well i wouldnt really call it a repeating pattern. its more of a repeating win. ive had some wins on mines that have been back to back. theres always juicey winning green streaks to be won on these kind of games! especially if your betting fast! like on dice
  6. oh yeah quite a ton actually! theres one site i have a 990 satoshi faucet and 23 claims per day. i get this to 200k quite often! stake used to have a 1k satoshi faucet back when it opened up and then it would have haappy hours here on stake and on primedice! there were some big happy hours done in the past. those were some really fun times!
  7. Yes! In fact they taken a lot of suggesstions from me ! and ive only been paid for 3 of them back when stake.canny.io was up and running. now its gone along with all the suggesstions players made and will never be credited if they are used by stake. hmm indeed.
  8. i believe stake owns the forum. but if your asking who is in charge of the forums, then that would be Dan. I dont think anyone makes money off the forums, other then the people posting in the forums lol so yeah. Why is it you ask anyways? you just wondering who owns forums?
  9. blueprints

    Po 49,031.xx

    oh wow that is really an awesome win! congratulations! now im wondering how long did it take for you to hit that and also how did you come up with your winning pattern? Did you change your pattern at all ? did you make your pattern today or is it the same one you have been hunting with in past days.
  10. i read some of your points, and though i did not read everything i sure did like the points i did read! and i will probably always rememeber what i read that you wrote about blackjack tips such as always split on ace pair, always hit on 16, and how we cant count cards with infinite deck.
  11. blueprints

    x9900 on Stake

    oh that is a good question actually! my best guess is that it has something to do with the house edge on stake being greater for their dice game then it is on primedice's dice! does this mean stake has two numbers more then the dice on primedice though?
  12. is this for a strategy on dice that your sharing or are you just showing off your profits or how well your session went on dice? its takes a lot of energy to actually click that and see what the data says so why not give a summary too?
  13. i think the ones who have made it after winning big as you have written, are the one's that fully quit gambling after winning big. I dont think its possible to remain a winner and keep gambling. as long as you keep playing you will always lose in the end.
  14. the maximum you can earn on stake forums is 50k satoshi i believe becuase im pretty sure the max posts you can post is 50 per day. and with the most you can get from a post is .00001 then that equals 50k per day. oh i guess unless you do topics so like 2500 is max you can get per topic right? is that a max for topiccs per day?