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  1. blueprints

    Valued member changed to VIP

    I think they both mean the same thing. VIP sounds more casino related though.
  2. blueprints

    Message with Tip

    I like the idea. To make it more customized and expain why. Makes it more a gift then a tip.
  3. Bringing what to everyone's attention?
  4. blueprints


    Use a clean ip address, it will make the Captchas quick and easy.
  5. I wasnt aware there was a change log but thanks for mentioning it! Its very considerate of stake to add a changelog.
  6. blueprints

    Gambling Addiction

    Thanks for posting this, gambling addiction is a real problem. I hope this link helps those with addictions better deal with it.
  7. blueprints

    is it just me or doge is lucky?

    I think doge being more in whole numbers affects the way you gamble which for some people can be in a good way! Perhaps less stress or anxiety.
  8. blueprints

    How many accounts you play in a day?

    I like to play on a new account for every deposit.
  9. blueprints

    How much has been extracted from the entire bitcoins of world ?

    I believe they will create/invent new mining rigs that are even faster then what we have now. Technology doesn't seem to stop advancing these days. Who knows, maybe we will soon have a working quantum computer that can hack bitcoin addys too 😮
  10. blueprints

    Stop Redundant Forum Topics

    I know you guys are not blind. I know you can see or look if there have already been a similar topic made. Please help keep the quality of the forums above average by not creating more then one topic of the same thing. Now lets say you have a completely different perspective, or insight on the same topic. Great! Wonderful! Take that difference, and try Including it in the Topic Title. I'm not sure how many topics i saw talking about stake adding doge. . .but it was more then several lol. Moderators should be putting some work into the forum by discouraging this kind of activity and taking necessary moderation actions with repeated offenders and their posts.
  11. blueprints

    Original dice or Sphere dice?

    Yeah it is quite a redundant game. Shouldn't have its own tile in home page in my opinion.
  12. blueprints

    How much profit to stop gambling?

    Usually 0.01 if i start with nothing. If i deposit then 3 - 5 times my deposit would be enough. Sometimes all one needs is a nudge to withdraw. Please do your part in taking care of each other in the community and remind winners of the real win only being in withdrawal txid's. I know you would like others to do the same to you when you win big too.
  13. blueprints

    Original dice or Sphere dice?

    Oh its definitely easier for me with the original. Sphere goes round and round and it gets me like a little dizzy, enough to make me lose focus. Kind of like a distraction, I wish there was a high or low button but i know that will never come. Switching manually between high and low is so inconvenient.
  14. I would like to get an admin or if possible, @Spike's attention to stake.canny.io once again. For those that do not know about this site, Stake.canny was made and run by Spike to collect and sort players suggestions for the site according to how popular or how many votes they had. The most voted will appear on the top, and get considered more likely then the rest by Stake's team. Those whose suggestions got used were promised to receive 0.001 btc per suggestion. I thought it was a great idea and all but it looks to be completely abandoned! Not only that but one of my suggestions got used, https://stake.canny.io/feature-requests/p/eliminate-levels-and-achievements It has been way over five months since they removed levels and achievements. I have contacted a number of staff but they have all directed me towards Spike. I have sent Spike a pm, which hes been online since then a few times, and he has yet to reply still. So I'm hoping this gets his attention or someone's attentions whose willing to help. What do you guys think about the suggestions site and how it seems to have been pushed aside? Do you think Stake cares about our opinions and suggestions or do you think they only wish to make us feel as if they do? All these suggestions could just be sitting here in vain.
  15. blueprints

    Welcome DOGE to the Stake community

    Yeah but not that happy to see so many redundant posts. Anyways, I like the whole numbers that doge has. It makes gambling more comfortable.