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  1. sorry it glitched on me. wasnt intentional
  2. Increased game speed Increased game speed Increased game speed Increased game speed Increased game speed Increased game speed
  3. blueprints


    i just joined VIP and really been liking it! really feel like stakes spoiling us now!
  4. I think this is the safer way to bet too. But just so you understand my perspective! Just think about all those roll numbers that would have been a win if you had bet on the opposite side. :O!! now think about being lucky enough to land those perfect side switches. and sometimes both sides have a lot of those wins, the profit is massive! Its a big thrill and excitement. i like to play playing the same constant wager until i either bust or my balance gets big enough for me to double my wager. i dont decrease. why? because its more action! aint got time for thinking about my choices for every bet ( though i use to make time like that for every bet, back when i was a big winnerrrrrr) anyways.....as i was saying
  5. wait how did you make money playing wow? I thought that was more of a have fun kind of game only.
  6. I, like many others, found out about steak from Primedice.com. Where they announced it, kinda butthurt that they didnt invite me to try the beta though oh well. I wonder what percentage of people discovered steak through primedice.
  7. Well of course! I like to see it as the emtions that are in the people runnign stake. Mainly the admin who own steak, and are one with the steak. Plinko simply reflects the emotions of its creator and therefore understands us and has the ability to hate or love us. and to be hated or to be loved.
  8. well im not sure because no matter what this forum will forever be specific to the Stake Casino. Theres not room for any other kinds of subjects really. Unless we start getting more subcategories.
  9. What trick or tool id have in every game if i had the option would be option for auto wtihdrawal! I would be a millionaire with this tool!! No joke but i have yet to see such a tool for players anywhere. And the one on seuntjie bot has stopped working since like millenia.
  10. blueprints


    oh i really think theyve outdone themselves with this! ITs the reason why i have started playing here again! You cant find this kind of stuff anywhere else!
  11. ive hit two 1000x within like 200-300 bets from eachh other. I should have doubled my bet but i had left it the same. I did double after hitting the second time though but that just led to my gambling demise.
  12. What game is your number 2? Opinion sounds like a fun gambling game! But ive looked for days and cant seem to find it on stake With the ones i can see though, id say my favorite are plinko, mines, dice, and keno. Why because i have won the most on these games and have had the most fun.
  13. I recieved it like a day or two after being verified to gold status on my blockchain wallet.
  14. I know of a browser that i found when it was in beta. This browser can connect to different ip addresses per tab, as well as save different sets of cookies per session. and you cave a different session with its own cookies and proxy connection per tab in the same window. very useful for certain things.
  15. This really got my attention! Thanks for sharing, though this isnt like the solution to gambling addiction problems it is a good food for thought and in a few ways helpful in helping someone reflect and take a step back to look at their life and see how gambling is affecting it.