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  1. saving is always a good idea to do especially for people who spend alot like gamblers lol. but realistically like what gamblers going to have an easy time saving their money instead of playing with it. it wont be easy
  2. i have the job i have now because i needed a job its in no way shape or form my like permanent job. so yeah anyways
  3. yeah i mean im upset about the weekly coupon being so low after having wagered so much on stake but oh well....cant do much about it. the moment i find another casino with better bonuses and stuff though ill be gone in a jifffy!
  4. i have changed my seed and had drastic major changes on slots i changed my seed and got enough greens to recover. i mean changing your seed will chaange the roll outcomes. it could go either way though so its not guarantee or safe thign to do.
  5. i dont watch sports so i dont have a favorite sport to bet on. I dont even sportsbet so i dont even know why im commenting on this post when i have nothing relevant to contribute with. but my answer is C. Not Applicable
  6. he prolly sold his wife and kids too. lol the craziest bet i made was on accident. I was betting my school loans and was about to bust or on the way to bust on dice playign 4x payout and i accidentally hit the max button and won. i recovered my losses and then kept on winning until i had a lot lot of bitcoinszzzzz
  7. I just finished reading it. I liked it was very informative and explained good detail but lacked how to rig tips and revelation of slot secrets or something.
  8. it just looks that way. but keep in mind the provably fair system of the site. no matter what the outcomes are predetermined and cannot be changed without changing the cliend or server seed. which idk i would prefer it be more random for sltos but oh whale
  9. yeah but really the best way to say thanks is by continueing playign on the casino because i mean at the end of the day we are teh source of their moniezzz
  10. lol if you did it once you will probably do it again. If your this impulsive and careless maybe consider not storing your coins at the casino and leave them somewhere safer. and not have too much on your balance at one time.
  11. i really should be in more of these live streams it seems interesting and cool to get updated and sneakpeaks on cool things like this. thanks for posting
  12. i tihnk there is more to gambling then just strategy and mathematics. There are factors that cannot be controlled or accurately predicted no matter how much data a person may have that risk will always be there. i mean if it wasnt there then what fun would gambling be
  13. slots is the only game that i truly dont mind busting on. I mean i still mind busting but the fun and thrill from a good spin sesssion makes the busting part feel ok. Like it doesnt feel as infuriating or like i wasted my money because of how much fun i got out of playing. Like if i had just watched a movie or something i wouldnt be like man i just spent all that money on a movie, its not something thats thought about. Then again i havent thrown immense amounts playing slots at one time maybe then ill think differently if i bust lol
  14. i noticed this the day that slots came out and reported it to Eddie. Your right though it does ruin the excitement by showing you the outcome of the spin before it even played out. but they will have this fixed !