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  1. i think a big reason why people choose to rain is for the convenience and speed. Tipping people individually takes way too much effort and time, especially when you want to return to betting asap. Raining is a lazy way to share. But it would feel much better if you got to decide the kind of people your money be rained too. Adding option to customize rains wouldnt affect the speed because it wouldnt take long to set up.
  2. So what if on the rain popup you guys add in the option to select who gets rain and who doesnt. Perhaps through a list of active chatters in last hour or so and then the person selects who to include. or for those looking for something quicker, options to select a group of people like silver or higher, or play or higher rankings. Or maybe a button that randomizes the list every time its selected and then edit it from there. I dont think its very fair with the way they have the rainbot set up right now. It almost seems like it has too many things that it looks for to disqualify a chatte
  3. FYI the mods can see hidden bets, you on the other hand posted 48 hours late the forum tool doesn't work for me recently so stop being jealous and get higher xplier

  4. your a joke with that comment & my bets are not hidden your just on my ignore list

  5. @Nenad Demize forgot to post his bet Id's and link them using the forum tool. Not only that but if you look up those bet id's right now they show as "Hidden" . Will demizes bets bets be accepted even when they show as hidden up to the close of this challenge?
  6. Thank you for the patience with me with finding this bet! the archive was missing these bets but i managed to find it in my history of my browser. SLOTS: 27,659,371,758 placed by blueprints on 12/08/2020 Wagered 0.00020000 Multiplier 287.7x Profit 0.05734000
  7. SLOTSSAMURAI: 26,964,321,382 placed by blueprints on 29/07/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 100x Profit 0.00990000
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