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  1. Looking back at what we regret ? Or at what we think we could have done better at stake? lol well i think we can all guess my answer: Leaving and never coming back! Gambling is something i will forever regret
  2. Omg I completley agree @Nicol3 ! I mean i do not have the same thrill that i have playing on the modern slots you mentioned as i have playing stakes games. I will always have more fun playing slots! Its easy to jsut spin, no choice making , not strategizing, just anticipation and suspense with mesmerizing and visually appealing spins. Its much more relaxing compared to stake games that can sometimes give more rage, stress, and skepticism lol. It would be amazing if they added these slots but i doubt that will happen. For one i imagine it would require alot of money. and two, stake seems to like being unique and different from the other casinos. If they will add slots then it will be their own uniquely made slots. Which i think is very respectable and wouldnt want them to change that.
  3. Its like sometimes they are great and other times their blah. Now the holiday bonuses are definitley the best though! Oh i agree with this. The percentage thing can feel very discouraging when you think you have played alot but it only goes up a few percentages. It would be nicer if we could see the actual crypto amount that we need to wager.
  4. I didnt know it was 11 whole new upcoming slots. That is very exciting, but i expect more out of each one! I also expect these to have more reels and lines because the current one is looking too small. It gets kind of old after a while. I miss the excitement i had when this slot first came out.
  5. Ok so I like to visit new sites, especially slot sites, and i see a lot of different kinds of bonuses which compared to stake...idk Like stake doesn't have deposit bonuses, which yes come with a play-through usually but they prolong how much playtime you have gambling. Which i think is very nice! I have found many generous sites that not only give good deposit bonuses with low play-through but also sites that give free spins or free tokens if your a loyal depositing player. like after depositing and busting ill just go to the live chat of these sites and ask if i can get any freebies. Stake bonuses are different, they dont come with wager requirements, so its basically free free money, but unless you deposit and play a ton of money, these bonuses are not big enough to really give a big fun-boost. Its just like getting change back sometimes... Sure if you go for like all the challenges and are super active in forums, and in chat, and do every roll hunts, trivia, giveaway, and then include rakeback and weekly coupons, its definitely not nothing. And there is always a chance that you win something big out of these freebies, but most of the time i find them give me only a small length of playtime. this results in a very disappointed and empty unsatisfied feeling for me. How satisfied are you with Stake bonuses? assuming your not like first place in every challenge and competition or chosen for discords 10$ 5 times in a row every other week lol.
  6. Im not sure if this belongs in introductions lol. My most memorable gambling experience is the end of the first month of my gambling. I had gambled my school loans and won 20 bitcoin on safedice. which at the time was about 8k usd. sighhhhh
  7. .01 is a good amount for me when i dont have like a huge bankroll. i mean usually i have .01 - .02 btc at a time. so if i double then i would start feeling like i should withdraw but its hard for me to stop sometimes which results in me not withdrawing until its like .03-.05 or if i had already won big and withdrawn then .07-.1 its a bad thing to raise that cap. badbad greed is bad
  8. As far as i know, i dont think anything liek that has been announced. Im sure they are busy though and once they do plan somethign big they will announce in to us.
  9. Eh i think its fine the way it is. I mean platinum already stands out alot. how much more attention and pedestal should a platinum ranked player want anyways lol. Just yell out im platinum and im proud!
  10. Yeah thats the thing with these VIP challenges is that they can be very pricey and expensive if you run into bad luck. If i dont win within a certain amount of bets or loss then i just quit.
  11. Lol I think this is an obvious answer, Gambling makes me happy when i win. I think its the same with everyone. And i am sure everyone can agree gambling makes one unhappy when one loses.
  12. Lol are people still doing these reviews. Well hey its the first time i see this topic and im glad to see that no incentive has been offered for doing a review! I think its morally wrong to give incentive with these things as it would ruin all of the reviews credibility.
  13. Oh i would definitley say the happiest moments i had in 2019 were when i was tipped .1 btc in chat room. it happened a few times and i had a lot of fun! but then i busted and it became some of the worst times lol jk
  14. if stake were not invented then i guess many like me would have stayed at primedice or at other gambling sites with more or about the same amount of money in our banks as we do now with stake existing.
  15. Yeah i guess completly eliminating anything for nonvips is kind of harsh. well then it is fine how it is except maybe they should do one vip and one nonvip to win. oh nvm because then vips would get mad if they are rolled but its for nonvips only lol and vice versa. hmmm
  16. blueprints

    Sports are LIVE!

    haha does this really belong in the news section though. Oh i just saw the category for this place changed to sporting news. Well then where are we going to post crypto related news ? Not everyones crazy for sportsbetting lol.
  17. blueprints

    Slots Paylines

    Do you like the paylines that slots have or do you wish they were different, or perhaps have more paylines added. I really dont like the paylines it currently has and wish it would just change to more familiar paylines. Idk after having played slots so much elsewhere im use to seeing certain paylines and when i see a pattern that would have won had slots had that payline its kind of frustrating. I mean i guess theres nothing wrong with having unique paylines but perhaps adding more paylines would make it more fulfilling to spin. Or maybe have a bigger slot. this slot is kinda smallll
  18. Ok so i think we can all agree that these are the two least favored games in stake but which do you think is the least favorite or fun game? Because when i think about it, they seem like they are both the same in fun-ness. They are both 2x in payout oh wait except for Baccarat which can be 8x making diamond poker the simplest game right? Ok so i now think diamond poker would be in the bottom of the poll. what do you think .
  19. Ok so i think that giveaways like the ones done on eddies stream should only be for VIP's. I know im not the only one frustrated to rarely see any familiar usernames when the winners are chosen in twitch. and really its more then likely an alt/bot lol. Though i was glad to see rerolls done more often. This would give more reward to loyal real players and encourage newbies to play more to become VIPS and would make it harder for people to spam accounts because once the alts are spotted and banned, the amount of work it would take for them to start over would deter them.
  20. Yeah i think i heard something about a new slot game but thats it. imean what else could they add? perhaps a new keno mode with more numbers but thats all i can think off. or maybe poker
  21. Hello new member ! Welcome to the best cheapest pay per post forum on planet earth! jk
  22. ITs about time! but they really should also add some scatters that trigger a bonus game because waiting on just scatters can be a pain the butt. Im excited for this new slot game though!
  23. SLOTS: 13,197,254,606 placed by blueprints on 23/12/2019 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 84.3499984741211x Profit 0.00833500 HILO: 13,198,398,371 placed by blueprints on 23/12/2019 Wagered 0.00008000 Multiplier 4.727109909057617x Profit 0.00029817
  24. Thanks this is exactly what im talking about. Im glad you get it.