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  5. What happens if your message is counted as a type of currency? Have you ever thought the idea of the communication as a type of digital transaction? This idea does make sense if we are looking this from the business point of view. We are not only talking about the messenger but also email as well as a phone call that you usually conduct. Every means of communication you use will contain valuable information which is useful for the recipient. In turn, the recipient will send something back to you. Regardless the kinds of information you are sharing with your peer, you may be reluctant to know the fact that the government has the authority to intercept your information exchanges. This happens when you make a call to your friend, send an email to your client, or use your PayPal to purchase something on eBay. Third party intervention might be the last thing that you want as the regular users of the internet. Xmoneta Social Messenger comes with the revolutionary solutions for you. It emphasizes on the encrypted messenger for social and encrypted communication. It comes to respect the idea that the valuable information you want to share with your friends, family, or special one should not be snooped by the government or other third parties. Moneta focuses to be the encrypted social messenger which can be used for communication as well as purchasing products and book services. It is like having the payment and communication tool at the same time. It is a blockchain app which will make use of secured and safe wallet. Don’t worry, though, it will also provide the market for trading. Since it is the messenger platform, it will be a wonderful way to reach your targeted audiences besides through the conventional social networking sites. What you want when you are communicating with other people are the privacy, security, and convenience. The X Moneta can provide all these variables which the conventional networking sites are not able to provide. Moneta offers privacy when you want it to be private. After all, the government does not have to know if you are getting a garlic bread for the breakfast and posted in on your Instagram, right? Moneta has been raising the funds from the investors with the token sale that was started on January 25th back then. For large investors, they will be granted the Ex Moneta card to ease the transaction within the platform. Moneta is a promising project for advanced communication using the blockchain and crypto Bina. As mentioned above, it will be decentralized. The encrypted mobile messenger will ensure the privacy and security of your informational transactions with your peers. It is a great platform for your social and business communication. The platform allows you to chat with your friends, business associates, new people, as well as special ones. Not only that, you will be able to purchase goods and services using the app on the platform. As a business owner, you could organize your business and use it for engaging with your audience and procure the direct selling as well. Website: https://xmoneta.com/ Whitepaper: https://xmoneta.com/xmoneta_whitepaper.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/xmoneta_xmn
  6. About Ellcrys Ellcrys is a platform based on blockchain technology. Allows users from all over the world to participate in software creation. In this case, people can do it from anywhere. At the same time, for participation and contribution to the project to receive bonuses and prizes. And the most important thing is to earn a reputation online. This organization is multi-user. This only means that it does not have a superior, and all users in it are on an equal footing. Consequently, there is no need for a single office. Anyone can obtain content, only vote for any other request. The repository may also receive payment for your services. Most importantly, participants will be able to make decisions about which of the income distribution models will be more relevant and rational. Ellcrys' mission is to create an ecosystem where open-source collaboration goes beyond offering contributions during free or leisure periods to one where collaborators can create open-source companies that can be profitable, allowing them to spend more time creating excellent products and improving the source ecosystem. Ellcrys' goal as a network is not to become another decentralized network in order to make centralization irrelevant: Ellcrys is not anti-centralization. Ellcrys leverages blockchain technology to provide and enforce transparency between collaborators, node owners and the Ellcrys organization. Solution Offered ELLCRYS has succeeded in developing a platform where everyone is a leader and can work independently within a team. Enables software collaboration without confidence and leadership. Everyone can contribute and get information from the repository. The platform can be used for a variety of purposes, such as decentralised git hosting and software outsourcing. Key participants in the ELLCRYS ecosystem are validators, contributors, coin holders and service providers. They are also providing an online marketplace for developers to sell their products to buyers using ELL Coins. Ellcrys Host Protocol In the understanding that the organization of public contracts may not be free of charge, the Hosts Ellcrys protocol provides mechanisms for cloud providers to impose public contracts with the consent of contract employees. This protocol will also support subscription-based payments. It is based on the joint arrangements mechanism, which allows members to create and approve the type of offer known as HostProposal. Open Source Applications in Ellcrys will exist in a Git repository for anyone to view, contribute or fork. The contributors to the projects will be compensated? natively with coins by the network. Open source maintainers will be able to monetize their projects by creating / distributing paid branches. This type of branch office attracts fees when users look for it. Pay branches can be set up to be released after a period. Project owners can also accept payment problems from users. Open Government A default project is openly governed, so taxpayers and stakeholders are involved in governance, ensuring that nothing happens without a majority agreement. Ellcrys will provide tools to enable customized governance models. Route Map Q1 2017 - Idea Market research Dev prototype started Q2 2017 Dev prototype stopped Project announced First launch of the White Paper Q4 2017 Launch of the new website Launch of the second technical report Q1 2018 Token Presale Recruitment Q2 2018 Sale of tokens Q4 2018 Test network Main network Polyglot Platform About the Token and ICO Presale start date: 1 February, 20-18 finished: 1 March 2018 Distribution of tokens: 800,000,000,000 ELL duration: 4 weeks price: 1 ELL = 0.08 $ Token sale start date: 30 March 2018 finished: 30 April 2018 token distribution: 900,000,000,000 ELL duration: 4 weeks Price: 1 ELL = 0.1 $ 0.1 Team Kennedy Idialu - Co-Founder and CEO Odion Olumhense - Co-Founder and COO Elvis Chidera - Software Developer Usman Amusat - Design and user experience Dave Ozoalor - Software Developer Damilare Akinlaja - Software Developer Larry Eliemenye - Software Developer Victor Asemota - Co-Founder, Director at SwiftaCorp Ebot Tabi - Senior Technical Consultant in Andela Chuka Ofili - Co-Founder, Chief Architect of Enterprise in Delivery Science Emeka Okoye - Senior Semantic Web Architect at Cymantiks Lanre Oyedotun - Co-Founder / CEO of Delivery Science Inc Links Website: https://ellcrys.co/ Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2603585.0 Telegram: https://t.me/EllcrysHQ Twitter: https://twitter.com/EllcrysHQ By Bitcointalk user: Lordglorius Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=712690 Myetherwallet: 0x8a36E269eaB6CC7d5ADF7823790F9aC1Ab5F2a54
  7. 196,798,469 placed by biborr Wagered: 0.00008192 Payout: 181.25x Profit: 0.01476628 196,796,075 placed by biborr Wagered: 0.00008192 Payout: 41.83x Profit: 0.00334459 196,793,661 placed by biborr Wagered: 0.00002332 Payout: 362.50x Profit: 0.00843030