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  1. Your story reaches and gently caresses my palpitating heart that would go into a cardiac arrest if I found out I have been over 10k in debt out of the blue. I would literally die then because I wouldn't be able to afford my coronary catheterization procedure that costs 10k more. Best of luck to you. Hope you can find professional help from counselling therapists.
  2. Wish you would be able to pay off all your debts and achieve your dream. I think it's a real possibility as you are young and at the entry level of your profession. One can still explore the world and lead a happy life without having a lot of money.
  3. You think bots don't get captcha because you got it? Sounds bout right, dude 🀣
  4. How much was it may i know?
  5. I like the current way Stake's giving out bonuses. Other platforms give coupon to anyone, but there're rollover requirements attached that must be completed before certain expiry dates. With Stake, all of these happen beforehand. We just need to wager first and get juicy bonuses with no strings attached.
  6. Need myself some of that luck rn πŸ€‘
  7. I have a ps5 though i might give the next new xbox a try
  8. Ikr, it's so labour intensive. But hey, at the end of the day, it's free money being given away
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