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  1. only 1,500x on Pachinko... with $.50 bet
  2. haven't hit it.. sad.. hope soon
  3. wow.. overwhelming data bro. but still thanks
  4. how do you hit this? how many rolls did it take you? I hope someday I can hit this.
  5. wow. to hit it once is good, to hit a bunch of it is very rare
  6. can you share your game and strategy? this will be much appreciated. thank you
  7. unbelievable. that's like betting in a sweepstakes or lotto! Indeed once in a lifetime
  8. I'll be waiting for this. been wanting to bet parlays in same game as well.
  9. this is insane for low bets. how often do you hit this? and what is the desirable bank roll for this hunt?? hope you answer.
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