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  1. TOMOSTAKE.COM GIVES AWAY 50 $TOMO (25+25) TO 2 PEOPLE! 1) Join TomoStake telegram group: https://t.me/TomoStake 2) Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/Tomo_Stake 3) Retweet this tweet with #Tomochain #TomoStake quote: https://twitter.com/Tomo_Stake/status/1159239939692867584 4) Fill this form: https://forms.gle/JcmB48uXz9BmWgCE7
  2. TOMOSTAKE Tomochain Staking Guide Web: http://TomoStake.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tomo_Stake Telegram: https://t.me/TomoStake WHAT IS TOMOSAKE.COM? TomoStake created to promote Tomochain's staking system & to host masternodes and voters. WHAT IS TOMOCHAIN IN BRIEF? Tomochain relies on a system of 150 Masternodes with Proof of Stake Voting (PoSV) consensus that can support near-zero fees and 2-second transaction confirmation times. Security, stability and chain finality are guaranteed via novel techniques such as double validation, staking via smartcontracts and “true” randomization processes. To learn more, kindly visit www.tomochain.com WHAT IS GOAL OF TOMOSTAKE.COM? TomoStake is democratic and generous platform. We collect TOMO coins from masternodes which are good at capacity and continuity to give great rewards to stakers. We use gains to promote their masternodes and Tomochain staking system. We promote TomoStake.com by advertising on Google, Telegram and some staking platforms. Also we don't use all gains for our system. TomoStake.com gives away some TOMO coin by doing airdrop every month. Sometimes, masternodes can make airdrop too. WHAT IS STAKING? Staking Tomo simply stands for holding a cryptocurrency in masternode, then earning interest on it. The reward that one earns from staking varies depending on the length of the time that they hold it. The longer the stake duration, the higher the returns. You get your rewards every 30 minutes on Tomochain. One of the main advantages of staking is that it eliminates the need to invest in expensive mining hardware. You just need to buy the coins and hold them in masternode. The next thing to do is to sit back and watch as your wallet balance grows in value. It’s quite an easy way to make money. The other advantage of staking is that it gives you a guaranteed and predictable source of income. That’s because, the value of coin increases in predictable figures. It’s the same as putting money in a fixed account. You are always guaranteed of getting your money back. HOW TO STAKE TOMO STAKING WITH BROWSER Choose your masternode from best tomochain masternodes (http://tomostake.com/#bestmn) and login your wallet from right top of page and stake your tomos to masternode. STAKING WITH TOMOWALLET 1) Download TomoWallet to your iOS (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tomo-wallet/id1436476145?) or Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tomochain.wallet) device. 2) Select TomoMaster located under Applications in your Tomo Wallet. 3) Check best masternodes list (http://tomostake.com/#bestmn). 4) Scroll through the list of Masternodes to find your best masternode. 5) Hit the Vote Button with the masternodes you've decided to stake in. 6) Enter the amount of Tomo you want to stake in the masternode and hit the continue button. 7) Slide the confirm button. 8 ) Done! STAKING WITH LEDGER There are 2 ways to staking with ledger. First Way: Install TomoApp to your Ledger. Enter Tomochain Network with MyCrypto or MEW. You'll see an address; send your TOMOs to that address. Go to https://master.tomochain.com/ and vote your TOMOs to best tomochain masternodes (http://tomostake.com/#bestmn). Second Way: Install TomoApp to your Ledger. Go to https://master.tomochain.com/ and login to your wallet. Send your TOMOs to address that appears under Account Information. Go back to https://master.tomochain.com/ and vote your TOMOs to best tomochain masternodes (http://tomostake.com/#bestmn).
  3. MAXBET Fair, Secure And Unique Betting And Staking $TOMO Dapp Game PLAY: http://www.CryptoDiceGame.com GITHUB: https://github.com/pigfarmteam/maxbet MaxBet, the most sophisticated, fair, secure, unique economics incentive mechanism gamble. MaxBet aims to become a new standard dice game run on the scalable TomoChain blockchain with its innovative decentralized solutions for its underlying economics mechanism. Instead of having a single host, there can be multiple hosts, namely investors, staked into the gamble smart contract. GREAT UI & UX - http://www.CryptoDiceGame.com -
  4. Triip is partner with Booking.com and Tomochain. They finished ICO successfuly with $700,000. TriipMiles is the main utility token in the Triip Protocol, used to exchange data and value between Triip Protocol smart contracts, travel businesses, travellers and locals with a network of partnerships in 229 countries. Download app and get 88 TIIM. Also you can win up to 897 TIIM with 3 spins everyday. Go to link, enter your number and you will get download link with message. https://link.triip.me/jTrpAZ30IV
  5. LAToken served new airdrop. Join to get 2 LA token and you will get 2 LA token per your referrals. https://t.me/LA_Airdrop_Bot?start=402856210
  6. Listed on Cashierest too.
  7. Coinchase is cheater
  8. Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members with Presearch Tokens for their usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform. Presearch will give you 25 PRE token for signup, 25 PRE token per your referrals, 0,25 PRE token (max 32 search daily: 8 PRE token) per your searchs. -> https://presearch.org/signup?rid=1188934
  9. Login with this link and you will get an e-mail from no-reply@blockchain.com "Your XLM is on the way". https://blockchainwallet.page.link/airdrop
  10. Edit: I delete it, cuz suspect airdrop
  11. Crowdvilla will revolutionise the time-sharing model in real estate. As a community, we will have access to shared holiday homes that we can own and enjoy. Easily earn 100 CRV tokens plus 30 CRV tokens bonus, for a total of 130 CRV tokens ($10.4). Earn extra 20 CRV ($1.6) per referral (unlimited). Tokens are already on exchanges! -> https://www.airdroprating.io/airdrops/exclusive/crowdvilla/ref-Y7Ax/
  12. They are working on blockchain based Solar Energy Ecosystem. Exchange listing will be on 2019 Q1. 1 SRX = 0.05$ 1 REF = 80 SRX = 4$ -> https://t.me/SRXAirdropBot?start=402856210
  13. Kuverit's goal is decrease frauding and improve P2P trade. This project is for leng-term investor. Because their ICO will continue one year; ICO will finish on 24 December 2019. You'll recieve airdrop tokens every 14 day to your ETH wallet. And this make sense: Kuverit will offer you to buy your airdrop token for $1. Join airdrop to get 20 KUV (20$), get 4 KUV (4$) per your referrals. -> http://t.me/Kuverit_Airdrop_Bot?start=402856210