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  1. I have coinpot wallet also but that's years ago. i used it for transfer money, convert but havent tried to widraw out of it. i still prefer coins.ph wallet for widraw.
  2. feel bad and uneasy when i bust, but when i'm on a little profit everything is sunshine
  3. oh garlic? you gave me an idea, thanks i will add more garlic on dishes. can it be eaten raw?
  4. everything can happen along your way @12swixx12
  5. noooo. that is my home made recipe. I used to prepare desserts in my leisure time.
  6. maybe you can share some recipies i'm very willing to discover and explore of cooking some foods. but omg gain weight comes
  7. Thank you for appreciating. This is just easy to prepare.
  8. i have many lots of time these days so cooking and preparing foods are my past time aside from staking . je je je
  9. Look! I made a recipe for my family. we really needs healthy foods to boost our immune system against diseases especially during this pandemic virus situation going on in the world. just a dessert full of nutritional benefits and i hope you too love it. Squash Maja, for all know Squash is a good source of vitamins like calcium, Iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vit.A , vit. C among others. If you wanna try? i 'm sure you'll love it. good for family of 6
  10. huh i love ripple after bitcoin.
  11. i agree with @j240 i think after the halving on May bitcoin will rise up more.
  12. Good since lockdown i havent deposit any to my stake account. i just rolled whatever balance i have, there is bust, recover, bust then to date i'm half way to recover all. Inorder not to sacrifice my money, i m doing slowly, betting small though tiring, needs more time to roll. My consolation is original balance intack i just need to increase it so that if present situation worsen, i have something to cashout. Happy stay from Home everyone, maximize time in good things and be positive. as @j240said, patience at its peak, self control.
  13. This challenge i think might not work for me coz everytime i have rakeback i claim it to add on balance, bigger balance for me has the chance of bigger profit. I do small bet and my wins depends on how big is my balance. We all have our own strategies and i salute you @12swixx12 for putting up a challenge for you like this. Goodluck.