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  1. automatic

    🎨 Stake 2.0 Homepage Sneak Peak

    wow stake v2?, i'm excited expecting for more. hope the launching will not affect the players gaming.
  2. automatic

    Real Life Pictures

    oh nice pic TKO youre still so young
  3. never experience any bug on my balance so far. maybe reload or refresh can solve the problem.
  4. automatic

    Hello From Shrey

    oh welcome newbie, play, have some fun Shrey
  5. automatic

    Keeping tabs

    Speaking of tips, yea i agree that when you voluntarily tipped someone, should not expect it to be returned. or else your intention is to tip so they will tip you too that is very wrong. whether you win or lost in the future, there's nothing could do other players will save you. Actually i have known some players when i'm in the hr,(wins small with auto rolling? wooooohhhhh looking for me, mentioning my name, why i dont tip LOL, why i'm sooo "kuripot" etc. etc. Well i said dont teach me, it's my decision, i have my goal, when my goal is achieved well and good maybe that's the time to tip some.
  6. automatic

    Most first big win at the diamond poker.

    that is very rare bets that not everybody can do. congratz
  7. as i can see some developments from stake for 2019 but why chartbet still not available?
  8. automatic

    The hypnotizing effect of watching Plinko balls fall

    Not to the extend of hynotized but plinko is really a nice game for me for it's relaxes my eyes i dont get sleepy. actually even a little baby can have fun watching the balls falling after the other finding their paths down there. BUT i dont get profit from it coz the balls just fall themselves at the center.
  9. automatic

    Playing with other people's money?

    ah whatsoever, i dont care what is important to me is to receive/get the tips, the rains from stake,in addition to some depos i play i earned some,i lost some but the importance of it is i have no obligation to others i gained experiences.
  10. automatic

    Has anyone hit 100x?

    never hit 100x in my life on stake coz i only play dice. for those who have hitted 100x, congrtaz!
  11. automatic

    0.10 BTC win on Plinko? Perhaps ...

    Congratz DB, i tell you number 69 in your name is lucky number. hahaha. but anyway don't forget to widraw some for safety. Goodluck on you gambling journey . Cheers!
  12. My Five Numbers: 3, 14, 19, 30, 33
  13. automatic

    Games you hate ?

    i hate plinko, balance eater and i love to play dice my only game
  14. automatic

    Hello, I am Bjorn from Amsterdam

    Hello Bjorn, welcome to stake. Just wish you good play but not to be addicted.
  15. automatic

    What made you play and stay on stake?

    i want to win back my losses.