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  1. But... but we are being scammed everyday you just not notice it we have met all of those scammers @chipito
  2. oh great sunnyjanu at last i saw you real here. nice pic
  3. well race is fun, If Eddie give prize to 100winners then i join the race big chance of getting into the 100s and i was in one time and received a prize. That's how small is my balance is. so funny!
  4. an addicting game even kids play. never tried it
  5. yea i have doing martingale on dice since i'm in pd but it didn't work. it's good if try that strategy for sometimes to increase balance.
  6. i wanna join. goodluck @skywallkee
  7. i wanna join Goodluck @Dimalkov11 stake name: september20
  8. A matter of time management. make schedules put more time on more important things not to affect your daily activities . I think my stake gambling is my least priority.
  9. I change my profile pic whenever i want to no one can prohibit me by doing so. just everyone owns of preference
  10. nice sharing ceastem. hope it will work to some of us.
  11. eversince i still prefer to play on stake 1. I play only dice. i find it no difference when winning or lossing concerns.
  12. wow flansca excited to join your stream. gl username: september20
  13. Device: laptop Operating System:windows 10 Browser:chroome Do you notice smoother animations on Stake 1 or Stake 2: Stake 2 Do you notice faster betting speed on Stake 1 or Stake 2: stake 1 slower but i can be patient with it. Are there any particular games you're having issues with on Stake 2: actually i am playing Dice only i tried to play stake 2 ok rolling smoother but when i stop roll, what i dont like is, it rolls once more before it stops. the worse if it landed on red. eventually bust. Are you currently playing on Stake 1 or Stake 2? If Stake 1, why: i love to play on stake 1 no matter what -win or bust. the background is cool to the eyes simple setting unlike stake 2, dark background smaller betting screen, many features added.
  14. less comments and no more pics
  15. uhh Burgerwcheese, i'm soooo scared seeing this high tower. fear of heights i just thought gougou a man but she's a beautiful woman. very nice pics.