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  1. HaPpY BiRtHdaY STaKe.... My own lyrics from the tune of my favorite song...Sometimes. https://vocaroo.com/neCLctBXXxH
  2. I have a cat ....her name tali..tiresome reliever..πŸ˜„
  3. september20 Thanks i love you ...
  4. My dream job is where i am now.. fulfilled and determined person ... a financial planning analyst in a government company (GOCC) and at the same time doing my long time childhood fantacy dream...modelling and beauty pageants as my side trip... being a roll model in my own community..😁
  5. It's all look good...it just that we have to adjust with the looks or the placement of some added features...
  6. september20 thank you eddie luv
  7. september20 love you Eddie..😍
  8. i voted "yes" i like Brazillians...why do i dislike without any reasons...infact i want to explore other countries norms and cultures, be friend and interact with them and grow stronger social relationships,
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