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  1. HaPpY BiRtHdaY STaKe.... My own lyrics from the tune of my favorite song...Sometimes. https://vocaroo.com/neCLctBXXxH
  2. I have a cat ....her name tali..tiresome reliever..πŸ˜„
  3. september20 Thanks i love you ...
  4. My dream job is where i am now.. fulfilled and determined person ... a financial planning analyst in a government company (GOCC) and at the same time doing my long time childhood fantacy dream...modelling and beauty pageants as my side trip... being a roll model in my own community..😁
  5. It's all look good...it just that we have to adjust with the looks or the placement of some added features...
  6. september20 thank you eddie luv
  7. september20 thanks you Eddie..
  8. september20 love you Eddie..😍
  9. i voted "yes" i like Brazillians...why do i dislike without any reasons...infact i want to explore other countries norms and cultures, be friend and interact with them and grow stronger social relationships,
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