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  1. automatic

    Hilo startegy

    damn hilo is my hated game. i haveb tried it not just once but i think it always suck my balance, lucky to those who finds it profitable using strategies.
  2. automatic

    A Twist on Martingale

    nice sharing. i am un aware of those red streaks in a row not counting. Playing on dice i think i have to try and observe. thank you for sharing @williamshennie9
  3. automatic

    Another stupid hit

    omg nice hit neich! i hope i can win that too this heart's day.
  4. automatic

    Real Life Pictures

    nice pic Rhea, i like more
  5. automatic

    Localbitcoin Exchange Exploited

    oh sorry for your coins blue. hope this will not happen again in the future. lesson learned
  6. automatic

    I'm new here. Hello!

    wc chen to this gambling site. hope you play wisely
  7. automatic

    I fucking did it!

    not all hit it. very lucky to get 5000x. not all can hit that. conf=grat man
  8. automatic

    Why do you tip people?

    when i tip, i should not expect tips in return.
  9. automatic

    Earn $75 creating a Stake.com ad

    second one Jakubb. creative add
  10. username: september20 Goodluck!
  11. automatic

    Affiliate war

    What a great promotion Chipito. but i'm not too much on affiliates. just looking forward what stake can do to your suggestion and plan .
  12. automatic

    Thoughts on the updated Plinko?

    almost all playing plinko wanted to be back on it's original one (un updated). of course to those plinko lovers, they cant avoid to play their favorite but it seems more and more loosing and busting after the update. well, what i can say is play with low bet, slowly and dont be greedy.
  13. automatic


    hi welcome to stake Aye. just dont gamble what can't afford to lost. play safe.
  14. automatic

    Guess when stake 2.0 will be released to the public.

    oh let's just wait for another new update. For sure 2.0 version have nothing to do with our winnings. we just hope all is fair.
  15. automatic

    May Bagong Pinoy Moderator!

    tomo jinz nangyari na sa akin yan. ganyan nmn tayo mga pinoy kya mabagal usad asenso