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  1. Wilbur whyyy Bad Wilbur bad
  2. Dream car... Ferrari 488 GTB Affordable dream car.. Corvette I guess lol But that picture ;D
  3. Yeah a forced break was needed. I am no longer compulsively gambling cause of it. I'm sure I was gonna gamble all my profits from raiblocks if this had not happened. Now Im building a house instead gambling! Foundation finished yesterday!
  4. 1. GAME OF WAR - Pay to win game sadly. I've spent over $20k on it in the last 6 months 😂 but no one fucks with me 2. Magic tile- that's all I got lol
  5. Hiiiiii godloftttt

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      hi @HappyBitcoin Valued Member

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      Why aren't you valued anymore friend? Or is it cause you got a 1,000 posts for her0? 

  6. Lmao I took a 6 week break unwillingly Definitely reduces the compulsion to gamble now. To nothing.
  7. .... I think you are were watching the da Vinci code.. It's fictional
  8. John Wick 1 and 2 are my absolute favorites
  9. ---How long have you been into gambling? Very long time. Ever since I was 15.. So 10 years? I would gamble in games online (not real money) until I was 18 when I was legal. Id go to the casino every weekend. ---How long into bitcoin gambling? Ive been gambling with bitcoin since late 2014. How did you get into it? I was reading through bitcointalk when I stumbled upon gambling section... From there it took off.
  10. One should maybe lock it for other reasons other then selfish Ness jk jk valid point Dan!
  11. Thanks for the answers and not snapping on me! Sorry but faucet abusers wreck alot of things. We could have more giveaways more trivia etc if they weren't leeching. Special place in hell for them. Anyways Thank you.