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  1. which game are you obsessed

    Used to love Plinko but it's true colors show now and it's just a troll. Lately been loving me some good old Hilo!
  2. OlegBarca's Stream #156!!!!!!! STAKE!!! Giveaways!!

    Good luck oleg!
  3. So faucet now uses our cpu's to mine coin?

    Using Chrome helps a lot with speed but still slaughtered my battery. But regardless I didn't like it
  4. Favourite Playlist While Playing Stake?

    I listen to alot of Metallica and other artists along that genre. Anything else just runs it
  5. SashaKarpik Stream #2 STAKE Giveaways!!!

    Good Luck Sasha bro! Win big!
  6. What illegal gambling have you tried betting?

    Go drugs lol Bitcoin gambling is illegal as fuck where I'm from just cause they cant tax it. Fuck Trump
  7. What are some disadvantages of BTC?

    I think the advantages out weight the disadvantages honestly. The big one being decentralized currency that cant be manipulated by one person or group aka businesses. The government having full control just doesn't well in my stomach. While were on the topic though.. some more disadvantages Wallets can be lost-along with $10000 of dollars. Not widely accepted everywhere.. yet. and no physical form. cheers
  8. Online Casino Vs Physical(real) Casino

    Well both to be honest. Both have their pros and cons. Online is just a click away and has endless options. Local casino (not really local) is 45 miles away, but I've won 10x much their I have here 😂 think it's harder to go bust when you physically insert money into a machine compared to just a click ya know?
  9. How to get a heart or highroller in chat

    I wonder if they are gonna make it into a badge you can buy via forum sats. when on forum sat dashboard I saw the message about sats being used for custom badges in stake chat... who knows.
  10. 100k Forum Balance Jackpot

    Sent payment to ya godloft. Good luck guys Cheers
  11. So faucet now uses our cpu's to mine coin?

    Is what it is; just killed the mobile users if they would have kept it! Thanks for the update!
  12. 1000 posts giveaway disappeared?

    according to remember it is still going on so we can hope right?
  13. Just wondering what happened to the 1000 posts giveaway lol seems kinda funky this happened with the 100 post one also anyways cheers
  14. Mines multiplier

    My largest is this one. Won't ever happen again and also mines excel sheet for anyone who wants. Mines-2.xlsx