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  1. Keno 100x

    I've used the same numbers for Keno... For 50k ish bets.. I should hit soon.. Yeah!?.... Has anyone ever hit? Edit nevermind lol no one has
  2. Dragonball fans?

    Wilbur whyyy Bad Wilbur bad
  3. Anonymous bitcoin buyer buys $400m worth of btc

    Bahaha That could very well be true. No idea. Someone named Dan might be able to answer that for you. Edit---might influenced a little. Not a lot considering bitcoins market cap over 500 billion--
  4. Hello Community!

    Welcome to the cool code club Pop in chat bro! Cheers
  5. How to Spot an Alt

    Yeah it's all in the writing ticks.. I only talk one way. You guys would be able to spot me if I had an alt easily. It's hard if they type 100% right tho.. Or idk.. They give themselves away by knowing something they shouldn't know also lol
  6. What's your dream car?

    Dream car... Ferrari 488 GTB Affordable dream car.. Corvette I guess lol But that picture ;D
  7. Just came across this today and thought I'd share.. http://amp.timeinc.net/fortune/2018/02/19/400-million-bitcoin-anonymous-investor This guy ALREADY has gains exceeding $83,000,000!!! I was gonna copy and post it but don't wanna be infringing so please click the link and read up. Insane
  8. 2 the best of the exchange

    I agree with polonixxx! Just be sure to use 2 FACTOR in with them. (assuming they still support it, it's been years)
  9. In 2018 - bitcoin for $ 40,000

    I wish bitcoin would reach that much but just so violitile to tell. Imo, again just my opinion. The buying force currently would have to fold 4x what it is now for that to happens. That's billions more in fiat would need to be dumped into btc.
  10. Stake promotion banner

    Props on the slick banner!
  11. Does Hero member take preference over Valued Member?

    Okay thanks for the info guys!
  12. Alcohol as medicine

    @SuddenlyBroke I am good brother! Miss you! Hope this shit passes over!
  13. Just what the topic says. I see godloft is no longer valued member but hero with no color.. Imo I think valued member should stick regardless of post count. Edit I'm curious if I reach hero member will I lose my valued color... Etc
  14. Plinko Wins Feb 2018

    Nice video!! Very clean.. I think your the only one winning at plinko
  15. Stake Influence

    Stake doesn't influence any of my decisions I make.. Sometimes influences my attitude when I get freebies but beyond that nothing more. If it starts influences your spending habits I think you should quit. Lol